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Brucey B and the Lucky Coin - Day 11, Page 1

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Outside the Pyramids

Brucey B had been doing a lot of thinking. He just had to go after the thieving little Jetsam! He wanted his precious coin back so badly that he could think of nothing else.

Sadly his simple brain hadn't managed to think much about what they would do when they actually arrived there. Now the the three travellers were crouched down behind a sand dune, watching the activity below. There were literally hundreds of mean looking Grundos and colourful tents surrounding the base of the pyramid.

"So what do we do now Mr Mastermind?" quipped a rather hot and tired Capara. "Oh I don't know, we could always try what happens in adventure books, we could wait until after dark then sneak through the enemy base!". Fernypoo groaned, this was turning into her worst nightmare, her nails were chipped, her paws were blistered and now Brucey B was trying to re-enact one of his silly adventure books.

So they waited... When the sun began to fall, they quietly tip toed through the tents until they arrived outside the pyramid entrance. "What now?" asked Fernypoo? "Well I haven't seen the purple Jetsam yet and its getting dark out here, why don't we head inside?".