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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

The fresh grass tickled Sir Hugo’s feet as he gazed at the tiny, pink flowers sprouting among it. An ocean of green dotted with slight, delicate islands. His ears twitched as he picked up the melodious chirps of birdsong. A nearby flock of Beekadoodle must have been passing by.

24 Cakes to Make Your Birthday Celebration Sweeter

Neopets is getting ready to celebrate their 24th birthday, so I’ve compiled a list of the 24 best cakes to celebrate with! Try these cakes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner - I won’t judge. Not to mention, I’m always looking for an excuse to eat cake for breakfast. Grab your forks and let’s go! 1). Coral Cake - This underwater delight is a Maraquan exclusive, found only at the critically acclaimed restaurant known as Kelp. Shaped like a piece of coral and tasting slightly of saltwater, this cake is going to help you achieve that perfect balance of sweet versus salty. 2). Beach Fun Usuki Cupcakes - While summer may be over, if you still find yourself daydreaming about sunshine and surfing, taking a bite of these cupcakes will help you to relive those sweet summer moments. 3). Jelly Sponge Cake - It’s jiggly and squishy, wobbly and slippery, it’s a Jelly Sponge Cake! Be careful it doesn’t slip and slide right off of your spoon. Made entirely of blue jelly, this cake will wiggle down. 4). Acara Cabbage Cake - No Acaras were harmed in the baking of this cake. Quite the opposite actually, this “cake” is 100 percent vegan. Perfect for our plant-based friends to enjoy. 5). Lemon Daisy Cake - Super fresh and flowery with a hint of sourness, the Lemon Daisy Cake is a staple for any birthday celebration. You can find this cake in both of the Neopets' 10th and 11th Birthday Goodie Bags.

Celebrate Neopets 24th Birthday with these 24 Petpets

It’s Neopets’ 24th birthday and you might be heading to some parties through Neopia. Don’t forget to bring a little Petpet friend along with you for a great time celebrating Neopets’ turning 24. It might be a hard decision when deciding what friend to tag along with you so, to make life easier we ranked 24 Birthday Petpets that will be perfect to bring along to any party you’re attending. 1. Birthday Flowper: I mean look at them. A Birthday Flowper has a little adorable hat with a party blower in its mouth, ready to go. Take your Birthday Flowper to any Neopets’ birthday bash because they are ready to celebrate and you know they will have a great time. 2. Birthday Doglefox: There are steamers, cake, and party supplies, what more do you need with your Birthday Doglefox? This little Doglefox will supply you with all you need for a party and have a blast attending any party with you. 3. Birthday Slorg: Look at that smile! Birthday Slorg is ready to have some fun with less slime and their towering cake and birthday hat. Don’t leave this little Slorg behind. 4. Birthday Icklesaur: With a Birthday Icklesaur you don’t even have to worry about a present because they brought one already! Dressed in steamers and party blowers, the Birthday Icklesaur will know how to have a fantastic time at any party, gift in hand. 5. Birthday Erisim: Who needs the cherry on the cake when you can have...

A Brilliant Balloon Theme on Neopets’ Birthday!

---Starring Chessangie the Royal Girl Draik, Chessella the Pastel Draik, Maldice the Stealthy Draik, and Christine, their owner!--- Christine: Welcome! Another year has gone by, and Neopets is now twenty-four years old. (How time flies! Almost a quarter of a century.) Angie: True... We weren’t even born yet. Christine: Well, I was. I feel old now. Anyway, what should we celebrate with? We could eat cake, but it’s full of calories, so I’ve gathered some balloon-themed items instead. Ella: One piece of cake wouldn’t hurt... Maldice: But one piece turns into five pieces, which then turns into the whole blasted cake. No one has any self-control. Christine: True. I certainly don’t. Anyway, onto the balloon-themed items...

Other Stories
"Birthday Cake and Chocolate" by stella_123_5
"Is it ethical to invite a Chocolate Pet to a birthday party?" Rosy blinked at her friend. "...what?" The Pink Aisha put down her cup of coffee. "Just what I said! She's Chocolate, the cake's chocolate, and we're going to eat the cake." Seo waved her hands around anxiously. "I just don't want Pixie to be offended, that's all!" Rosy was unimpressed by this. "Seo," she said slowly to the Pastel Aisha, "Pixie runs a cafe. This cafe that you're sitting in right now. And her chocolate donuts are to die for. I don't think she cares." The two Aishas were in a delightful little shop, just off the main road in Neopia Central’s Bazaar area. A large front window, that they were seated next to, let in just enough warm sunlight from the busy day outside. The scent of coffee and cake wafted through the air. Jack-o-lantern streamers Pixie hadn’t gotten around to taking down yet fluttered next to the holiday decorations she’d been in the middle of putting up when they’d walked in this morning. I just can’t stand the walls being empty, so I take old decorations down after I put up new ones! she’d said, when she’d seen Rosy eyeing the unique combination. Seo had evidently not been reassured by the donuts. She leaned in close, and whispered conspiratorially. "But have you actually seen her eat those?" They both looked towards the counter. Pixie the Chocolate Kacheek was cheerfully chatting with an elderly Lenny. As they watched, she carefully placed a dozen of said donuts into a colourful box; before wrapping it up with a red bow. "See, she's using gloves!" Seo hissed. "You mean like every other person who touches your food? I sure hope she does."

"A Birthday Adventure" by califorthehomeless
Marvis frowned when staring at the date. November 14th already? Where had the time gone? With all the holidays coming and going, it seemed the days were long-running together. She rubbed her paws together nervously while staring at the calendar. At that time, Enlea came around the corner. “What has gotten you bothered Marvis?” the White Kougra asked. Marvis scoffed. “Do you not realize what tomorrow is?” She swore the Kougra was always on another planet, whether that be Kreludor or further. Enlea just laughed. “Of course, I know what tomorrow is! Everyone is getting ready for the celebration!” Marvis rolled her eyes. In the village of Seaside, everyone was just so carefree. She thought the celebration was serious business! There were things to do, and people to see. They did not have a cake ready and usually, the ingredients took days to receive via port. She scratched her head, trying to make a list of things she still needed to pick up. “When does the next ferry leave?” Marvis asked. She started to gather her belongings from the countertop. Enlea pondered for a minute. “In about 30 minutes I believe!” “Well let’s not dwell, we need to get to Neopia Central before the shops close!” Marvis announced. She grabbed a piece of paper and pen and started to scratch together a list of places they needed to visit. • Fresh Foods • Pizzaroo • The Bakery • Gifts Galore • The Toy Shop “If we are going all that way, can’t we just stop at Uni’s Clothing? I heard they have new bows!” Enlea brought her paws together and batted her eyelashes. Marvis rolled her eyes again. “Oh, I suppose IF we have time!

"The Tyrannian Way to Celebrate" by baytotheay
”SooLe, the Baby Chomby, lived in Tyrammet, the small village nestled in Tyrannia’s jungle. It was the week before Neopia’s birthday, and everyone SooLe knew was preparing for the festivities. She awoke to the sounds of her parents cooking all the delicacies for the celebration. Metal pans clanked against their stone cooking utensils and the aroma of Pteri soup wafted down the hall into her bedroom. If her memory served her, today her parents were working on the desserts, Hutcakes and Honey Blossom Stone Doughnuts. This was only the second time SooLe could remember celebrating Neopia’s birthday, but she couldn’t forget the Hutcakes from last year with their soft, buttery bottom and sugary top - it was like no Tyrannian food she had ever tasted before. Sweet, gooey deliciousness! The prehistoric Neopet hopped out of her furry bed and scampered to the kitchen where - since she was only a Baby - all of the furniture tripled in size. SooLe snuck up to her favourite place to spectate all of the action. If someone had happened upon their NeoHome, they would chuckle at the sight of three Chombies, very different, but all family. There was SooLe’s Dad, Moltock, a massive, spiked Tyrannian Chomby who gently stirred a pot of stew. Behind him at the kitchen island stood SooLe’s Mom, Evera, a Speckled Chomby with her paws deep into a bowl of flour - the powdery debris flying everywhere and coating her face in more dots. And then. SooLe sat curled up in a giant coffee mug like a Kadotie on the shelf near their window. Her parents had cleared a path she could easily traverse to reach her little overlook. “Good morning, Mom! Good morning, Dad!”...

The Bakery

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