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Rad'emant Tineela: Part Seven

by dragonfate


"I think it's a combat test," Damian said.

     "No, I don't think so," Davie doubted. "We already took the reflex test and overcame it without breaking a sweat. Why would Bishram throw yet another combat test?"

     "Look, we're never going to know," Rosie bluntly stated. "And even if we did know. We're not going to have enough time to prepare ourselves for it. It's already night time and I'd appreciate if all of you could shut up and let me sleep!"

     "Rosie's right. Why should we bust our heads over this?" Thomas turned the lamp off and whispered, "Let's get some sleep and we'll see what Bishram has in mind for us."

     "You're right," Bill affirmed as he promptly turned his lamp off.

     The friends all turned their lamps off and drifted to sleep, although the mysterious test still tormented them. At the strike of dawn, the friends jumped out of their beds and made their way for the dining room. They were baffled once more when they noticed Helga the Lenny was not back from her recondite voyage.

     "Hey kids," Brooly bluntly greeted, tone dearth of his usual merriness.

     "Helga still hasn't arrived?" Thomas implored, as Brooly's eyes sadly slumped to the floor.

     "You're to meet Lord Bam-Roo in the courtyard after you've finished your breakfast," Brooly reported.

     "Told you guys it would be a combat test," Damian said.

     When the friends finished their breakfast they promptly headed towards the large courtyard. As they entered the courtyard, the Blumaroo wizard's face sagged as if by a profound grief.

     "Sir, how fares Helga?" Davie asked.

     "She's in no danger! She'll be fine!" Bishram snapped at Davie, and then promptly strained a grin.

     "Are you OK, Sir?" Thomas inquired.

     "Let the test commence," Bam-Roo announced, dismissing Thomas' question. "Are all of you ready?"

     "Yes Sir!" The friends shouted in unison, eagerly nodding their heads.

     "Very well then." Bishram announced, "The final test shall be a test of the mind. I will give you two riddles which you must figure out amongst yourselves."

     "So much for it being a battle test, Damian," Rosie teased and giggled.

     "And now for your first riddle." The Blumaroo drew a deep breath and cleared his throat. "It is that which is broken by one word spoken."

     The friends shifted into a pensive stance as they were stuck in a quandary.

     "I wish it was a battle test; there is less thinking involved," Damian mused, trying to find some levity in the crucial situation.

     "Shut up, Damian! This is no laughing matter! Give us some silence, so that we may think!" Rosie agitatedly scorned.

     "That's it!" Bills eyes opened wide, realizing the answer to the enigmatic riddle. "Sir, the answer is silence! That which is broken by one word spoken is silence!"

     "That is..." Bishram's long pause elevated the levels of suspense all the more, as he slowly replied, "...the correct answer. Silence is the correct answer! Good Job!"

     The friends faces beamed, and they hopped and skipped about, reveling in merriment. When they once again regained composure, Thomas and friends awaited the next puzzling riddle. Bishram cleared his throat again and uttered the next riddle.

     "It is that which always lie before you."

     As the sky became overcast, the friends remained in deep thought. Rain trickled down on them, and they remained still as they were submerged in reverie.

      It is that which always lie before you, Rosie reiterated in her mind.

     We have to answer this! The future of Meridell depends on it! The Zafara grew desperate.

     The futureā€¦

     Rosie treaded down memory lane, remembering the speech Bishram gave to her about destiny, about how he believed her and her friends we're destined for a great future. She then realized this riddle was contrived especially for her, as Bishram unrelentingly observed her. Rosie stepped forward, as she now knew the answer.

     "Yes, Rosie?" Bishram asked.

     "That which always lie before you..." Rosie took in a deep breath and finished her answer, " the future."

     "You've all passed!" Bishram yelled, and he broke into laughter, blissfully embracing the friend's. "I'm so very proud of all of you!"

     The friends shared a brief laughter and their mood briskly turned grim as they realized they didn't have another second to spare. They had to save their families and be rid of Galcron once and for all.

     "Young warriors, all of you must make haste." Bishram prodded, "Make way to your dormitories and clad yourselves in the uniforms Brooly laid out for you. I'm confident that you'll like the look." The Blumaroo chuckled.

     "Lord Bishram, thank you so much for all of your effort. We owe you more then we can imagine." Thomas thanked as he and his friends dipped into a low bow.

     "Speak of no debts, for you owe me nothing. Now make haste, make haste!" Bishram goaded. "Thomas, you stay. I need to speak with you privately."

     "Echizai Reflekium." Bishram uttered and a large oval shaped glow materialized, suspended in the air.

     As the bright glow faded, a jeweled mirror now hovered above the ground.

     "This, Thomas, should aid you greatly during your fight against Galcron," Bishram affirmed, drawing a confused look from Thomas. "It is the mirror of 'Acholai'," Bishram sternly said. "The mirror of spell reflection, the name speaks for itself. When the time is right, Thomas, use it."

     "Why do you give me this?" Thomas inquired.

     "Because you're the leader, Thom," the Blumaroo bluntly stated. "Because inside of you, Thomas, lie dormant the burning spirit of a warrior. I see it in you, and that is why I entrust this mirror to you in particular, because I know you will not lead your friends astray."

     "Now be off to your dormitory!" Bishram prodded, as Thomas sped off to the chambers.

     The Lupe became giddy with excitement when he saw the beautiful uniform. A black leather tunic lied on the bed. Ruby red studs were lined up on the midsection in the form of a triangle and a large amethyst emblem was embedded in the center with the initials BB. And an olive green cloak was set next to a pair of dark pants. Thomas eagerly threw the clothes on, promptly running to a mirror.

     If only father could see me now, Thomas thought.

     "Oy, Laddie!" Brooly yelled out and the room. "Lord Bam-Roo and your friends are waiting for you just outside the mansion gates. And take this backpack with you. I packed some food and other things you may need during your voyage. Good luck, young warrior!" The Meerca hugged Thomas.

     The Lupe placed the Acholai in the large backpack and rushed towards the mansion gates.


     "Well, it's about time, Thomas!" Rosie hollered.

     "Sorry, I'm a slow dresser," Thomas mused.

     Lord Bishram Bam-Roo cleared his throat, cuing that he had something to say. The friends respectfully gathered up in a line, waiting for Bishram to speak.

     "I just want to say that never in all of my long years have I seen people who've shared a bond like the one you hold with each other," Bishram remarked. "As long as your friendship holds strong and true, the world will have nothing to fear."

     "Thank you, Lord Bishram." Thomas dropped down on one knee. "We will not fail you, and we will not fail our families."

     "I have no doubts." Bishram smiled. "And now it is time for you to commence your voyage to the Haunted Woods. With my powers, I can teleport you as far as the plains of Meridell. The rest of the path you must tread on your own."

     "Anything we should look out for in the Haunted Woods apart from Galcron?" Damian inquired.

     "There are many things which you must be wary of as you walk those cursed woods." Galcron warned, "The air is said to bear the stench of death."

     "Rumors have been spread that the pleas of the cursed spirits could be heard wailing in the distance. And the waters run red, defiled by the blood of the fallen."

     "Nothing will preclude our plans to save the people of Meridell," Davie valiantly proclaimed. "Not even the Haunted Woods."

     "Remember all that I have taught you," Bishram said and whispered into Thomas' ear, "Use it when you deem the time to be right."

     "I will," Thomas assured.

     The Blumaroo drew out his arm, as he uttered the words 'Otrum Lagmar Meridelli'. A mystical door, wreathed in magical surges, was formed. Bishram nodded his head, prompting the friends to step inside. They paced towards the door, reluctance slowly creeping up on them. Thomas and friends finally gathered their wits and stepped into the intricate portal.

     Instantly the friends found themselves in the plains of Meridell. A chill breeze wafted by the young Neopets. Their spirits and resolve would not be dampened. They shifted gazes to one another and nodded synchronously. Their olive green cloaks lightly drifted in the breeze, as they marched towards the Haunted Woods. Their eyes gleamed intrepidly, striking fear into any adversary who would be so bold as to challenge any of these honed warriors.

     As the young Neopets passed by the deserted town of 'Merry Daisies', a white Cybunny was fleeing the eerie town. Her face exuded fear.

     "Young Neopets, you have to save her!" the Cybunny frantically beseeched.

     "Calm down! Save who? Who are you?" Thomas inquired.

     "My name is Jeepy," the Cybunny responded, "but my name is of no importance. Please young Neopets, you've got to save that poor girl!"

     "Save who? Speak quickly and speak clearly!" Damian scorned, growing unnerved by the Cybunny.

     "I'm not sure what she's called," Jeepy added, "but all I know is that she's a green Lenny that tends to carry a staff about."

     The friend's faces sagged in worry, knowing the identity of the Lenny.

     "Helga," Thomas uttered. His eyes began to glisten.

     "What happened to her? Do you know where she is?" Davie urgently inquired.

     "Those troublesome Bandits, curse the day they were born!" Jeepy howled.

     "As I am sure you've heard, thousands of Meridell's citizens have abruptly gone missing. My family and I were the only ones left in this town, until the young Lenny passed by here not too many days ago, seeking shelter.

     "Just now a group of bandits raided the town, hoping to loot the desolate houses. The Lenny bravely challenged them, but was overtaken as there were too many of them. I saw them head off towards the northeast. That's all I know."

     "Thank you, Jeepy," Damian said. "When we catch those bandits, I assure you we're going to beat them to a bloody pulp."

     "Thank you, brave ones!" Jeepy yelled out as the friends bolted towards the northeast.

     As the friends ran, a large encampment could be seen in the distance. The friends boldly walked into the encampment. The bandits circled the young Neopets, unsheathing their swords. Approaching them was a dangerous seeming Aisha.

To be continued...

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