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Brucey B and the Lucky Coin - Day 14, Page 1

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Hours Later...

'AAarrrgh!, what has happened??? What has he done to you?', cried Brucey as he saw what had happened to his friends. Capara hissed, and Fernypoo stumbled forwards looking sorry for herself. Brucey carefully picked up a rather indignant Capara and they all set off across the desert. It was quite easy to see where Sloth's army had gone, they had razed every shrub, rock and plant in their path, leaving a trail of blackened sand across the dunes.

To pass the time Brucey B tried telling jokes, although nobody seemed in the mood for laughing. When he joked about selling the one and only red haired Wadjet to Peopatra, he was quite firmly bitten on the nose. Fernypoo was unusually quiet and didn't complain about how dirty her dress, nails or hair were getting at all.

Crossing the next dune, the view took them by surprise. Gone were the immaculate, tidy little tents, instead there were broken crates, torn fabrics and trampled foods everywhere. Peopatra was desperately trying to round up a group of young Khonsu and the once brave Grarrl shopkeeper was trembling under his counter.

After his initial shock at seeing the hideously mutated Fernypoo, Brucey managed to coax him out from his hiding place. The Grarrl shopkeeper kept muttering something under his breath and he would not stop shaking.

'He has the staff... the great staff... but it can't be... it has been lost for thousands of years... no one can possibly know how destructive it is... he came here... destroyed my shop...'

Capara, who by now was in a VERY BAD MOOD couldn't take anymore of his gibbering and she slapped him hard in the face with her tail. The Grarrl looked stunned for a few moments, then turned to Brucey and whispered 'You must get the staff... it could destroy us all... you must save us!'...