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Rad'emant Tineela: Part One

by dragonfate


An electric blue Lupe rushed up a large slope, flailing a wooden sword about, as it came to a halt. In the distance, a red Techo chased after the eluding Lupe.

     "Come on, Bill, keep up!" Thomas the Lupe goaded.

     "Going up this hill is getting quite a bit tiring, Thomas," Bill, a red Techo replied.

     While Bill approximated Thomas, the Lupe shifted into a battle stance, arching his arm high above his head as the wooden blade pointed menacingly at the approaching Techo. As Bill caught up to Thomas, he swiftly drew his sword.

     "Ready when you are, my friend," the Lupe prodded.

     Bill tightly clenched the sword and slowly paced around Thomas as he carefully examined every angle. As the Lupe stood unwaveringly, he bided his time and waited for the Techo to strike first.

     The Techo's circular pace ceased and he abruptly charged toward Thomas, boldly swinging vertically. Thomas had already anticipated the move. And he dashed to the side, stabbing at the Techo's shoulders. Waves of pain now fluctuated through Bill's shoulders. The Techo stubbornly pressed the attack and swung horizontally, aiming for the Lupe's head. Thomas briskly spun about and slashed at Bills arms as he ducked and tackled the Techo to the ground.

     "I yield, Thomas!" Bill howled, clutching his sore shoulders.

     "Well you managed to strike twice in this round," the Lupe said. "I think you're improving." Thomas chuckled.

     "Don't worry, I'll get you good one day." Bill winked.

     "Yeah, yeah," Thomas teased. "Enough playing around, William, we have to get those tomatoes father told us to fetch for him."

     As the two friends foraged tomatoes, a yellow Zafara and a red Yurble sprinted up the hill.

     "Thomas Millard and William Graefus!" the yellow Zafara hollered, "How did I know you two knuckleheads would be up here?"

     "Are we that predictable, Rosie?" Bill inquired.

     "Yes," Davie, --the red Yurble--, bluntly replied, noticing the wooden swords lying on the floor. "I'm guessing, Thomas, gave you another whooping, Bill?"

     "Yes, unfortunately so." Bill shifted his gaze, glaring at Thomas.

     "How are the Unis?" Thomas asked Rosie.

     "Growing quite well if I may say so myself," Rosie proudly replied. "You both should stop by the ranch sometime; you'll be quite amazed with how much they've grown."

     The friends lingered on the hill as they continued to yammer. On a cobble road below the hill, a black carriage sluggishly rolled by. The head of a blue Scorchio peeked through the carriage window.

     "Hey, Vagabond! I beseech you to come down here!"

     Thomas and friends scuttled down the hill until they reached the carriage.

     "What is it now, Copperhead?" Thomas spat.

     "Answer me this," Damian Copperhead gave a toothy grin. "Why does a rat faced vagabond such as yourself insist on living another day?

     "Why does a person like you, bereft of all dignity and respect, continue to plague the world?

     "Why do the likes of you and your worthless has-been father, plague the town of Jasmine Blithe with your unwelcome presence?" Damian snorted."

     Thomas eyed the tomatoes and nodded to his friends. They picked up the tomatoes and smirked insidiously, waiting for their cue.

     "Could I ask you a question, Damian?" Thomas asked.

     "Not that a person such as myself should ever grant such a privilege to the likes of you, but considering that I'm having a splendid day today, I'll grant you a question," the Scorchio arrogantly replied.

     "Are you hungry?" Thomas inquired.

     The friends took the cue, briskly hurling countless tomatoes at Damian's face. Damian's face turned in horror and he shook his fist as he cursed Thomas and his friends."

     "Move this blasted coach! You won't see the last of me, vagabond!" the Scorchio threatened, as his carriage bolted towards the town of Jasmine Blithe.

      "Thanks for the food fight guys." Thomas chuckled.

     "Wow, time flies when your bashing a spoiled rich kids face in with vegetables," Davie teased. "It's already sunset, Rosie, we should get going before our parents begin to worry."

     "We should get going too, Thomas," Bill urged.

     "Alright, Bill, I'll see you two tomorrow, Bill and I may stop by for a bit," Thomas notified.

     Bill and Thomas waved as they began their trek to the farmhouse.


     "Well, it's about time you two arrive," Joseph Millard, a shadow Lupe, scorned. "I've been worried sick."

     "I'm sorry we're late, dad," Thomas apologized, setting the sack of tomatoes on the dining room table.

     "Hey, William, what happened to your shoulders?" Joseph inquired and clutched the Techo's arm as he inspected it.

     "FOR BURNING SKEITH SNOTS IN HECK! Don't touch my arm! It is all right I just fell," the Techo shrieked.

     "No, you didn't fall; you were sword playing again weren't you?" Joseph inquired, his tone turning grim.

     "Yes," Thomas worriedly replied.

     "I'm guessing my boy gave you a run for your money, Bill?" Joseph teasingly inquired.

     "Yes, he did," Bill gloomily replied, "but I'll defeat him eventually." The Techo grinned.

     "Let me guess. He did the side-dash and double stab attack?" Joseph eagerly implored.

     "Not to mention the spin and slash move he pulled off," Bill chuckled. "With the fancy duck and tackle finale."

     "Splendid move, isn't it?" Joseph beseeched.

     "It's an awesome move, Mr. Millard"

     "Indeed it is," Joseph merrily chortled. "I made that combo myself, you know? If you want me to, I could teach you the counterattacks to both the combinations Thomas used on you."

     "But Dad that would mean he could beat me," the Lupe whined.

     "Don't you think its more fun with a bit of challenge, Thomas?" Joseph asked.

     "Well, No," Thomas mischievously replied, as he snickered teasingly. "I like pouncing on Bill."

     "Soon enough, Thomas, I'll be the one basking in glory," Bill taunted, offering a grin, "Anyways buddy, I think its time for me to make my leave. It's getting dark out, so I'll see you tomorrow morning." As the Techo made for the door he turned his gaze to Joseph Millard and added, "Mr. Millard, I look forward to learning that technique." Bill waved and stepped out of the house, making for his home.

     The young Lupe wrapped his father in a tight hug and went to his room. Thomas sat on his bed, staring out the window and into the plains ahead of him. His eyes sagged from weariness from the struggle to stay awake. In the distance, Thomas could see a figure that slowly approached his home. Behind the mysterious figure followed what seemed to be a large and insidious cloud of shadow. And then it was clear to Thomas, it was no cloud, but a vast army that was approaching his home led by a mysterious warrior.

     As the metal clad warriors approached Thomas, fear consumed Thomas, for their intentions were not clear to him. Thomas was baffled, yet intrigued when he unveiled the identity of the army's leader. The general was an electric blue Lupe that stood proud and dauntless; his eyes gleamed with confidence, his grim face manifesting the weight of many battles. The Lupe was Thomas.

     The ground began to shake, startling the army. Thomas raised a stiffened fist and he prodded his men to stay calm. The sky emanated an orange glow as the clouds violently swirled into a wave of fire.

     "Get ready men!" Thomas goaded. "They're coming! Fight to the very last man!"

     Ominous shrieks resonated in the sky, protruding from the clouds of fire were large winged beasts. The terrifying dragons poured out of the skies in great numbers as the archers vainly fired arrows at the impervious beasts.

     "Fight with courage! Fight with honor, men of the Elegondyl!" the Lupe general commanded.

     A large red dragon dived into a downward spiral, hoping to smash Thomas.

     "No! Watch out!" young Thomas cried in terror.

     Young Thomas wailed as his body shook uncontrollably. In the back of his mind, he could hear someone calling out to him.

     "Thomas! Thomas wake up!" Bill prompted, incessantly shaking the sleeping Lupe.

     "No! I have to save him!" Thomas howled, wildly shaking his head.

     The Lupe finally opened his eyes and bolted out of bed. Bill stood baffled by his friend's behavior.

     "Save who?" Bill Implored.

     "Never mind, it was just a stupid nightmare."

     "Are you sure?"

     "I'll be quite fine, Bill." Thomas offered a reassuring smile; however, he was still flustered by the disturbing dream.

     "Anyways, I was thinking since we have the day off from cleaning the barn, we could visit Rosie and Davie," Bill proposed.

     "Sure, let's go!"


     As Thomas and Bill approached the ranch house, a rainbow Uni bolted towards them.

     "Well, aren't you a beauty, Neveemar." Thomas ran a hand through the Uni's luxurious mane. "You're a Uni fit for kings."

     Thomas patted Neveemar on the rump, and the Uni sped off back to the ranch house. As the two friends approached the ranch house, Davie and Rosie were perched on a tree, eagerly peering into a telescope.

     "Still searching for the Gandragar, Rosie?" Thomas asked clamorously.

     Rosie and Davie climbed down the large tree and ran out to greet their friends.

     "No harm in searching," Rosie replied, promptly wrapping Bill and Thomas in a heartfelt hug. "What do you think of the Unis?"

     "I've only seen Neveemar, but seeing how beautifully she's grown, I wouldn't doubt the rest of them look just as marvelous," Thomas merrily remarked.

     "So, Thomas, are you going to the festival?" Davie eagerly asked.

     "Festival?" Thomas and Bill inquired in unison.

     "Have the two of you been living under a rock?" Rosie replied. "The festival of Rad'emant Tineela one week from now. Are you two going?"

     "What's going to be there?" Bill implored.

     "What's not going to be there should be your question," Davie eagerly replied. "Conjurers, Minstrels, Carnivals you name it!"

     "Almost everyone from Meridell is coming," Rosie added in.

     Thomas and Bill shifted their gazes towards each other and grinned, as excitement stirred in them."

     "Yes, we're definitely going," Thomas anxiously affirmed.

     As darkness crept in the sky, Thomas and Bill bid farewell and headed off to their homes. While Thomas lay on his bed, images of the festival profusely shifted in his mind, as he grew all the more anxious for the week to pass.

To be continued...

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