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Short Stories

The Kads Meow

Kisa took a deep breath as she headed into Neopia Central's Plaza. It was a Sunday, so it was bound to be busy with everyone having the day off. chao_keeper21424

by chao_keeper21424
Birthday Cake and Chocolate

"Is it ethical to invite a Chocolate Pet to a birthday party?"

by stella_123_5
King Skarl's Birthday and the Giant Cabbage

“King Skarl is traditionally presented with the largest cabbage in the kingdom during his birthday celebration.”

by betti666
The Tyrannian Way to Celebrate

SooLe, the Baby Chomby, lived in Tyrammet, the small village nestled in Tyrannia’s jungle.

by baytotheay
A Birthday Adventure

arvis frowned when staring at the date. November 14th already? Where had the time gone?

by califorthehomeless
Connect the Dots

Birthday celebrations have always been a fun tradition for the Dot family.

by cazcazig
A Very Spirited Party

The Ghost of Days of Giving Past had a plan for a party. But she would need some help to pull it off...

by pikapi20
The Happy Birthday Hero

The Catacombs were empty except for a few burning torches that had only a few hours of life left, casting dancing shadows upon the walls.

by precious_katuch14
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Celebrate Neopets 24th Birthday with these 24 Petpets

It’s Neopets’ 24th birthday and you might be heading to some parties through Neopia. Don’t forget to bring a little Petpet friend along with you for a great time celebrating Neopets’ turning 24. It might be a hard decision when deciding what friend to tag along with you so, to make life easier we ranked 24 Birthday Petpets that will be perfect to bring along to any party you’re attending. 1. Birthday Flowper: I mean look at them. A Birthday Flowper has a little adorable hat with a party blower in its mouth, ready to go. Take your Birthday Flowper to any Neopets’ birthday bash because they are ready to celebrate and you know they will have a great time. 2. Birthday Doglefox: There are steamers, cake, and party supplies, what more do you need with your Birthday Doglefox? This little Doglefox will supply you with all you need for a party and have a blast attending any party with you. 3. Birthday Slorg: Look at that smile! Birthday Slorg is ready to have some fun with less slime and their towering cake and birthday hat. Don’t leave this little Slorg behind. 4. Birthday Icklesaur: With a Birthday Icklesaur you don’t even have to worry about a present because they brought one already! Dressed in steamers and party blowers, the Birthday Icklesaur will know how to have a fantastic time at any party, gift in hand. 5. Birthday Erisim: Who needs the cherry on the cake when you can have...

Other Stories


How Well Do YOU Know Your Neopets BFF?
Happy birthday, Neopets! As Neopia enters another year we (Melanie aka surging and Alex aka clorox) will be celebrating our own milestone: 20 years of friendship. Collab with clorox

by surging


What's in the Bag?
It was year 5 in Neopia and, to celebrate the site's 4th anniversary, some Birthday Bags were launched for the first time. Collab with higs_pagodeiro

by dinha_reeves


The Price of Ambition
The next morning, Annie was woken up by her alarm. The two feelings that she noticed from the moment she opened her eyes were anxiety and excitement.

by golden1188


The Sleepers of Saint Garfir
“Twelve heroes of Altador…”

Miphie was staring in dismay into her empty closet.

by josephinefarine


Birthday Goodie Bag for Sale
Neopets 23rd Birthday Goodie Bag has been added to your inventory.

by brooklyn3223


Cake Calculations
Just make sure it has 24 candles!

by flames_unleashed

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