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Short Stories

A Hero's Ballad: Norbert

“Is that Sir Rohane’s autograph?!”

by parody_ham
Bandy - A Bori Story About Finding Home

A bori finds home and a family.

by rkbear
Letter From Unknown Prisoner: Cellblock

"Tomorrow is the day. I can feel it. I will play Master Vex for my freedom."

by treeword
It's Not As It Seems

The tale of how Envhy went from dreaming of being a Korbat to being a hybrid.

by paranoidnarcissist
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Fill Those Pet Slots: Additions on a Budget

Christine: Welcome! With the arrival of the new pet slots in the NC Mall, some Neopians may be wondering how they can paint a snazzy new pet on a budget. Fear not, my friend, because this is where morphing potions come in. Sometimes, using a morphing potion to get a cool colour costs significantly less than buying the corresponding paintbrush---

Other Stories


Dubloon Disaster - It Will Get You Hooked...
collab with maelowpi

by shploofs


Fruit Feasts for your Island Kougra on Gadgadsbogen
"Since we cannot guess what new magical fruit the Island will provide, we can still enjoy the fruits of the past that have grown on the island every year on Gadgadsbogen."

by _ahre_


My Journey to Faerieland
Part 1 of a 2-part adventure to Faerieland

by black_skull725


The Tidal Cave
the riveting finale!

by shadowknight_72


Soy Sauce
Petpet lab ray is alright

by black_kisa


NeoPizza - Some gather around a Holiday Tree...
and this is exactly why we never take down the tree.

by abby568

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