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Tuesday March 1, 2022 news for 2nd Mar: Yes that's right- this GBMC is here early! All GBMCs will be releasing on the 1st and retiring from the mall on the last day of the month /quote what will happen April for Spring Cleaning? and I guess November's Black Friday discount will still happen on BF with the special GBC giving 4 basic gift boxes, instead of the usual 2, only available on BF while the regular one will still be available all month? ~~perduco
Hello! You ask a very good question. All regular, non-special-event GBMCs should release on the first of the month. Spring Cleaning and Black Friday will be different as they always are. :) I can’t say for sure how we will proceed with the Spring Cleaning Sale and Black Friday, whether it will be the same as we have done year after year, but! Any changes we make, we will definitely detail it out in the New Features page so you know what’s happening! Just know that we will be doing our best to keep those special GBMC events fun and valuable for you even with the change to the GBMC release date! ~~Miss Rainbow

Hey! So…I’m a terrible artist. I try, but my attempts look ridiculous compared to winning Art Gallery entries. So, I’d like to know if judges are much more likely to choose digitally-based drawings/paintings (if that makes any sense) over more traditional ones? Is there hope for me? [I’d like to be anonymous. I really am ashamed.] Thanks! ~~Anonymous
Hi everyone, Kikocat here. That makes perfect sense. I actually pick a variety of styles so hand drawn or digital are fine, I don't place one higher than the other when picking. Also, don't worry about your current skill level, practice really does help you improve so enter and keep entering!! I do pick a large selection of skill levels so don't let any of the entries chase you away.

And remember the Art Board is there as well. The regular members on the board are fantastic about giving advice and helping fellow artists whatever your skill level is. So if you ever need advice on improvements you can make to a piece don't ever hesitate to make a board over there. ~~Kikocat

Named after the rather haunting melody it makes. At dusk a chorus of Weee..Woo... fills Krawk Island. But...but...the Cloud Weewoo has no option to attach to my pet!!! I'm scared it will fly back to Krawk Island!!! Please help TNT!!! Please help!!! ~~valentyne_dreams
Thank you for letting us know! The entire flock of Cloud Weewoos were almost carried all the back to Krawk Island by some powerful wind currents, but luckily a billow of cirrus helped our feathered friends find their bearings! The Cloud Weewoo should be all over Neopia by now and able to attach to your pet :) ~~Aesop

Be honest, TNT--is Neopets sticking around for any length of time? Because to be honest, a lot of us are really scared right now, with all the staff turnover and the NFT drama and everything else. ~~i_love_latin
We all really appreciate the question. We tend to get stuck with our heads down with working on ways to improve the Neopets site that we forget to pick up our heads and tell you how things are going.

There is no need to fear! TNT continues to remain a passionate group of people who only want to make the best experience for you. I love working on Neopets and I couldn’t be happier working with such a talented team.

Our main goal as part of TNT is to keep talking every day about new content ideas, ways to fix areas of the site and make a better experience for those within the Neopets site. We are very excited about what we have laid out for the next year and beyond. As we get more clarity surrounding timelines, we will share as we know it is important that you know that we are working hard.

Thank you again for your question! ~~Yarner

Hi TNT! I am soooo excited for the Altador Cup in a few months. I love playing the games, chatting with my teammates, AND dressing my pets! The team Locker Room Backgrounds used to available in the NC mall every year. Unfortunately, they stopped being added for the last couple of years. Can they please be added back this time? I would love to be able to get a bunch for ALL of my pets to wear. Thank you so much and GO HAUNTED WOODS! ~~aditu200
Hello! So excited you’re pumped for the Altador Cup! I’m pretty hyped up myself. x) We thank you for bringing these missing locker rooms to our attention. We just stocked them up and they should show up in the NC Mall’s Altador Cup Shop once those shop doors open in May or June! Thank you! ~~Miss Rainbow

Hi Tnt! I, like many others have played Neopets for a long time and have an aged main account that I'm quite proud of (20 years plus). Also like many other Neopians am becoming quite concerned about what would happen should my account ever be hacked, frozen for my protection or even if I need to send in a ticket as one of your questions you need to provide is "Email used to create your account?". I was ten when I created my account, how am I meant to remember an email address from over 20 years ago? Surely if need be, some other information we provide can be relevant such as screen shots, personal info, other emails and so on. My heart would break if I lost my main account and the fact I've read this happening to other Neopians already scares me as I wouldn't have it in me to start from scratch again. Can we not find some kind of middle ground? ~~Anonymous

That is an understandable concern. What support needs for account access, PIN requests or frozen/deactivated accounts are one of the following sets of information:

Birthday AND Emails (both current/newest you used and original)

Birthday AND NC purchases if you ever bought NC on the account

Birthday AND Premium Membership Information if you had Premium on the account after 2015

So there are other pieces of information that can be used in most situations if you have that available for your account. On newer accounts, there should also be a security question, sadly this is not available at this time for older accounts.

There are only a few rare situations where a ticket is required to be sent from the original email, however, this is something out of the control of the support staff member answering the tickets. ~~Kikocat

I got a prize today at Coincidence and it said "Nothing seems to happen. Oh wait, check the floor! You might want to catch that Aisha Cinnamon Roll before it crawls away." Just wondering how a Cinnamon Roll can crawl? I have been playing a long time, and it is a first for me. Passes out cinnamon rolls to all the hard working TNT. ~~kennedyklanmapa
*Greedily gobbles down cinnamon rolls* Thank you for those scrumptious sweets (how did you know I skipped lunch again?) and your intriguing question! Many Neopian cinnamon rolls are far more spirited than one would expect. For instance, Spectral Cinnamon Rolls have been known to float and Zesty Cinnamon Rolls have a certain zing that gives them quite the bounce. And then of course there is the Angry Cinnamon Roll, but every time I see those I'm usually the one crawling away! So it would be no surprise that the Aisha Cinnamon Roll could be a bit lively as well. Especially since I've heard rumours Jerdana has developed a fondness for aisha themed pranks! ~~Aesop

Hi TNT! I've been wondering - why do books disappear after we read them to our pets? Are they eating them? Are they using the pages to make blackout poetry? Burning them? What's the deal? ~~phlyarologist
Although Grarrls and Skeith might think eating them is a great option after reading them, most people absorb the knowledge which leads to the book vanishing, although sometimes this doesn't happen and you get to keep the book.

Seriously though, books are like food on the site and once read (consumed) they are considered used and do disappear. There is a small chance the book will return to your inventory though in rare cases.

Hey TNT, are stories written in script form allowed? I'm asking because my series, The Tales of Tairatora and Traxitus, is written in that form. Please help! ~~spatialfeline2022
Absolutely! Here at the Neopian Times, we love to see stories told through many different forms and formats. Creativity is something that can never truly be shackled after all!

So yes stories written in script format are something we would certainly accept. In fact, we published a superb script series by NT writer rielcz for the Performing Arts Collab Edition last year, Neopia Central: The Musical! // Looking forward to reading about the exploits of Tairatora and Traxitus! ~~Aesop

Ready for another round of getting to know TNT?
Answering zany questions looked like so much fun that a few more team members wanted to join in! So without further ado, let's...

Meet Unknown!
Favourite Neopet? - Merca’s are cute little rodents.

Favourite Neopian land? - As someone who values experience and enjoyment, my favourite land is roo island

Favourite Neopian character? - I am new, so I haven’t gotten to know very many of the citizens, I am looking forward to meeting them all over time though!!

Favourite Neopian food? - You can never go wrong with a “steaming Hot Udon Noodles”.

What is your favourite thing about working on TNT? - My favourite part about working here is collaborating with the talented people on this team to help keep Neopia safe and our fans happy.

What’s the closest thing to real magic? - To me the closest thing to real magic is Human ingenuity and cooperation. We can achieve anything we collectively set our mind to.

What is your proudest accomplishment? – So far, my proudest accomplishment is becoming QA lead for a community that had such a big impact on my generation.

What do you like to do for fun? – I love to sit in and play video games but enjoy getting out and trying new things just as much. My dog and I get out to the woods often, and I am always looking for a nearby climbing gym.

If you had a warning label, what would yours say? – WARNING: Sporadic information and existential dread may occur with extended exposure.

Do you have any hidden talents? – Anything skill based is achievable with enough practice, but a natural talent I have is selective listening. I can isolate a conversation across the room in a crowded building.

What keeps you up at night? – Low melatonin levels made worse by caffeine blocking the receptors?

Get to Know Miss Rainbow!
Hello! A lot of you have seen me hopping in and out of the NC Mall Neoboard, but apart from me working on NC Mall things day in and day out, I bet you didn’t know…. THIS!

My favourite Neopet… probably the Pastel Bori. I loooove Usuls and Kacheeks (and Baby Bruces!) because I think they are super cute, but the Pastel Bori has my heart because of the pastel rainbow design it has!

My favourite Neopian food… Mayonnaise Doughnuts comes to mind because I love how gross and silly it is, but I also like Baby Aisha Bubble Gum Ice Cream Cone and Baby Aisha Bubble Gum Juice Drink! I think about these items often.

My favourite thing about working on TNT… is that I get to be super creative and make sooo many people happy with the things that make me happy – cute and fun items! I love seeing you all get excited and hyped up for new items that come out, it means I’ve done my job if you are happy with the items hehe. ALSO! I have a great team that I work with! TNT is very friendly, funny, hardworking, passionate, and I feel very accepted and supported here x)

The closest thing to real magic? …Probably retail therapy, strawberry milk, and Spotify. All at the same time.

My proudest accomplishment… I have 130 unique playlists that I made – all with different moods and vibes. I love them dearly! BUT I am most proud about my job here at Neopets and how cutely I’ve decorated my apartment!

What I like to do for fun… I make super cute beaded bracelets, paint my own gel manicures, watch scary movies, and go out to shop and eat with my boyfriend!

Get to Know Aesop!
Favourite Neopet: I am particularly partial to shoyrus and scorchios. I guess I have a soft spot for adorable dragons.

Favourite Neopian Land: Kreludor for sure! I find outer space fascinating. Plus I always rep the old purple and orange to show my support for the greatest Altador Cup team of all time. We came so close last cup that I have a feeling this might just be our year Kreludorians!

Favourite Neopian Character: This might be the most difficult question I've ever had to answer... There's nothing I love more than a captivating villain, so I would have to say it's a three-way tie for me between Xandra, Dr Sloth, and The Darkest Faerie!

Favourite Neopian food: Normally I would say Buttered Watermelon, but I've been trying to eat healthier so I guess I'll go with the Dust Covered Salad... Although now that I think about it, that new Trapango did look pretty tasty. Maybe I'll just try a nibble *reaches hand in and instantly regrets it* OW!

What is your favourite thing about working on TNT: Wow another tough one... I'd have to say having the opportunity to meet and work with some incredibly passionate people. The entire Neopets team is just so talented and dedicated that it is an honour to collaborate with them to bring more content to Neopia. And despite how awesome they are it's not just the team, but also the amazing neopets players who actively participate in the creative contests across the site that I've had the pleasure of getting to know during my time at TNT :)

What's the closest thing to real magic: a story that truly moves you! Whether it's through a book, movie, or video game I think the closest I've personally gotten to magic is when I really connected with a character or got so caught up in a well-woven plot it started me down a rabbit hole that led to an existential crisis. If you have ever felt those goosebumps washing over you while watching a trailer or during a particularly tense chapter you know exactly what I mean...

What is your proudest accomplishment: Having the opportunity to craft stories in the world of Neopia! Writing the scripts for the Advent Calendar comics and video this year was one of the coolest things I've ever done! Easily my proudest accomplishment of all time :) Although to be fair, most of the credit goes to our amazing art team that brought my little holiday tales to life.

What do you like to do for fun: Writing, reading, fitness, and hiking are some of my routine hobbies. But I'm also an expert at rolling cheese (directly into my mouth)!

If you had a warning label, what would yours say: Avoid direct sunlight and don't feed after midnight.

Do you have any hidden talents: I have a real knack for staying up all night thinking about embarrassing things I did a decade ago!

What keeps you up at night: See above.

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