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Continued Series

The Sleepers of Saint Garfir

“Twelve heroes of Altador…”

Miphie was staring in dismay into her empty closet.

by josephinefarine

The Box from 10,000 Years Ago

Join the journey of Teca, the valiant Fire Wocky knight from Meridell, alongside her blind Uni companion, Vyim. Together.

by chantili_doce
The Price of Ambition

The next morning, Annie was woken up by her alarm. The two feelings that she noticed from the moment she opened her eyes were anxiety and excitement.

by golden1188
A Light in White River

He heard her enter the front door, and she brought the wind with her.

by hzoo_26
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"A Birthday Adventure" by califorthehomeless
Marvis frowned when staring at the date. November 14th already? Where had the time gone? With all the holidays coming and going, it seemed the days were long-running together. She rubbed her paws together nervously while staring at the calendar. At that time, Enlea came around the corner. “What has gotten you bothered Marvis?” the White Kougra asked. Marvis scoffed. “Do you not realize what tomorrow is?” She swore the Kougra was always on another planet, whether that be Kreludor or further. Enlea just laughed. “Of course, I know what tomorrow is! Everyone is getting ready for the celebration!” Marvis rolled her eyes. In the village of Seaside, everyone was just so carefree. She thought the celebration was serious business! There were things to do, and people to see. They did not have a cake ready and usually, the ingredients took days to receive via port. She scratched her head, trying to make a list of things she still needed to pick up. “When does the next ferry leave?” Marvis asked. She started to gather her belongings from the countertop. Enlea pondered for a minute. “In about 30 minutes I believe!” “Well let’s not dwell, we need to get to Neopia Central before the shops close!” Marvis announced. She grabbed a piece of paper and pen and started to scratch together a list of places they needed to visit. • Fresh Foods • Pizzaroo • The Bakery • Gifts Galore • The Toy Shop “If we are going all that way, can’t we just stop at Uni’s Clothing? I heard they have new bows!” Enlea brought her paws together and batted her eyelashes. Marvis rolled her eyes again. “Oh, I suppose IF we have time!

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Connect the Dots
Birthday celebrations have always been a fun tradition for the Dot family.

by cazcazig


The Kads Meow
Kisa took a deep breath as she headed into Neopia Central's Plaza. It was a Sunday, so it was bound to be busy with everyone having the day off. chao_keeper21424

by chao_keeper21424


Celebrate Neopets 24th Birthday with these 24 Petpets
It’s Neopets’ 24th birthday and you might be heading to some parties through Neopia. Collab with 4everhardys1fan

by tamimarieb


How Well Do YOU Know Your Neopets BFF?
Happy birthday, Neopets! As Neopia enters another year we (Melanie aka surging and Alex aka clorox) will be celebrating our own milestone: 20 years of friendship. Collab with clorox

by surging


slice of midomaro pie
Being a good brother is hard. Saying no to your baby sister is harder.

by hoxgenes


Hurry! Gasp! It's time! Collab with theguy2020

by anotherblond07

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