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Puffo's Predicament - Part 2

Can Puffo escape a crash landing?

by christie500018
An Alien World Part 2

Krasavka meets a friend (or foe?) on this strange new planet.

by ssj3gotenks18
I'm a STAR!

An Usul finally gets the recognition he's always deserved

by keruza
Inside the Mind of a Lupe...

Being a king is never easy.

by mobo
Pwned by the Pant Devil!

If you were ever wondering where all those Codestones came from... collab with hottie_2004_67_888 and sportsagain

by heathernel193
NeoPizza - Some gather around a Holiday Tree...

and this is exactly why we never take down the tree.

by abby568
Soy Sauce

Petpet lab ray is alright

by black_kisa
Flyin' High

Not all of Lord Darigan's minions were made equal.

by thesovietivan
Avatar [MIS]Adventures!

A story about the fortunes and 'MIS'fortunes of avatar collecting! collab with rodel_27phoenix

by 4mandy4
New House

A white paintbrush? In THIS economy?? collab with fullinventory and crazy_allstar

by squin
Is Christmas Over?

We never take down the tree. *Never.*

by 49_g_a_b_r_i_e_l_49
Read the Rules!

No love, only *like* like. collab with ghatna

by freehanded
Neordle 2

More Neordle for you puzzle-loving Neopians!

by darkroast
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A Hero's Ballad: Norbert by parody_ham
”Another letter, Sir Rohane?” asked an armour-clad shadow Kyrii as a comfortably dressed white Blumaroo pried a letter from a green Weewoo’s bill. “Looks like it.” “Same Neopian as the last six times?” Rohane glanced down at the envelope and frowned. “Yes.”

Other Stories


Letter From Unknown Prisoner: Cellblock
"Tomorrow is the day. I can feel it. I will play Master Vex for my freedom."

by treeword


It's Not As It Seems
The tale of how Envhy went from dreaming of being a Korbat to being a hybrid.

by paranoidnarcissist


What Kind of Tropical Fruit Are You?
"Sour, bitter, spicy or sweet - this quiz will help you explore your personality and inspire you to try out some of the best tastes Gadgadsbogen has to offer."collab with dependence

by ziemelbriedis


Fill Those Pet Slots: Additions on a Budget
Be frugal AND trendy with these affordable morphing methods!

by _brainchild_


The Ninja and the Pirate King
the penultimate chapter

by crazyboutcute


My Journey to Faerieland
Part 1 of a 2-part adventure to Faerieland

by black_skull725

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