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Rad'emant Tineela: Part Five

by dragonfate


"Alright everyone gather around. It's time for your reflex training," Bishram Bam-Roo goaded.

     The friends gathered up in a single file as they waited for Bishram to pick who was going to start off doing the reflex training. The Blumaroo paced about for a while, until finally he signaled for Davie. The Yurble exuberantly stepped forward, drawing his staff, and readied himself for the reflex training.

     Bishram stood silent, as he waved his arm in a circular motion. His hand now emanated a purple orb-shaped. He swiftly hurled the orb at Davie. The Yurble prepared himself, watching the orb carefully. As the orb quickly approached, Davie raised his staff and abruptly batted the orb out of the courtyard. In the distance, Thomas and friends cheered Davie on.

     "Yeah, I did it! I'm the Yurble! I'm the Yurble!" Davie hopped about, his face exuding joy.

     "Well done, Mr. Smithers. I see you've mastered the level one speed ball," Bishram congratulated. "Do you think you're ready for a level two speed ball?"

     "Let it rip!" Davie replied unwittingly.

     "Are you sure?" Bishram pressed on.

     "Yes, Sir!"

     Bam-Roo conjured another orb, though this one glowed with a crimson red. Davie tightened his grip around the staff, preparing himself for the next orb. Bam-Roo threw the orb, and as Davie prepared to hit it, the orb slammed him in the chest. The Yurble clutched his chest in agony, berating himself for being so foolish.

     "I guess I wasn't ready." Davie chuckled, as he continued to rub his chest.

     "Never overestimate your abilities, Davie," Bishram scorned. "Pride is a weakness, and your enemies will exploit it."

     "Sorry Sir, I was caught up in the moment."

     "Never dwell on the past, Mr. Smithers," Bishram pulled Davie up from the ground, "but learn from it."

     "Sir, do you think we are ready for the speed ball battle ground training?" Rosie inquired. "It's been a week and 5 days."

     "I deem that all of you are," Bishram affirmed.

     "Do you wish to commence the final level one speed ball test?"

     Thomas and his friends nodded their heads anxiously. The speed ball battleground was the final test to graduate from level one reflex training. Long and hard had they trained for a week and a half, taking bumps and bruises from the unrelenting orbs. But now they were honed staff fighters, ready to take on any trial that would await them.

     "Yes, I think it's about time," Bishram uttered. "Everyone get ready! This is the final reflex training test," He proclaimed.

     The wizard readied himself for the draining task of summoning a barrage of speed balls onto the courtyard. His face shifted intensely, hands once again emanating the glowing purple orbs. And in an instant, the test had begun. Bishram unleashed a swarm of speed balls onto the courtyard. Orb after orb shot out of his hands, as the friends braced themselves.

     "Be alert!" Thomas shouted, "Become one with the staff, and feel your surroundings!"

     As the orbs approached, the friends dived into a headlong roll. The orbs swirled over them, as they fought off the orbs gallantly. A speed ball crept behind Thomas. He twirled and lunged at it, shattering the orb into pieces. Bishram gaped in awe, as the friends utterly decimated the speed balls. He could not believe how effective they had become with the staff in such short time.

     Sweat profusely poured from Thomas' body, as he swept aside any approximating orb. Every second his staff gained more and more momentum, yielding no ground to the stubborn speed balls. His corded arms pumped furiously at the orbs. He was in complete battle reverie. The Lupe danced about elegantly with his staff, smiting the stubborn speed balls. He felt his surroundings, sensing every approaching adversary.

     Once again Bishram stood astounded, gazing upon Thomas. The Lupe's face exuded a profound intensity as he fought, one Bishram had never seen before. The Blumaroo drained and spent, halted his barrage, promptly falling on one knee.

     "Bishram, are you okay?" Damian beseeched, scuttling over to the wizard.

     "I am...fine," Bishram slowly answered. "You guys sure wore me out," the Blumaroo teased

     "And what did I tell you about addressing me by my name?" Bishram reminded

     "I'm sorry, Sir, I was-"

     "Concerned? You, Damian, concerned?" Bishram asked skeptically. "That's quite a change in you."

     "I've learned much, Sir. We've all learned much," Damian said, dipping into a low bow.

     "That's very good, Mr. Copperhead," Bishram smiled. "Well, everyone, seeing as you utterly gave my speed balls a whooping… You've passed."

     The friends jumped into frenzy, their faces beaming with joy. They embraced Bam-Roo, as the Blumaroo offered a wholehearted laugh. The reflex training was over.

     "I'm very proud of you all," Bishram cheerfully proclaimed. "Have yourselves the rest of the day off."


     While the friends were in the kitchen telling Helga and Brooly of their grueling test, Rosie remained in the courtyard, sitting on a large tree, peering into a telescope. The Zafara scrutinized the sky desperately, as Bishram-Bamroo approached her.

     "Why aren't you inside, Rosie?" Bishram asked "Dinner is about to be served."

     "I've got to find it," Rosie enigmatically replied.

     "The Gandragar?" the Blumaroo inquired, drawing a nod from the Zafara, though she continued to peer into the telescope.

     "Have you seen it, Sir? Have you ever seen the bird of blitheness?" Rosie implored.

     "Long ago, before these dark times," Bishram replied. "Rosie, do you know the bird will never soar through the skies of this perilous world, until the greatest evil is purged from the world?"

     "I know... but the bird is said to spread happiness wherever it goes." Rosie explained, "I guess it's a vain hope that it would grant happiness to this greatest evil; then it would find some sense of peace, and then we could all live in harmony." Rosie's face despondently slumped.

     "Evil is evil, Rosie Buckler. The Gandragar cannot change that which is destined to be," Bishram clasped Rosie's shoulder. "But I do believe two things. I believe this evil will be purged from the world soon, and I believe I know who will be the people to purge this evil." Bishram intricately added, as he offered a wink.

     "What are you insinuating?"

     "I'm not insinuating anything, Ms. Buckler, I'm simply telling you," Bishram said matter-of-factly. "I see something in the five of you that I've never seen in many ages, a profound potential that stretches far beyond the grasp of any who would dare comprehend it. I've never seen anyone execute such an immaculate battle the way the five of you did, neither in a speed ball battleground, nor any battleground for that matter."

     "I always knew there was something about all of you since the first day of your training. When Thomas, beaten and bruised, got up and prodded all of you to keep on going. You never gave up, no matter how grim things seemed," Bishram remarked. "The bond you and your friends hold, shall endure any hardship, so long as the noose that holds all of you together, remains all the tighter. And then you will always remain impervious to defeat."

          "We're just trying to get our families back, Sir. Whatever this great future you deem we're destined for is not of my concern," Rosie said impertinently. "I just want to be held once more in the arms of my mother and father, and be a kid again. If ever this future presents itself I will not refrain from it, but neither will I look for it."

     "Understood, but I will hold to my beliefs, Ms. Buckler," Bishram affirmed. "Now if you please, let's go have some dinner, I've got a rumbly in my tumbly," the Blumaroo sweetly suggested.

     Rosie followed Bishram into the clamorous dining room and joined her friends in the feast. When the friends finished, they abruptly retired to the chambers to rejuvenate their strengths.

     The suns rays crept through the mountains. The friends darted out of bed; no longer did they need Helga to be their wake up call. Discipline was something Bishram stressed the most during the training. 'A warrior without discipline is a sloppy warrior' was his philosophy. Thomas and his friends sped through the halls and down to the dining room.

     "Oy there, lil' stick fighters!" Brooly merrily hollered.

     "Where's Helga?" Davie inquired.

     "Not real sure, left kind of in a hurry that one." Brooly raised an eyebrow, shifting into a pensive stance. "My guess is she be on a secret mission of some sort," the Meerca presumed.

     They traded curious looks to each other, as they all wondered where Helga had gone off too. As they ate their food, a loud voice could be discerned from the courtyard.

     "Hey kids get over here!" Bishram clamored

     The kids scuttled over to the courtyard, as Bishram tapped his staff on the ground.

     "Alright kids, I've got a special task for you," Bishram announced. "There have been reports of delinquents causing trouble for the local shopkeepers in Roo City." Bishram's tone grew stern. "Our soldiers can't lay a finger on them since they are no older then yourselves. So I need all of you to stop their miniscule rebellion in any way that you can."

     "Where can we find them?" Bill inquired.

     "You can find them roaming the streets of Roo City, pick pocketing the unwitting. Their leader's name is Lorkin," Bishram replied. "Oh and when you're done, I expect all of you to bring me back some barrels of water." Bishram chuckled.

To be continued...

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