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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Triano: BWAHAHAHA! Neopets is never safe from... TRIANO! BWAHAHAHA!
MissingMoonstruk: I told him to seek help, I did...

Petpet Name: Triano
Owner: GryphonSong
Pet: MissingMoonstruk
Breed: Pepito

About Triano:

Not Evil, Misunderstood
(At least, I like to think that)

Petpets are normally less thought of than say, old cheese, which is why I want to break out of that little box everyone imprisons us in. You know, that thin little black box with the white background at the very bottom of a lot of Neopets' lookups. Not only that, but I want to show Neopia what I can really do! I want to take over Neopia! MWAHAHAHA!

My name? Oh, that's simple. I'm Triano the Pepito. Wait - make that King Triano the Pepito. Now that's more like it! I'm "owned" by the grungy faerie Uni MissingMoonstruk. However, I should own her if you ask me which you probably wouldn't normally. You see, I'm much more powerful than that slob of a Neopet, and much smarter, too.

Pepitos are naturally smart, but I.... I am the smartest of the smartest! I am the smartest Pepito of all time! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I had the life of a normal Pepito but I was more intelligent. I took Moonstruk's books when she was done with them. I would also sneak into the Book Shop's inventory late at night with a rather special invention of mine and read all the books there. Doing this, I eventually came across a famous name. A name everyone knew and no one good forget. Doctor Frank Sloth, creator of Virtupets, he enslaved an entire race and attempted to take over Neopia twice and become its leader. If not for the bravery of Neopets everywhere, Brucey B, and the Space Faerie, Neopia would probably now be under his evil reign. That sparked into my bulging brain. If I could find this... Dr. Sloth, I could become his ally and we could rule Neopia together!

Of course, my first stop was to the Gallery of Evil. But no one would allow me in due to the fact that I traveled alone and without a Neopet. HMPH! I say, I am far more superior to those goons, but what do they know... However, the Gallery of Evil is a book, and like all books that I know, they can be stolen. Late that night, midnight on the mark in Neopia, to be exact, I struck. I heaved the giant book up with a net I created on my own. I tripped no alarms and was as slick as a well-trained Aisha as I snuck out of that place.

When I hid in our Petpet Room (locking the others out, of course) I opened that book and I was amazed! I wanted to know them all, to create an alliance with all of them! The strongest, the smartest and the most corrupt were the ones I wanted. So I narrowed down to a short list...

Triano's Choices of Alliance to Take Over Neopia
  • Swamp Ghoul

  • Pant Devil (devious little thing, isn't he?)

  • Monoceraptor (if he doesn't use me as a punch bag)

  • Malkus Vile

  • Jelly Chia (as long as he doesn't dissolve me!)

  • Meuka (scratch that, too disgusting)

  • Commander Garoo

  • Balthazar (I hope he doesn't have a glass bottle big enough for me)

  • Of course, Dr. Frank Sloth (my IDOL)

  • Shadow Usul (Too bad she hates me)

  • Punchbag Bob (It could work!)

There was one problem with one of the last ones. We found a Usul in our house when we first moved in. It was black as night and went by the name of Shaduin or Shady to us, but the Shadow Usul to others. She had become quite docile towards us and refused to harm us if we promised not to harm her (like we could!). She didn't seem the type to take over Neopia, but she would be nearly perfect to help do it! If only I could convince her...

I tried. Day in and day out, I begged, I pleaded, I cried, I asked nicely, I ordered, I threatened - nothing worked. Shady just did not want to. It was frustrating and now I wanted revenge on her and all those who looked down on petpets or never noticed them. It was time!

So, through various connections, I tracked down Dr. Sloth and Commander Garoo. I managed to contact the Monoceraptor, but he was still recuperating after his last sad defeat. The Swamp Ghoul was more than willing to help but the Pant Devil just threatened to put me in his treasure pile. I guess Moonstruk and I beat him up too many times. Darn. Malkus Vile, the Jelly Chia and Balthazar slipped away from me. Although, I got very close to talking to Balthazar but my contact towards him hadn't seen him in months. Ah... But I had all I needed! And although I may look as if I have changed since my last attempt, I've still got more shots... And I plan on taking them! Neopia has not seen the last of King Triano - the Pepito!

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