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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Cuddles
Owner: Candied_RAM
Pet: Croglin_Grange
Breed: Pet Rock

About Cuddles:

Croglin_Grange: Allow me to introduce myself, I am Count Grange of Croglin. This is my petpet, Cuddles... von't you say good evening to the people, Cuddles?

Cuddles: *silence*

::Grange swirls his cloak around himself with an exagerated flourish, then leans over to the rounded slab of granite, seems to be listening to it, and stands back up::

Grange: Cuddles says good evening.

Cuddles and I met quite a long time ago, and I musy say, ve vere immediatly quite compatable. You see, I had never met Cuddles face to face, before, but ve had been so close to vun another for so long, I felt I knew him like the back of my coffin lid. Vunce I managed to pick that pesky splinter, that little thing the villagers drove into my chest a vhile back, all the vay out (it's difficult in such cramped quarters as those I vas living in at the time), he and I finaly met.

There I vas, all alone in a vorld many centuries more modern than my own... and Cuddles was the first thing I met.

I couldn't help but feel quite a bit of nostalgia for him! So I threw my arms around him, picked him up, and took in vith me on my many adventures.

Now, he and I are the best of friends, and just as inseperable as ve vere for so many before ve met. Aren't ve, cuddles?

Cuddles: *silence*

::Grange carefully, yet unsuccessfully, attempts to sneak his hand toward the large rock, and slowly tips it back and forth, making it appear to nod, then grins at you innocently::

Grange: I am often asked how Cuddles got his name. It is an ancient name from Transilneopia (vhich is vhere the ancient and dying culture of the Haunted Voods vunce flourished), vhich means "Loyal Minion of the Dark Faeries".

I do not know vhy... but for some reason people often find his name qvite amusing...

But, vhatever it might be, Cuddles likes his name. Don't you, Cuddles?

Cuddles: *silence*

::Grange glances at the rock, then at you, then back at the rock::

Grange: Cuddles has laryngitis.

::a young woman suddenly appears, looking all around herself, apparently searching for something, then locking her gaze on the Count::

Young Woman: Grangey! There you are, I've been looking everywhere for you! Where have you been? You know you aren't supposed to leave the house before you've had your medicine.

::Grange hunkers down, looking very sheepish::

Grange: But... but, Mother! I don't vant to go home!

::the young woman grabs Grange by the hand and begins to drag him off::

Mother: Don't start with that ridiculous accent again!

::Grange bursts into tears and starts grabbing at the tombstone as the woman drags him off::

Grange: Cuddles! *sob*

::the woman sighs and hefts up the slab of rock in the hand not holding the Grarrl, then turns to you::

Mother: Him and his "petpet"... how anyone could get so attached to a piece of rock, I don't know.

Grange: Cuddles loves me! He's loyal, too, and he would let me go where ever I want...

::the woman sighs and drags the odd little Grarrl away, as he continues to regail her with all the attributes of his wonderful and beloved petpet, Cuddles::

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