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Brucey B and the Lucky Coin - Day 5, Page 1

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Capara, Brucey B and Princess Fernypoo decided to track down the mysterious stranger. After a couple of hours they had done an awful lot of talking, but not much else. While Fernypoo was trying on her 3rd new travel outfit, Capara and Brucey decided to get a bite to eat.

'Grr... I can't wait till I get hold of that little thief', growled Brucey. 'Yeah, we'll show him, that silly Jetsam won't know what hit him', laughed Capara.

As they walked into the main shops, Brucey had a thought. 'Kauvara runs the local magic shop, she must be VERY wise, perhaps she can help us', he told Capara. A couple of minutes later they entered the shop, and eagerly started telling the story of the Lucky Coin to Kauvara. She listened intently until Brucey finished then took a deep breath.

'Hmmm... I haven't noticed anything strange recently, although I have been busy in my shop. You know you should probably go to see the shop wizard, or perhaps that Brain Tree creature in the woods... If something is happening in Neopia, they would normally know about it. Sorry I can't help you more, here are some potions and fresh sandwiches, they should come in handy later on.'

With that Kauvara walked back into her shop, wished Brucey B the best of luck and locked the door tightly shut.