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Rad'emant Tineela: Part Four

by dragonfate


"And when does our training begin, great Blumaroo?" Rosie asked, her grin stretching from ear to ear.

     "Tomorrow at the break of dawn, not a moment sooner," Bishram replied and offered another chuckle. His face now glowed exuberantly. "It is late and I suggest all of you get some shut-eye. It's going to be a long and arduous 2 weeks."

     "Follow me to the chambers," the wizard prompted.

     The friends followed Bishram through the halls of his beautiful mansion. On the walls were carved animals and beasts of all kind. One particular carving Rosie took notice of, the carving of the Gandragar bird she had long sought.

     She was astounded by the lifelike image --the red and green feathers, the long and luxurious blue tail feathers, and the ruby red eyes.

     Thomas peered over at Rosie, as he saw her admiring the beautiful carving.

     "You will find it one day, Rosie," Thomas whispered to her.

     "And you will help me," Rosie teased and winked at Thomas.

     "Ah, here we are," Bishram announced.

     The wizard opened the doors, revealing a large bedroom. The walls were painted with drawings that followed some sort of sequence as if telling some kind of tale of old. The beds were draped in velvet blankets, and the golden headboards embellished the beds all the more. The windows revealed the glowing Roo City.

     "Sleep well, young lads. Helga the Lenny will be waking you up." Bishram smiled. "Have a good night," Bishram added, slowly closing the door

     All of them climbed on their beds and stared out their windows to behold the moon which glowed with a swirl of many bright colors.

     "I can't wait to begin the training!" Davie clamored anxiously.

     "And I can't wait to see the beautiful Roo City!" Rosie exclaimed, joining Davie's anxiety.

     "Then we should all get to sleep, unless you'd rather drain yourselves admiring the city," Thomas suggested, though he too wished to continue gaping in awe. He knew him and his friends would need their strengths.

     They all lied back on their beds and drifted to sleep.


     "I'll pound you to dust, you foul thing!" Joseph Millard yelled, as he swung at what seemed to be an ominous mist.

     "You hope to defeat me, Millard? You have no chance, you worthless has-been." The voice from the mist teased, cackling insidiously.

     "Caram Aholcalou," the voice uttered. "Now you shall feel my wrath!"

     "What babble do you spea-" the words were caught in Joseph's throat, as he gasped now for air.

     Joseph clutched his throat as if to pry Galcron's fingers off of him, but it did nothing to stop the pain.

     "Thomas!" Joseph cried in his pain.


     "No, father...." Thomas whispered, shaking his head ragingly; then he awoke from his slumber.

     "Just a dream," Thomas said, trying to calm himself.

     Thomas had much on his mind to have an untroubled sleep, so he went off to take a stroll in Bishram's mansion. The rain poured impetuously as the thunder roared like tumbling boulders.

     While he trekked the halls of Bishram's mansion, Thomas heard a whimper. In the distance, Thomas could see a shadow slumped over an open window. Lightning struck, and Thomas discerned the identity of the silhouette.

     "You shouldn't be up, Thomas," Bishram calmly reminded.

     "Couldn't sleep..." Thomas bluntly replied. He scrutinized Bishram's face, which seemed consumed by grief. "...He was a friend of yours wasn't he?"



     "Long ago....before his impatience drove him to take such a rash decision," Bishram replied intricately.

     "Impatience?" Thomas prodded skeptically.

     "I'm not going to lie to you, Thomas... Galcron and I were long contriving a revolt against your king."

     Thomas' heels rocked back. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

     "But not one of this extreme, Thomas," Bishram added.

     "Your King Ronim is not the meritorious do-gooder you and the rest of the meridellians believe him to be... He has more skeletons in his closet then a graveyard."

     "Are you sure of this?" Thomas beseeched.

     "I don't judge people by their secrets, Thomas. I judge them when those secrets are costing the lives of many," Bishram said matter-of-factly. "The beast that plagues the northern lands, you can thank your duplicitous king and his knights for that, Thomas."

     "How can you prove that to be true?" Thomas asked infuriately.

     "Keep calm, Thomas," Bishram placated and stared deep into the Lupe's eyes. "When your mind is ready to accept the truth, I will then tell you all I know."

     "Are you trying to justify Galcron's decision?" Thomas asked, his tone now calm.

     "I know what he seeks... The scrolls of Andramos. The scrolls will purge the beast from the curse that torments it."

     "But the King will never yield the scrolls to Galcron," Bishram sighed. "Therefore his resolve is paltry and I dare not think what other measure Galcron would take to achieve his elusive goal."

     "Seeing as there is no other way to deter his plans, I must prepare you brave souls for this odyssey," Bishram added.

     "My friends and I are grateful for it, Lord Bishram." Thomas dipped into a low bow and added, "And I am sorry there is no other way to stop your friend."

     "It was neither his or my intention to hurt innocent people. His haste and impetuous zeal will be the end of him," Bishram groaned. "I'll be fine, Thomas," Bishram added, offering a wry smile.

     "So, what now?" Thomas asked.

     "What now is that you get some shut-eye." Bam-Roo winked and chuckled.

     "But I can't sleep."

     "This should do it...'Nocturnus Dorminus', " Bishram uttered.

     "I don't feel tir-" Thomas before finishing his sentence, flumped on the floor.


     "Time to get up! Time to get up! Time to get pumped, sleepy heads!" a green Lenny bellowed.

     "Keep your beak shut, feather-brain! Can't you spare us another five minutes?" Damian scorned grumpily.

     "Nope, strict orders from Lord Bishram. I'm to get you sleepy heads up at the crack of dawn," Helga the Lenny blissfully reported. "Now up, up from your beds, before Mr. Bam-Roo has my head."

     "Another peep out of you, rhyme girl, and we'll be having chicken for breakfast," Damian threatened infuriately.

     "It seems Ill be having to take drastic measures then, young Scorchio," Helga said, pulling out a golden staff from under her robes.

          "And what are you planning to do with that stick?" the Scorchio inquired, as the large staff came crashing down upon his nose.

     Damian clutched his face in agony, and his friends quickly jolted out of their beds.

     "Why you little-" Damian complained, but was cut short by Helga.

     "Another peep out of you and your nose won't be the only thing with a lump on it." The Lenny poked the beds with her staff and informed, "Everyone must do their beds every morning, get in a straight line, and follow me down to the dining room. You will eat; then commence your training, understood?"

     The friends nodded their heads stupidly; trying not to anger the quick tempered Lenny. While they did their beds, the Lenny stood to examine their work. Their hands shook uncontrollably, as they did their beds. Sweat streamed down their body, trying their best to avoid angering the Lenny by doing an immaculate job.

     "Done," all of them announced in unison.

     Helga paced about each bed. What was a brief moment seemed like an eternity to the friends. The Lenny finished her inspection and tapped her staff on the ground, as she walked out of the room. The friends were quick to take the cue. They lined up and followed Helga into the dining room.


     "Halo lads! Oy Helga this be the youngins Bishram took under his wing?" A jolly, round bellied shadow Meerca clamored, signaling for them to take a seat.

     "Yes, these are the greenhorns," Helga replied bluntly. "Don't you worry kids; there is no finer person with a weapon then good ole Bishram. Two weeks is more then enough time to get you honed in the art of staff-fighting." Helga winked cheerfully.

     "How's your nose hun?" Helga asked concernedly.

     "The boy will be fine. Here laddie, just jam this here real good on the lump," Brooly proposed, slapping a large steak on the Scorchio's nose.

     Damian yelped in agony, as he rolled on the floor.

     "Bit of a whiner isn't he?" Brooly the Meerca remarked teasingly.

     "What in the blasted heck is wrong with you people? Do you just go around beating people up?!?" Damian howled, rubbing his aching nose.

     "Well hun, I am sorry I had to get rough, but when it comes to following orders from Bishram, I don't take my duties so lightly," Helga explained. "Plus you're quite the imperturbable chap, and your sarcasm wasn't exactly arousing any pity in me."

     "So, you thwacked me," Damian added bluntly, cracking a smirk.

     "So, I thwacked you." Helga assured, as she chuckled.

     The friends waited patiently, as Brooly the Meerca served them their breakfast. Brooly placed a plethora of varieties of food that left Thomas and his friends unsure as to what to start eating first. When they finally chose what to start off with, Brooly and Helga joined in the feast. They all shared stories of their lives. Helga told of the far away treks her and her master Bam-Roo would take to the southern lands, and of how she's always longed to visit Tyrannia, but the dangers that now plagued the lands made it a perilous journey.

     As the friends revealed their life stories, footsteps could be heard in the distance. The friends stared at the door, while the enigmatic footsteps approximated the room. Finally the door slowly creaked open, as the head of a large fire Blumaroo peeked in. Bishram Bam-Roo tapped his staff incessantly, announcing it was time to commence the training.

     "I trust they ate well, Brooly?" Bishram inquired, as Brooly nodded his head, dipping into a bow.

     "Did any of these kids give you any trouble, my young apprentice?"

     "Had to give Damian a good whack, he's a good kid all in all," Helga replied, as she too dipped into a low bow.

     "All right kids, follow me into the courtyard."

     Bishram led them through his great halls and into a gargantuan courtyard. Training dummies lined up around the courtyard and large marble statues of legendary heroes of old decorated it. Thomas nearly jumped into frenzy when he saw Joseph Millard standing tall and proud, immortalized in his days of youth and splendor.

     The friends all marveled at the awe-inspiring statue of Joseph Millard. The site reminded Thomas and his friends what they were fighting for, to save Meridell, and to purge the people from their curse. The statue reinforced their resolve all the more.

     Damian clutched Thomas's shoulder and whispered, "I'm sorry for ever belittling you and your father. I'm sorry for trying to taint the honorable name of Millard."

     Thomas offered a reassuring smile. Bishram clasped his hands together to call their attention.

     "Lads, this is the first day of the rest of your training, it will be long, hard and arduous. You will not only be training with the staff, but you shall learn to use your body and mind, for with all these things developed to the fullest you will be an unstoppable force." Bishram announced, "I shall give you many tasks to do throughout the day, though some you may not deem plausible or may not see its usefulness, you will not question the tasks I give out to you. Understood?"

     "Yes, Lord Bamroo," the friends cued synchronously.

     "From now on you will not address me as Lord Bam-Roo. You will now address me as, Sir. Understood?"

     "Yes, Lord-Sir..."

     "Right...Well, practice that during your free time," Bishram remarked, offering a wink.

     "Your first task is what I call a 'Morning Warm-up'. You're to take the road south from my home down to Roo City. You'll be going to a shop called "Dooky's, All You Can Drink", and each one of you will bring back a barrel of water to my humble abode," Bamroo ordered and gave a mischievous chuckle.

     "A barrel of wat-" Rosie complained, as she was interrupted.

     "Ah! What did I just say, Rosie Buckler?" Bishram corrected.

     "No questioning the tasks..." Rosie answered gloomily.

     "All right now chaps, get those legs moving it's a 10 mile walk down to Roo City. Since you don't know the way too well, I will accompany you to the shop," Bishram explained. "But don't expect me to carry those barrels." The Blumaroo teased.

     The friend's went off at a synchronized pace down south to Roo City. Bishram was behind them, prodding them to hasten the pace. At times they staggered from fatigue and from the unrelenting rays of the sun.

     And finally the Roo City -after what seemed like forever- was reached. Great marble buildings towered over them, as they gaped in awe at the beautiful haze of swirling color that was Roo City.

     "Ah, there is Dooky's," Bishram reported, signaling a building which bore the sign of a foaming mug.

     As they walked in, a large red Blumaroo came out to greet Bishram.

     "Lord Bishram come on in; have a drink in my beverage buffet!" prompted Dooky the shopkeeper, while he eyed the young neopets. "Who are these youngins, Lord Bishram? Apprentices?

     "Gee golly, it's been so long since you last took in an apprentice. You've been off with Helga so long; I thought she'd be your last protégé."

     "These aspiring warriors are under my wing, yes. And I'd appreciate if you could get me the usual 'apprentice special." Bishram slyly winked.

     "Bring you five?" Dooky asked.

     "Bring me five," Bishram affirmed.

     "This doesn't sound good, Thomas," Bill nervously remarked.

     "Bishram has that mischievous look about him ever since this morning," Davie remarked.

     While the friends traded nervous stares, in the back of the shop the rustling and bustling of Dooky could be heard, making the friends even more nervous as to what this enigmatic wizard had planned for them.

     "Well, here you go!" Dooky announced, merrily coming back with five large barrels. "Thirty-five gallons each," Dooky added with a chuckle.

     Thomas and his friend's jaws slumped. They couldn't believe Bishram expected them each to bring back a barrel filled with thirty-five gallons of water.

     "Sir, don't you think thirty-five may be a bit beyond us?" Rosie speculated.

     "This would be the physical development I mentioned earlier." Bishram smirked. "Don't you worry. For today it could feel like a boulder on your back, but by the end of the week it will be like your treading with feathers on your backs."

     "Right..." Damian agreed sarcastically.

     "Now come on! Pick a barrel and let's head off!"

     The friends drained and fatigued from their previous trek, picked a barrel and wearily trudged through the woods and the hills back north. The friends staggered and fell many times. The weight was more then they could bear. Bishram cheered them on, vainly trying to keep their morale up. Thomas arms were spent of their strength. He felt like the cold touch of death would get a hold him. The voice of Bishram echoed in the back of his mind as he was lost in reverie.

     I have to do this...for my father...for Meridell, Thomas thought to himself. I'm a Millard....This is my chance to make myself worthy.

     Thomas tripped over a rock and fell once more, as he lied on the barrel with his face to the sky. The sky which he would stare at every night on the roof of his house to find some reasoning in his life, it was clear to him now. He could both give up now and succumb to his battered body, or he could get up and finish his task until the last bone in his body would break.

     This was it, Thomas knew. He had come to a crossroad, either the path of fear and weakness, or the path of undaunted courage, and meritorious valor, and worthiness to his name.

     'And so I walk the path that's long eluded me.'

     'I am Thomas Millard son of Joseph Alexander Millard.'

     "And I will not yield!" Thomas Millard bellowed as he regained consciousness.

     Thomas sprung up and ran to his fallen friends, pulling them up and prodding them to keep going. The friends stood amazed at their friend's valor and joined him.

     "For Meridell and For Family!" Thomas yelled out.

     The young Lupe sped off toward the north as he ran impetuously his face burned fervently. Damian, Davie, Bill and Rosie all followed Thomas. Their bond was now impervious to any hardship that would come.

     Bishram stood proud. Tears streamed down his face, as he watched the aspiring warriors scurry off to his home. Now he knew that these were no ordinary young neopets, these were the future heroes of the world, the un-waning light that would shine in a world full of darkness.

To be continued...

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