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New Series

Knight & Squire: Preface

“Hrgh!” Rowan hissed through gritted teeth. “This sucks. This officially sucks.”

by terpsichorean_writer
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"The Tyrannian Way to Celebrate" by baytotheay
”SooLe, the Baby Chomby, lived in Tyrammet, the small village nestled in Tyrannia’s jungle. It was the week before Neopia’s birthday, and everyone SooLe knew was preparing for the festivities. She awoke to the sounds of her parents cooking all the delicacies for the celebration. Metal pans clanked against their stone cooking utensils and the aroma of Pteri soup wafted down the hall into her bedroom. If her memory served her, today her parents were working on the desserts, Hutcakes and Honey Blossom Stone Doughnuts. This was only the second time SooLe could remember celebrating Neopia’s birthday, but she couldn’t forget the Hutcakes from last year with their soft, buttery bottom and sugary top - it was like no Tyrannian food she had ever tasted before. Sweet, gooey deliciousness! The prehistoric Neopet hopped out of her furry bed and scampered to the kitchen where - since she was only a Baby - all of the furniture tripled in size. SooLe snuck up to her favourite place to spectate all of the action. If someone had happened upon their NeoHome, they would chuckle at the sight of three Chombies, very different, but all family. There was SooLe’s Dad, Moltock, a massive, spiked Tyrannian Chomby who gently stirred a pot of stew. Behind him at the kitchen island stood SooLe’s Mom, Evera, a Speckled Chomby with her paws deep into a bowl of flour - the powdery debris flying everywhere and coating her face in more dots. And then. SooLe sat curled up in a giant coffee mug like a Kadotie on the shelf near their window. Her parents had cleared a path she could easily traverse to reach her little overlook. “Good morning, Mom! Good morning, Dad!”...

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