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Brucey B and the Lucky Coin - Day 9, Page 2

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Running into the next tent they were met with a suprise. Inside were all types of creatures, strange insects, snakes, little ball-type creatures with bandages on, and in one corner a couple of baby pyramid-type creatures no more than a foot tall were running around chittering to each other.

'Can I help you?'. A Peophin sat in the middle of the tent, smiling at them. She was tall and was dressed in fine clothes. 'Ahhh yes, hi there. I don't suppose you have seen this Jetsam... here I drew a picture'. Brucey handed the Peophin his drawing.

'GAAH! I HATE SNAKES', cried Capara. She stood at the other side of the tent surrounded by hissing snake-like creatures. She tried to move, but they followed her, their eyes trained on her as they hissed.

The Peophin suddenly gave a shrill whistle, and the snakes backed away. She chuckled, 'It's ok, they won't hurt you'. Turning her attention to the paper in her hand, she thought for a while, and brushed her hoof against her chin. 'Im sorry, I cant really help you... but you may want to head over to the city, Sakhmet, you will find people there who can help.'.