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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Toblerone
Owner: jellybeandaisy123
Pet: Jellybean1331
Breed: Babaa

About Toblerone:


I'm Jellybean1331, but you can call me by my nickname, Jelly and I'm going to tell you about my cool faerie babaa Toblerone or Toby for short! *Jellybean shoves a piece of chocolate in her mouth* MMMmmmmm! I think I'll start from the very beginning.

UUUmmmmm, well when it was my first birthday my mommy took me to the chocolate factory to buy me some birthday presents and ever since that day I have been addicted to chocolate, especially dark chocolate!

Anyway my mommy wanted to buy me something extremely special for my birthday, I really wanted to be painted faerie but the brushes were sooooooooo expensive.

My mommy drove past the chocolate factory and went on for miles and miles (though it was probably only 5km!) until she stopped outside a farm with a letterbox shaped as a faerie babaa. Your probably thinking AAwwwwww how cute, but my first reaction was Yuck, I don't want a wimpy faerie babaa. I want a greedy one that will want to eat lots of chocolate with me, but my mommy still dragged me in anyway. I was just about to sulk when I saw.........

The greediest faerie babaa I have ever seen in my life, shoving as much chocolate in its mouth as possible!!! I feel in love and felt immediately attached to the greedy babaa! "Mommy" I shouted, "I want this one" but she said " No I think you should get a clean and dainty babaa Jellybean". "Noooo, never" I screamed and ran outside. I peeped through the door and listened to what my mommy was saying to the keeper.

"How much are the faerie babaas?" asked my mommy. " The faerie ones are 50,000 neopoints" replied the keeper. "OH Dear, I only have 30,000, do you sell any for that price?" asked my mommy *Very concerned expression*. "No, only the greedy one in the corner over there is only 25000 neopoints" the keeper said * Hoping my mommy would buy it as much as I was!* "OK, I'll take that one" my mommy said *Sigh*. I was celebrating all the way home with my new faerie babaa, Toblerone!

One month after I got Toblerone my mommy took us on a holiday to Terror Mountain. We stayed there for 2 weeks and had heaps of fun and lots of chocolate!

On the last day of our holiday, in the morning, I was feeling extremely hungry so I took off on my own "little" adventure to the snowanger, but of corse I am much smarter now!

The cave entrance was very cold so I put my jacket on and started to walk inside. Everything inside the cave was blue and I could hear snoring coming from above me, I looked up, I was staring right at the snowangers face but I was too terrified to even scream. I also saw all the chocolate neggs underneath him, so I slowly crept over to the neggs until suddenly.......


I sneezed the biggest sneeze of my life, the snowanger woke with a huge roar and started to chase after me. I was running for my life through the tunnels until suddenly I came to a dead end. The snowanger was coming closer, closer, closer and closer, I closed my eyes, suddenly I heard a "Baaaaaaaa" and a CRASH at the same time.

I opened my eyes and there was the snowanger lying unconscious on the floor and Toblerone hogging into the chocolate neggs! I stared at Toblerone, *Confused face expression* and she said very plainly "Well all that battledome training paid off!, these chocolate neggs are delicious!"

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