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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Mauzi
Owner: Seraphia
Pet: Lingweni
Breed: FatCat

About Mauzi:

A terrible scream echoed through the usually peaceful rooms of the NeoHome in Winding Wood Drive. Sasmira sat upright with a shock and threw her pink bedsheets aside. Her Jelly room was only lit by a lava lamp; the sun was just about to rise. Curious as Kougras are, she jumped out of her bed and, on soft paws, sneaked towards the source of the continuous yelling and moaning. The path led her straight to Lingweni's dark brown Chocolate room. She carefully opened the door and peered inside.
Lingweni the red Lupe stood beside his bed, howling.
"What's wrong, Lingweni?" she asked.
"Oh! OH! Sasmira, it's AWFUL!!" He gestured towards his straw bed furiously. "That mischievous Fat Cat of mine just peed in my bed!"
Sasmira looked at Mauzi, the Fat Cat who was now sleeping peacefully on the carpet.
"Things like that can happen, don't be so upset", she said and stepped forwards. Just as she was about to cross the soft carpet, she noticed that she had stepped into something.. wet.
"Tell me this isn't true", she said slowly. "Lingweni, tell me this didn't just happen."
Both of them stared at the brand new cream rug, and five seconds later the usually so peaceful rooms of our NeoHome were filled with ear-battering Lupe and Kougra howls.
Grumpy and eye-rubbing, two more Lupes appeared in the Chocolate room.
"What's the hubbub about?" asked Linquia, the blue Lupe. Rhadamantys, his green brother, burst out laughing when he noticed Sasmira standing in a smelly puddle, bawling like a baby.
"Don't be so childish, Sasmira. You know things like that can happen", he said.
"She peed into my bed too!" Lingweni screamed, already being close to a fit.
"Who, Sasmira?"
"No, my Fat Cat!"
"Oh, your new petpet", Linquia observed. "Are you sure? There she is, sleeping peacefully on your bean bag chair."
Lingweni rushed towards the corner where his bean bag chairs stood and tried to grab the black petpet. Just before he could reach her with his paws, the Fat Cat jumped off the chair and quickly made a getaway through the door. The red Lupe angrily stared after her until Rhadamantys caught his attention by patting him on the shoulder. The green Lupe quietly gestured towards the bean bag chairs. Just as Lingweni and Sasmira were about to start howling again, Rhadamantys made a suggestion.
"We should tell our owner about this. I'm sure Seraphia will know what to do."
Linquia nodded in agreement, and together they walked to their owner's bedroom. Lingweni opened the door without knocking and rushed inside, shaking their owner awake.
"What the... Lingweni.. all of you, what's wrong? Did something happen?"
"You bet!" Sasmira shouted in agony, lifting her smelly paw. "Lingweni's Fat Cat peed all over his room, it's terrible!"
"She peed in my bed-" Lingweni said.
"And on his cream rug-" Sasmira howled.
"And on one of his bean bag chairs-" Linquia said.
"And now she has disappeared and we don't know what to do", Rhadamantys finished.
Seraphia took a deep breath and tried not to lose her temper. "And you call that a reason to wake me at six in the morning?" she said, her voice slightly trembling with anger. "You're old enough to be able to take care of your pets! Lingweni, you probably forgot to clean her litterbox or neglected her in some other way. You can try to find out the reason for Mauzi's misbehaviour tomorrow. She's only been with you for a day, so she might still have to get used to her new surroundings. Now go to bed - all of you."
Slightly disappointed the Neopets left the room and did as they were told. But tonight the doors and windows of their rooms remained tightly shut, and each made sure that Mauzi the Fat Cat wasn't hiding somewhere in their room before they went to bed.

The three Lupes and the Kougra were sitting at the breakfast table as they heard the scream. Their ears lifted, and soon their owner Seraphia appeared. She wore a pink bathrobe and bunny slippers, and even her face was pink, slowly turning crimson.'
"Let me guess!" Sasmira said and jumped up. "Mauzi has peed somewhere in your room!"
The way Seraphia stared at her now it was clear that the best she could do was to shut up and sit down again.
"Well I thought..." she muttered sullenly.
A long silence followed, during which their owner tried hard to calm down. She crossed her arms and cast a sharp glance at each of the pets.
"Someone has been at the Safety Deposit Box", she finally said. "The codestones, dubloons, trading cards, faeries and everything else is missing."
Silence again. The pets were staring at their owner in disbelief.
"You know I have to pay for your classes with the codestones and dubloons", she continued.
"Wait! Are you implying that one of us has taken the stuff?" Rhadamantys interrupted her.
"You cannot be serious!" Sasmira said, tears welling up in her eyes.
"We'd never!" shouted Linquia.
"Well..." Seraphia's face turned even more crimson and she looked down. "I'm sorry. Of course I didn't mean to imply anything.. but.. someone must have taken it, after all. Lingweni, being the Alpha Lupe, possesses a key to the Safety Deposit Box. You all know where he keeps it, and each of you can access his room."
The pets looked at each other.
"I'd never suspect any of you to be capable of doing such a thing", Seraphia quickly added. "But still, the Safety Deposit Box is empty. That's a fact."
"But.. but my Airax was in there! My cool Airax!!" Lingweni said.
His owner nodded sadly. "You wanted the Fat Cat instead, so I put him in there. I'm sorry."
Rhadamantys got up from his chair. "I'd suggest we should all remain calm and have breakfast for now. Afterwards we'll sit down in the living room and discuss what happened. We'll probably have to call up the Neopian Police."
"Yes, let's have breakfast", Sasmira said and wiped her tears away. It was a very quiet breakfast that day.

Seraphia, who was the first to enter the Straw living room after they had finished their breakfast, pressed her hands against her head. "This is madness. Madness!" She moved out of the doorway so the pets could see what was going on.
The living room had changed a lot since they had last seen it. That is, the room remained the same, only that all the furniture was gone.
"The straw sofas! The cream rug! The table lamp, the vase - all gone!" Seraphia whined. Rhadamantys laid his big green paw on her shoulder.
"This is getting really strange. We obviously have a very shameless thief in our house. Let's not waste any time - we have to find out who is behind this!" the green Lupe said in a determined voice. The other pets nodded in agreement and each of them went to search for any intruders within their NeoHome.
Ten minutes later, they all gathered in the hallway. Everyone was trembling with rage.
"All three of my bamboo mats are gone", Rhadamantys said.
"All my pink rugs and pretty pink pillows are gone too!" Sasmira said.
"As is my Zen mirror", Linquia added.
"My blue and orange rug is missing", Lingweni sighed.
"Something fishy is going on here", Seraphia said. "Someone even stole all the flowers from our NeoGarden. It seems that things keep disappearing all the time, so the thief must still be here. We must find the culprit or soon we'll have nothing left save for the clothes we're wearing."
"Speaking of that, Sera, didn't you wear your funny pink bunny slippers just a moment ago?" Sasmira pointed at her owner's bare feet.
A couple of hours later, Seraphia and her pets were sitting on the straw floor of the living room.
"The thief must be small and swift", she said. "And shameless."
The pets sighed. Most of their furniture and accessories were gone by now.
"At least you don't have to worry about your smelly bed anymore", Sasmira said and poked Lingweni.
"Speaking of that, where's your new Fat Cat?" Seraphia asked him.
The red Lupe blushed (of course it wasn't very visible beneath his red fur). "I totally forgot about her! The poor thing. I'll call her right away."
He got up and called his petpet's name, and soon Mauzi shuffled into the living room, wearing a pair of pastel pink bunny slippers that were way too large for her tiny black paws.
"Why, look at this!" Seraphia said. "That petpet is wearing my slippers!" The Fat Cat looked at her, obviously expecting to be fed. Linquia took her by the neck and, ignoring her angry mewing, lifted her up to inspect the slippers.
"Those are definitely yours", the Lupe said.
"But if Mauzi is wearing your slippers - does that mean she has taken all the other stuff too?" the Kougra asked.
Lingweni growled at his fat petpet. "First you pee in my bed, then you steal it!"
"Give me back my fluffy pillows!" Sasmira demanded. "You naughty petpet!"
The Fat Cat managed to escape Linquia's grip and happily strolled around Sasmira's feet; she looked perfectly innocent.
"She doesn't understand what we want from her. Let me try", Seraphia said, knelt down down and handed Mauzi her wristwatch. The Fat Cat purred, took it with her tiny paws and carried it away.
"Let's follow her!"
The pets and their owner hurried to follow the petpet as it ran outside, around the corner and to the backside of the NeoHome. Their jaws dropped when they saw what was going on there - all their stuff was piled up and people from all over Neopia gathered whatever they could. A fellow Kacheek from the neighbourhood walked over to Lingweni and said "Have you won the Neopian Lottery? You must be really rich to throw away pretty furniture like that." Sasmira stared in agony at a blue Aisha who was happily playing with her new pretty pink pillows.
"What a bargain!" someone said. "Not even Mika and Carassa are that generous!"

On the next day, Lingweni and the other pets were sitting on the floor, complaining about all the pretty things they had lost. Their owner had disappeared early in the morning, and Mauzi seemed to have vanished as well. "If I had only kept my Airax!" Lingweni cried.
They all looked up when the door opened and Seraphia stepped inside, happily showing off a big purse full of money. "Good news, my friends!" she said. "I have sold Mauzi to the Thieves Guild. When they saw what great talent she has they were making me the greatest offers to have her in their guild. So after a bit of haggling I sold her - and had them sign a contract to ensure they'll keep her forever, treat her well and make sure she'll stay away from our NeoHome. Oh, and Lingweni" - she smiled - "If you still want your Airax, it's sitting on a tree in the NeoGarden."
The Lupe howled with joy and ran outside, while the other pets got ready for a trip to the Neopian Bank.
"But, Seraphia", Sasmira said as they were walking through Central Neopia, "What about Mauzi's bad habit of not using a litterbox? Didn't the thieves mind?"
"To be honest, I didn't tell them", her owner said. "Well, they'll figure out soon enough I suppose... and we have a contract after all."
Just in that moment they heard a faint noise from the darker parts of Neopia, where the Thieves Guild was located.

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