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Continued Series

The Tidal Cave

the riveting finale!

by shadowknight_72
The Swashbuckling Ballad of a Vandagyre

"But if you manage to succeed, the negg will serve as perfect proof: you will not only be a thief, a pirate, too, who is foolproof..."

by flufflepuff
Another Hero's Krawk Island

"When Reuben woke up, the first thing he noticed was that the ship was swaying gently instead of gliding forward."

by precious_katuch14
The Ninja and the Pirate King

the penultimate chapter

by crazyboutcute
The Blooms of Shenkuu: Legacies

the penultimate chapter

by exanomaly
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Dubloon Disaster - It Will Get You Hooked...

Yo, Ho! Yo ho’ it’s a pirate's life for... -ahem- Breaking News! - After a successful raid on Warf Wharf, a small pirate ship tried to escape... but its crew didn't count on the most feared pirate ship of all, the Black Pawkeet, showing up to intercept them. -from the side- "ARGHHHHHH" What? Oh... no, it's not pirates this time, they continue to plague Krawk Island… but that's a story for another time. Ay, the critters in question are….HOMING MINES!!!

Other Stories


A Hero's Ballad: Norbert
“Is that Sir Rohane’s autograph?!”

by parody_ham


Letter From Unknown Prisoner: Cellblock
"Tomorrow is the day. I can feel it. I will play Master Vex for my freedom."

by treeword


A Guide to Creating Your Own Neoboard Block Font
"Contrary to popular belief, block fonts are not extremely difficult to create!" collab with corrina404 and theguy2020

by preksolanx


Dubloon Disaster - It Will Get You Hooked...
collab with maelowpi

by shploofs


Avatar [MIS]Adventures!
A story about the fortunes and 'MIS'fortunes of avatar collecting! collab with rodel_27phoenix

by 4mandy4


I'm a STAR!
An Usul finally gets the recognition he's always deserved

by keruza

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