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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Alohomora
Owner: destinie444
Pet: Kiwi_Custard
Breed: Moltenore

About Alohomora:

:: Kiwi Custard and her little Faerie Moltenore walk through a park together, Kiwi looks up and begins to tell you the story of her darling petpet.... ::


What's that noise you say? Well, as a matter of fact, that 'noise' is why I'm here today, and to also provide a logical explanation to all mommy's neighbors for that strange orange glow that is constantly coming from our house...

Meet Alohomora, the cutest Faerie Moltenore in all of Neopia! I'm proud to say that Alohomora is my very own petpet that mommy got me right after I got my Robot outfit... You see... theres a reason for my outfit, and also for Alohomora's faerie wings, but we'll get into all of that later... for now, let me tell you why Alohomora is one of the greatest petpet's a pet could have :)

It was about the middle of Y3 in Neopia, I'd say maybe in the "Month of Eating" considering mommy's usually not that nice and doesn't buy me stuff unless she's fully fed. *looks over at Destinie444, hoping she's not listening* Anyyyyways... her and I went to the yee old Neopia Petpet store, and looked around at the cages... I saw a really cute pet rock I wanted, but mommy swayed me away from that telling me to choose something a little more 'lively'... and then I saw it. The most beautiful, glowing thing in the petpet store... a brand new baby Moltenore. The glass aquarium said "Moltenore's are cold to the touch cause they are masters of containing their fierce heat within their bodies" and from that, I knew I'd be safe AND have a REALLY COOL petpet! Let's just say, half of my intuitions were right, the other half were wrong... What the petpet store DIDN'T mention was when Moltenore's get hungry or mad, they have fun setting everything and anyone on fire! It was less then two days before mommy had to go back to the petpet store and inquire about purchasing our very own glass aquarium to keep my little Alohomora in.... but once we had our 'fiery' situation worked out, Alohomora and I spent all our time doing everything together! And let me tell you, there's nothing better then being able to call over your petpet in the afternoon if you want to roast a marshmallow over 'the open fire' of your petpet's heat... or those middle of the night trips to the bathroom when you need some light to prevent tripping over stuff!

*nearby tree bursts into flames*

Ahhh yes, Alohomora does present a lively set of problems now on then *keeps on walking, ignoring the park benches and trees setting on fire behind her* but overall she's a really great petpet... she's not able to talk either, but her constant clicking lets me know if she needs something or is about to send our house up into flames. That's why we got her those faerie wings, so she can fly over to the fridge if she needs a snack, and I don't have to pick her up and burn all my fur off! Also, as I said previously, there is a reason I have kept this silly Robot suit on all this time.... you see, I love to cuddle up to Alohomora now and then, and the only outfit mommy and I could find to prevent me from setting on fire and dying was this outfit! So now you know the story of my wonderful lil' petpet Alohomora, and I hope you find her as special and fascinating as I do :)

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