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Petpet Name: Tigerwolf
Owner: cherry_baby_angel234
Pet: Angel_Kougra24
Breed: Gruslen

About Tigerwolf:

Hi there! I'm Tigerwolf! Now, you may not expect a guy like me in a spotlight, but, I guess, my story is kinda interesting. Now, I was with my mom in the pound when she got adopted. I caught Cherry by surprise, cause she never expected a petpet to be with her newly adopted Kougra. I guess a two-for-one deal huh? Well, ever since then, we've been EVERYWHERE! Faerieland! Lost Desert! Haunted Woods! You name it, I've been there. I've seen all the sights! But one place... oh boy... I will never forget. Now, you may hear a lot of petpets talking about going to the Snowager and almost getting eaten alive or something, and right now, you may be thinking oh great, another snowager story, but the twist is that it wasn't mom or Cherry's fault... the Snowager woke up... no, it was my fault... But, I don't think you'll believe me... Well, I guess I'll tell you anyway.

It was really windy, and dark, blizzards and icy snow jabbing at us like knives. Mom and the rest of the family huddled behind Cherry as we peeked inside the huge ice cavern. A soft dripping sound echoed through the cave and a low rumbling sound was heard just around the corner. "The Snowager! I stared in awe at the huge beast, snoring and hissing away. I clambered up a snow mound and came face to face with the snake, sleeping blissfully upon a pile of neggs, plushies, and keychains. Cherry and the others went around to the other side to find some neggs while I snooped around myself. I looked down and saw it. "A Rod of Dark Nova?" I rubbed my eyes "Jhudora must be playing tricks on me... I looked back again and smiled,"mom will flip for this." I crawled down the mound and carefully stretched out my hand. "So close... one little inch... My fingertips touched the wand as I crouched lower and I smiled. Suddenly the wand toppled over, sending an icestorm negg hurtling in the air, landing smack dab on the Snowager's head. The negg rolled around awhile and finally stopped right next to me. The Snowager, still a little dazed from his sleep, lowered his head right in my face and growled. I forced a nervous smile. "He-he... *gulp*" I grabbed the a wand and smashed it hard on his head (also smashing it to pieces... whoops) I leapt over his bulk of treasures, skid down the other side and slipped past huge ice stalagmites. The snake hissed and screeched as he snapped at my heels. I slid into a tiny crevice just as he blasted a whirlwind of ice at me. Mom slipped past me and grabbed my paw with her tail. We all toppled out of the cave and raced down to Happy Valley as quickly as we could. We sat around a snow encrusted boulder and caught our breath, still hearing the howls and screeches of the Snowager. "I'm sorry mom... I wanted to get you a rod of dark nova." I looked down and scratched the snow with my paw slowly. Cherry smiled. "If you were brave enough to try and get a rod of dark nova, I think you deserve a reward. She grabbed her backpack and pulled out a purple poogle plushie. "You deserve it, Tigerwolf." I hugged the toy and smiled.

Now, as you can see, the poogle and I go everywhere. I had already knocked the stuffing out of it, but it's still great. It's a reminder of that day at the Snowager... a day I will never EVER forget. Hmm. I wonder when we'll go again? *smiles mischievously*

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