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Petpet Name: Moreta
Owner: solarith
Pet: Runaria
Breed: Gathow

About Moreta:

Moreta is strange, weird and all of those things. But you really shouldn't judge her until you've read her story ...

Hi! I'm Moreta, a Green Usu - er... actually a White Gathow. But don't I look marvelously like a green usul? Of course, many neopets think I'm very odd to be dressing up in such a way. And my fellow gathows seem to think I've gone and lost my mind. They think that my owner's 'condition', so to speak, has caused me to be mentally unwell! "Moreta," they say, "This isn't healthy! You've been a Peophin, a Zafara, a JubJub (and that costume was particularly awful), and a Korbat! You've flipped your lid! You're a few chias short of a lupe meal!" And then, with a calm eye and voice, I tell them: "I'm as sane as sane can be! Maybe you should listen to the whole story before you judge me so harshly?"

It was almost a complete year ago when I was born as a miniscule ball of pink fluff upon the sands of Mystery Island. Myself, as well as my brothers and sisters, were quite happy to be living in the wilds with our mother rather than spending our time in a petpet shop as we had seen several other, mainly tropical, petpets do. We played and we romped and we quickly grew, gaining the purple stars on our foreheads quite quickly (not known by many Neopians, Gathows don't gain their star until a certain time after birth!) It was at this that time I saw a group walking along the beach. A very odd group, at that. I stared for such a long time, intrigued. They grew closer and closer still until I was able to discern five figures. A kougra (I knew lots of those, as I've seen them wild in the jungle), an aisha (those ears are unmistakable!), a wocky (a tribe of sorcerer wockies lived quite near us), a human (lots of those roamed about constantly!), and then something I certainly had not seen before. It had horns and checkered fur and was skipping along beside the rest. It looked rather young, like I was. I turned slightly to comment to my siblings and mother, but I was surprised to find them gone! Scared by the odd group of beings approaching, they had left quickly to hide. I was all alone and not sure how to handle the situation ahead of me.

"Look, mom!" called the strange creature as it spotted me, a huddled pink ball of fluff in the grass. "A gathow! Those are rare!" remarked the human, tucking a bit of hair behind her ears to peer down at me. "Can I keep it?" asked the horned neopet eagerly, taking a few shuffling steps forward. "Sure, I guess. What will you name it?" the human asked, smiling. "Moreta!" the voice I would come to be so familiar with echoed, reaching out to gently pick my trembling form from the grass.

I grew and I gained knowledge I never knew I would gain. I was painted white soon after and learned my new owner was named Runaria and was an aquatic creature called an Acara. Of course, I loved my new home and soon came to forget about my life as a wild gathow on Mystery Island. An Acara like Runaria was just about all I needed. Of course, there was one day when suddenly an Usul came home instead of an Acara. I was shocked. I was hurt. I was surprised. I timidly asked why this had happened, as I had grown to love my owner's unique looks. Runaria explained that she was now being taken to the lab ray and was sort of a 'shapeshifter'. As in, she shifted her shape every so often while she was being taken. It took me a while to grasp this concept, of course. After a while, though, I asked my best of friends if I could go to the lab ray too. It would be fair, of course, to go through this together. Runaria then told me I was unable to be taken to the laboratory, as it was meant only for neopets. I looked sad for some while as I thought about this. How would I be able to come to terms with this change in my owner? Then it hit me. Not literally, of course. But the idea came to me just then. I would dress up as the neopet my owner was currently shaped as. It delighted me so much that I immediately began work and came up with my first usul costume...

"...And as I marched to show Runaria, she did a strange thing. She cried. Happy tears, of course. She was happy to have me with her as she went to the frightening laboratory. And happy that I cared about her enough to do this. And even though people might think I'm strange, it's best to realize that I'm doing this for my owner and that I certainly owe her for what she has done for me in the past." I concluded to my gathow friends, who always treated me with respect ever since. A story can go a long way to help people understand who you really are.

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