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Fill Those Pet Slots: Additions on a Budget

Be frugal AND trendy with these affordable morphing methods!

by _brainchild_
A Guide to Creating Your Own Neoboard Block Font

"Contrary to popular belief, block fonts are not extremely difficult to create!" collab with corrina404 and theguy2020

by preksolanx
Fruit Feasts for your Island Kougra on Gadgadsbogen

"Since we cannot guess what new magical fruit the Island will provide, we can still enjoy the fruits of the past that have grown on the island every year on Gadgadsbogen."

by _ahre_
The Many Communities of Neopets

"Neopets is a site that so many of us grew up playing, and it remains a special place of nostalgia to this day."

by ennyra
Dubloon Disaster - It Will Get You Hooked...

collab with maelowpi

by shploofs
What Kind of Tropical Fruit Are You?

"Sour, bitter, spicy or sweet - this quiz will help you explore your personality and inspire you to try out some of the best tastes Gadgadsbogen has to offer."collab with dependence

by ziemelbriedis
Top 10 Fan-Made Avatars We Would Like to See

"Not only are there many other Avatar fanatics like ourselves, but there are many imaginative and artistic folks out there who have avatar ideas of their own."collab with fruit_fanatic24

by andypopo
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"Headline" by herdygerdy
Fyora walked through the meadow, brushing the tips of her fingers across the flowers below her. The meadow stretched on as far as her eyes could see, and the flowers were all the colours of the rainbow. Clusters of red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and white blooms that had once been isolated from each other now intermingled thanks to her efforts in cultivation.

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A Hero's Ballad: Norbert
“Is that Sir Rohane’s autograph?!”

by parody_ham


It's Not As It Seems
The tale of how Envhy went from dreaming of being a Korbat to being a hybrid.

by paranoidnarcissist


The Blooms of Shenkuu: Legacies
the penultimate chapter

by exanomaly


My Journey to Faerieland
Part 1 of a 2-part adventure to Faerieland

by black_skull725


Is Christmas Over?
We never take down the tree. *Never.*

by 49_g_a_b_r_i_e_l_49


Read the Rules!
No love, only *like* like. collab with ghatna

by freehanded

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