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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Princess
Owner: StellarWing
Pet: LavaBrewer
Breed: Primella

About Princess:

Look! In the water! It's a fish! It's a submarine! No, it's... SUPER PRIMELLA! She's on a mission to protect Neopia from evil, as long as it's in the water!

By day she is Princess, loyal petpet to the Peophin LavaBrewer. But by night, she gets out her cape and becomes the elusive savior of Neopets. Here is one of her most fascinating tales:

It was a day like any other. Princess the Primella spent the day with her unsuspecting master, LavaBrewer the spotted Peophin. When night fell, Princess made sure everyone was asleep before slipping out the back into the ocean. She swam to her secret cove and pulled out her cape and Neocorder. After making sure her cape was on tight, she turned to the wildly beeping Neocorder. She pressed a little green button on the strange device and held it up to her mouth. "This is agent ID 34635, I'm here, over."
A fuzzy voice could be heard from the Neocorder. "Greetings 34635, I have a mission for you, over."
"I'm ready to receive commands, over."
"Word has it the infamous Jekith Jetsam is up to no good. I hear he's causing problems for a colony of Bluna living under the ice just off the coast of Tyrannia. I need you to go in and investigate, over."
"Consider it done, over and out."

Princess stashed her Neocorder in a special pocket in her cape before swimming off on the direction of Tyrannia. After a few minutes, she arrived there. Everything seemed fine. Princess looked around. "It's quiet... too quiet..."

All of a sudden, a terrified Flotsam came zooming through the water towards Princess. As the Flotsam passed her, it screamed, "Swim for your life! It's Jekith!" The figure of the Flotsam faded into the deep blue of the ocean. Princess stopped and took out her Neocorder.
"HQ, this is 34635, come in please, over."
"I read you 34635, go ahead, over."
"I have an eye-witness here who claims to have seen Jekith, over."
"Thanks for the info, 34635, be sure to report any new information, over and out."

Princess returned her Neocorder to her cape and continued her search for the colony of Bluna. It was not long before Princess sighted a pink Bluna floating nervously around in circles. Princess approached the Bluna.
The Bluna saw Princess, and exclaimed, "Oh, Super Primella! Have you come to save us?!"
"That could be. What's the problem?"
"Our leader will have to explain that. Please, let me lead you to her."
Princess nodded and followed the pink Bluna to a small cove. The Bluna stopped and pointed a fin further ahead. "The leader's home." Princess swam confidently forward... but was confused when she saw no one there. The pink Bluna looked up toward the surface and called, "Angel, someone is here to see you! She might be able to solve our crisis!"

There was a loud splash! as a faerie Bluna came diving into the water. She spotted Princess and smiled. "Greetings Super Primella! We are in desperate need of your help!"
"I gathered that. What's the problem?"
"About a week ago, Jekith Jetsam appeared at our colony. He's been threatening to ravage our colony if we don't hand over one of our members every night. I don't know what he does with them, but I have a feeling they're still alive. He's already taken eight! Soon, everyone will be gone anyway!"
"So you want me to stop him?"
"Yes, please, if you could! He should be stopping by soon, to take his next victim... I'll lead you out to the main section of the colony."

Princess was taken to a narrow canal, walled in by rocks. The rocks were riddled with small caverns, which Princess guessed were homes for the Bluna. Several of them swam around the main area, looking frightened out of their minds. Princess had to wait for almost ten minutes. The suspense was killer. The Bluna swam about, fidgeting and pacing. Finally, after what seemed like forever, there was a rush of water. A huge metal Jetsam came shooting like a torpedo straight into the center of the colony. Terrified Bluna swam in all directions. It could be no other than Jekith Jetsam.

Princess hid in a little section between two large boulders. She watched as Jekith snatched up a poor spotted Bluna that was not a fast enough swimmer. Jekith held on fast and turned to whisk away into the depths of the ocean. Princess pulled out her Neocorder, reported all that had happened, and quietly swam after Jekith.

It was not long before they came to Jekith's lair. It was a large cave, the entrance mostly hidden by various sea plants. Princess snuck inside and looked around. Three large cages sat against one wall, containing about 7-8 Bluna total. Jekith grinned mischievously as he shoved the newly captured spotted Bluna into one of the cages. He then pulled out a book and began to flip through it. It was titled 101 Bluna Recipes. Jekith seemed to find what he was looking for, because he said, "Ah, here it is! Heh, finally I have enough for the recipe. These Bluna are toast!"
"Not if I can help it!" Princess swam bravely from her hiding place to confront Jekith.
Jekith laughed. "Oh, and what are you going to do about it?"
"THIS!" Princess charged forward towards Jekith, who laughed again.
"Honestly, how much damage do you think you can-" Jekith was cut short as Princess used her super strength to shove him into the far wall. Jekith got up bitterly and said, "You're going to regret that!"

Jekith charged, and Princess waited, ready for battle. A cloud of bubbles surrounded the fighters, making it impossible for any spectators to see the battle that raged on. After 30 seconds or so of struggle, the bubbles subsided and there was Princess, proudly floating next to a tied-up Jekith. The Bluna cheered, and Princess released them from their cages. She lead them back to the colony, where Angel was waiting.

"Thank you so much!" Angel praised as they returned. "You have saved us!"Princess gestured with her fin. "No big." She then pulled out her Neocorder. "HQ, this is 34635; Mission accomplished."

I hope you enjoyed the story of Princess, the super hero secret agent! *A Primella wearing a read cape with a large "P" embroidered on it swims up to you holding up a strange device. She whips out a pair of tiny sunglasses and puts them skillfully on* I'm sorry, but you've heard too much. I'll have to erase your memory. Please, look at the small light at the top of this device... FLASH!

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