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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Godfather
Owner: Jadefrolics
Pet: Daiben
Breed: Fat Cat

About Godfather:

My username is Jadefrolics, and my Petpet's name is Godfather. But since he is Daiben's pet, I will have Daiben (my aisha) tell you why he should win!

*A scared, small aisha sweats profusely while Jade pushes him up to the podium. He looks back at her; scared.*

Daiben: *blush* Hi ..Uh.. bear with me.. I'm not that great of a public speaker, but I'll try my best. *He swallows* So.. where to begin?

Godfather is, well, a very special Fatcat to me. I got him right after I was born as a welcoming present from Jade. She told me it was a big responsibility to own a Pet of my own, but I was up to the challenge! *fidgets* From the start, I knew that Godfather was special. No, he doesn't have one of those dramatic life stories that you see every other page, but he is still the most wonderful being in the world!! You see, while all the other petpets were outside playing and being their silly little petpet selves, Godfather would always stay inside and read with me, or let me use him as a pillow. Whenever I needed a shoulder to lean on (literally) he was ALWAYS there for me! I can always count on that guy. He doesn't even need to be walked or to move around... ever! As long as he has a bowl of fish and a litter box within arm's reach, he is good to go.

Godfather is one of the most polite Fatcats I have ever seen. He is glad to be a doorstop or a footrest, and sometimes when he DOES happen to get up and walk a bit he doesn't even notice if you sit on him and ride him! Well sure... he may be a bit on the heavy side, but what's wrong with that? He's a healthy boy. He needs his nutrients. I can even tell you about a time when that bulk of his saved my life!

*whispy dream sequence thing*

*You see a cheerful house in the distance, with a little boy aisha and a rather large fatcat playing frisbee (well, the fatcat was just letting it bounce off, but still...) and hooting with laughter. The fatcat, who is obviously Godfather, takes a whack at the frisbee and sends it reeling into a nearby swimming pool.*

Daiben: Oh, good one! *peers in the pool for the frisbee and spots it floating a few feet away from the edge* Don't worry, I'll get it..

*Daiben sits on his knees and reaches out as far as he can off the edge, tongue between his teeth* Hmm... too far, just a little more... *He leans in farther, straining his arm* Almost there!! *he suddenly spots an ant on his leg, thrashes frantically, and falls in the pool* AAAAAHH!!!!!!!!! Godfather!!!! I can't swim!!!! *flail*

*Godfather perks an ear up from where he has been napping and spots Daiben. He lurches up and stumbles into the pool after Daiben, looking quite irritated but staying afloat from his massive rolls. Daiben clings to the rolls desperately until the police department comes and uses a crane to pull them both out*

*end dream sequence*

Daiben: See? Isn't he great? Well.. please, vote for him for petpet spotlight! He really deserves it, and would LOVE the chance. *shiny orbit gum smile*

Audience: *cheers*

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