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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Neopets is a site that so many of us grew up playing, and it remains a special place of nostalgia to this day. Even though it has changed in many ways from the website we originally signed up for all those years ago, we Neopians are always adapting and still continue to sign in day after day.

Dubloon Disaster - It Will Get You Hooked...

Yo, Ho! Yo ho’ it’s a pirate's life for... -ahem- Breaking News! - After a successful raid on Warf Wharf, a small pirate ship tried to escape... but its crew didn't count on the most feared pirate ship of all, the Black Pawkeet, showing up to intercept them. -from the side- "ARGHHHHHH" What? Oh... no, it's not pirates this time, they continue to plague Krawk Island… but that's a story for another time. Ay, the critters in question are….HOMING MINES!!!

Fill Those Pet Slots: Additions on a Budget

Christine: Welcome! With the arrival of the new pet slots in the NC Mall, some Neopians may be wondering how they can paint a snazzy new pet on a budget. Fear not, my friend, because this is where morphing potions come in. Sometimes, using a morphing potion to get a cool colour costs significantly less than buying the corresponding paintbrush---

Fruit Feasts for Your Island Kougra on Gadgadsbogen

Mystery Island is soon to be grumbling with hunger pangs from Island Natives excited to take part in the Festival of Fruit – Gadgadsbogen! This celebratory fest is to worship the magic that produces these delectable delights, emerging every year with brand new additions to the world which pile higher than the mightiest of palm trees! Most anticipating this traditional event are the Kougra tribes inhabiting the tropical island, ready to bloat themselves on the mouth-watering fruit the isle offers them. And they are all vegan!

Other Stories
A Hero's Ballad: Norbert by parody_ham
”Another letter, Sir Rohane?” asked an armour-clad shadow Kyrii as a comfortably dressed white Blumaroo pried a letter from a green Weewoo’s bill. “Looks like it.” “Same Neopian as the last six times?” Rohane glanced down at the envelope and frowned. “Yes.”

My Journey to Faerieland by black_skull725
t was a typical day at the Neopian Times. I quietly and neatly sorted through some draft documents on his desk before filing them away in a filing cabinet at the Neopian Times headquarters. I was new to the Neopian Times, just barely getting to know all the basics.

"Headline" by herdygerdy
Fyora walked through the meadow, brushing the tips of her fingers across the flowers below her. The meadow stretched on as far as her eyes could see, and the flowers were all the colours of the rainbow. Clusters of red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and white blooms that had once been isolated from each other now intermingled thanks to her efforts in cultivation.

Ugga Shinies!

This week's issue is brought to you by: Ugga Shinies

"Ugga! Ugg grugga ug shinies. Haha!"
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