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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Chiclet
Owner: istanbullfrog
Pet: Prokne
Breed: Snowbunny

About Chiclet:

Chiclet Saves the Day.

Prokne clicked her hooves together nervously as she entered her first period classroom. Taking a quick glance around the room, she quietly made her way to her desk, making sure to not cause any sort of fuss. The thing was, Prokne wasn't late, she hadn't forgotten her lunch, she hadn't forgotten her homework, but she was nervous about one thing. The thing she was so nervous about was that today was show-your-petpet day.

Perched on Prokne's back, there was a small unpredictable ball of fluff clinging onto her brown Tyrannian fur. This little ball of fluff was Chiclet, her Snowbunny. Not only was Chiclet still very young to be in a classroom, she was also a special kind of petpet. And when I say special, I mean she was kinda loony.

To give you an example, lets' take the day she came home with me as a present to Prokne. Chiclet had been normal enough on the ride home from the Winter Valley, but once she entered the living room and realized there was no snow in our area, she went nuts! She started chewing on all of our furniture until white fluff came out of the couch and with that fluff she built herself a sort of snow-like nest and sat in it growling for the rest of the night. Needless to say, Prokne was a little confused as to why she had gotten so "lucky".

Days went by and she had somehow grown on us, sure she was a little odd, but she was always ready to play (perhaps a LITTLE aggressively) and she adored Prokne, following her everywhere she went. It was hard on the little fluffball when Prokne started to go to school because there was generally a no petpet policy. I would tell you the story about the first day of school when Chiclet realized she couldn't follow Prokne to school, but thats a whole tale on its own.

Anyway, back to the school. Prokne was nervous in taking her young petpet to school because she had no idea how Chiclet would react to the other types of petpets she would encounter this day. As she looked around the room she saw her friend Irvjake with his Mummy Baby, Beauty_195 with her Redtail, JadeNZ with her Magaral and then she sighed. Her (and everybody elses) least favourite person in the room, Malishaz the Faerie Kyrii was walking from classmate to classmate, shoving her Candychan in their face.

Prokne dropped her head and Chiclet bounced off and sat under her friend, looking pathetically up at her. "It's only for a few hours Chiclet, stick with me and we'll be ok." Prokne smiled at her pet. "Plrrrrr!" Chiclet said as she began to bury herself in what she thought was snow. "Well, you can't expect much better from a Snowvermin can you Prokne dear?" A familiar and grating voice took Prokne's attention as she tuned to speak to Malishaz. "Hi there Mali, and I think you mean SnowBUNNY not SnowVERMIN." Prokne cooly corrected her classmate, only to see a sneer on Malishaz's face. "I meant what I said Prokne, but no matter, why don't you take a look at my petpet?" Malishaz shooed a small, shy Candychan in Prokne's view. "My owner got her for me from the WinteryValley, unlike your charity case of an Advent Calendar gift. Anyway, she's a purebred Candychan and she can sing. Come on and sing Malishaz Junior!" Prokne secretly smirked at the name of the petpet, until she saw the scared look on the little one's face. "Aww, Mali, I think she's nervous." This sparked a glare from the Faerie Kyrii. "My petpet doesn't GET scared, she's perfectly well-trained, unlike your Snowrat." Hearing this, Chiclet turned her head and growled at the offensive remark. "Now Sing Malishaz Junior!" She prodded the Candychan again and it nearly broke Prokne's heart when she saw the little thing was on the verge of tears.

"Now Malishaz, thats enough! You can't just order her around like that, she has feelings like everybody else." Prokne said, not noticing her own petpet was creeping slowly towards the rude Kyrii. Malishaz ignored Prokne and continued to poke and demean her petpet. "Malishaz Junior, you show these two people what you can do or I'm locking you up in the closet again!" Prokne's eyes turned to slits. "Again?", she growled. Malishaz looked cooly at the angry Kau and said, "Poor Prokne, don't you realize we're better than them? These petpets don't have feelings, see?" She picked up her Candychan and shook it like a rag doll for a bit, yelling at the striped sprite to sing.

Then suddenly, without warning, Malishaz had dropped the Candychan. Prokne quickly scooped up the poor terrified petpet before she realized that Chiclet was gone and that Malishaz was yelping. She put the Candychan down and saw that Chiclet had attached herself to Malishaz's leg and was gnawing and chewing as she growled at the Kyrii. All the classmates turned to see the outroar and eventually some helped Prokne remove her Snowbunny from Malishaz's leg. Her eyes full of fire she yelled, "This is why you ought to get rid of that thing!" Prokne lifted her Snowbunny up onto her back again as she regarded Malishaz cooly. "And this is why you shouldn't treat your petpet like a doll, like a toy, because as Chiclet made you realize, they DO understand you and you shouldn't mess with them." Prokne motioned towards Malishaz Junior and asked, "Want to go find a real owner kiddo?" The Candychan let out a small smile, "Then climb aboard!" the small Candychan obliged and Prokne trotted out of the classroom, while the two petpets on her back made fast friends.

Needless to say, Malishaz never saw that petpet again, but she wasn't the sort of pet that forgave easily. But that's another story. ;)

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