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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Marshmellow
Owner: snow_dancer200
Pet: Firenzhe
Breed: Ghostkerchief

About Marshmellow:

"Marshmellow, can you come and help me with something?" Called Firenzhe, the split Aisha. So happily Marshmellow, the Ghoskercheif flew to her owner. Firenzhe smiled, "Awww... Marshmellow you are so cute." She said. "Wanna do me a favor?" She asked still smiling at Marshmellow. Marshmellow nodded and flew in circles of joy. "Could you please dust off the table before Snow Dancer comes back?" (Snow Dancer being their owner.) Marshmellow grumbled. He wanted to yell "What do I look like? A handkercheif?" but sadly he could not talk. So angrily he dusted off the table with himself.

"Marshmellow, where are you?" Called Madeline_32 the checkered Kau. She was Marshmellow's aunt. Marshmellow flew happily to her favorite aunt and and waved to her aunt's pet rock too. Madeline smiled, "Marshmellow you think you could clean up Rock for me? He is very dirty. Thank you." Marshmellow grumbled and grumbled some more as he slowly cleaned up the pet rock.

"Marshmellow you are the cutest Ghoskercheif ever, yes you are." Sky Dancer the blue Uni baby talked to Marshmellow. Marshmellow liked this it made him feel special he flew up and down around Sky Dancer's wings. "Do you think you cold polish my horn? Pretty please?" Sky Dancer asked. Marshmellow sucked it up and did as he was told. Though he was not exactly happy.

"Marshmellow!" Yelled Ryo-ohki the mutant Kacheek. But there was reply. "Marshmellow?" He yelled again. But no happy little Ghoskercheif flew by. "MARSHMELLOW!? Where the heck are you? I need you to clean up the mess my Cobrall made." But there was still no reply. "FIRENZHE!?" He screamed. The split Aished ran up to Ryo-ohki. "What is it!? What's wrong!?" She asked with little breath.
"Where is your petpet?" He asked.
"You mean, Marshmellow?" Firenzhe replied.
"Yes! I can't find him anywhere." Ryo-ohki said with frustration.
"OH NO!!! Where is he?" So Firenzhe and Ryo-Ohki searched the neo home for their beloved Marshmellow. Pretty soon Madaline and Sky Dancer began to grow worried too so they searched everywhere, even the other pet pets got worried, Slinky the Cobrall, Feather the Angel Puss, but Rock the Rock just sat there. Hours passed and still no sign of Marshmellow, when just then they heard their owner, Snow Dancer walk through the door.

"Firenzhe! Sky Dancer! Ryo-ohki! Madaline!" Snow Dancer called. They knew they would be yelled at because of Marshmellow's disapearance. So slowly with tears in their eyes they walked up to Snow Dancer. But to their surprise Snow Dancer was smiling.
"Look who, I found flying around in Faerie Land." Snow Dancer patted her pocket when Marshmellow poked out shyly. "He couldn't find his way to Spooky Land and he seemed to be scaring all the faerie pet pets away. But luckily I found him." Snow Dancer gently lifted Marshmellow. He hovered above her hand. "It seems that Marshmellow has been feeling a bit lonely lately. You all need to remember that Marshmellow is our family not our cleaning device. I think you owe him an apology." She said.

Firenzhe, Sky Dancer, Ryo-ohki, and Madaline smiled and at the same time in their own little langauge said, "I'm sorry." Even though Snow Dancer couldn't understand them, she knew what they said, and so did Marshmellow. And to this day Marshmellow is now treated like a member of the family, and is the loving pet pet of Firenzhe, forever and more.

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