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Brucey B and the Lucky Coin - Day 7, Page 1

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Facing imminent doom, Capara's sobs began to fill the air. She begged for mercy, cried for her mummy and wailed how she wished she had never set eyes on the stupid coin.

It was at that moment that streaks of sunlight began to shine through the branches of the trees all around... the sun had risen, but how.. it seemed like that they had hardly spent a whole hour in the forest. The red eyes in the darkness began to retreat, and the scary gnarled forest around was not at all frightening any more.

The gnarled branches gently scooped Brucey B out of the mire and placed him on solid ground. Fernypoo was released although the scowl on her face was anything but thankful. Her dress was ruined!

As they emerged from the thick forest, they couldn't believe what they saw. Shielding their eyes from the blinding light they could just make out what appeared to be a vast plain. In the distance was what appeared to be sand dunes. Sand Dunes???

Awed and confused, the three young Neopets stepped cautiously into the sunlight. 'Where are we?' gasped Princess Fernypoo. 'I don't know, no-one has ever made it through the Haunted Woods before....'