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Hey, the Daily Quests are cool, but I think they could use some more variety! For starters, there's one Neopet interaction that's clearly missing! You can get a task to feed or groom your pet, but not play with it? Let's take those toys out and use them! ~amethyst43217
Happy to hear your enjoying the Daily Quests! * nods * For sure! We definitely want to add more variety for the quests in the future, playing with your Neopet is one of the things we had in mind! With everything we have going on this may take a bit, until then get those toys ready for your Neopets to play with ~~ Sunpotato

Hello, I just created a new side account for a new gallery idea. Previously, newbie packs items were automatically given in the inventory. Am I allowed to complete the new quest log to receive the newbie pack? ~dreamstreetfan101
Hello! Exciting to hear about the new gallery! With the latest quest log update the newbie pack doesn’t show up in the inventory but is accessible as a reward for completing a tutorial quest in the quest log. In order to keep Neopia fair and balanced, side accounts are not allowed to do quests on the quest log. ~~ Sunpotato

Hi TNT! I absolutely love the Feathery Pteri outfit that was just released and all the feedback I've seen has also been super positive. I was wondering what determines whether a wearable is split up into individual parts vs being full body. I would love to mix and match using the Feathery Wings to create my favourite irl birds, but they're part of the full body piece rather than separate like the other Pteri Day wings! Also just a heads-up that it looks like the right eye of the Head wearable might be overlapping the beak :) ~breloomy
Hello there! We wanted to switch things up for Pteri Day but we will keep this in mind for future Pet Days as we love hearing about user’s customization preferences! We did notice the very small overlap on the right eye, so this has already been fixed! Thank you for bringing this to our attention though! ~~ Adler

Hello TNT! Haven't submitted here in 18 years or so, but my new pet Halloween Tonu, Fooopi, can't wear the Ocean Tonu Horn, as his horn exclipses it! I'd love to see that fixed, he's so excited about his new horn :3 thank you! ~theoboy415
Hello! Woah its been a minute haha! We appreciate you writing in and are happy to tell you that Fooopi should now be able to rock the Ocean Tonu Horn with no issues! Enjoy and happy customising! :) ~~Miss Rainbow


Hey! I just wanna say congratulations on Neopets’ 25th birthday! Yay! In September my account and my first ever Neopet Melkebart turned 20 years old! I love him just as much now as the day I first clicked Create. Thank you for a great site that has given me an almost life long escape from reality :D Happy Birthday!! ~biipa

Since you guys have been working so hard and restoring Neopets tts former glory I have been enjoying playing Kiko Match 2. I had forgotten the lovely little feature that appears on Halloween - the Halloween Kiko. I was so thrilled to see it and it was a wonderful reminder of how great the site is becoming again. Many thanks!!! ~ifatfirst

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