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Rad'emant Tineela: Part Six

by dragonfate


"Sir, where is Helga?" Thomas implored.

     "I have sent her off on an important mission. A mission, of which, I may not disclose any information," Bishram replied secretively.

     "Ah....top secret." Damian winked.

     Bishram offered a courteous smile, and he signaled for Roo City, and retreated to his mansion. The friends took the cue and sped off to Roo City. They ran swiftly down south, their legs and arms were corded by all of the barrel sprinting exercises. When they reached their destination, Dooky could be seen in the distance, chasing after a troublesome Ixi.

     "We've got our guy! Follow that Ixi!" Thomas prodded, as him and his friends drew their staff's and chased after the crimson Ixi.

     The Ixi cried in fear, as the large red Blumaroo gained on him. Dooky slipped on a rock and fell, causing the mischievous Ixi to giggle. The Ixi's blithe soon became fear once again, as Thomas and his friends hurdled over Dooky and pressed on the chase. As they ran, Davie aimed his staff and hurled it at the Ixi's legs and knocked it to the floor. In an instant, Damian went bearing down upon the Ixi to preclude any plans of escape.

     "Get off me! Get off me you fat Scorchio!" the Ixi howled.

     "Fat Scorchio?" Damian repeated teasingly. "You mean after all that barrel carrying, people still find me round bellied?.....Oh, but look what you've done stupid Ixi, you've given me a complex, and you know what happens when I get a complex?" Damian beseeched insidiously, as the Ixi shook its head stupidly.

     "I get a bit crazy... And you don't want to see me crazy do you?" Damian prodded. The Ixi continued to frantically shake its head.

     "No, you don't, that's right," Damian slyly affirmed. "Then spill your guts, before I spill yours!"

     "What do you want to know?" the Ixi yelped.

     "Where is Lorkin your leader?" Thomas inquired.

     "Pick pocketing in Peesta's Food Shop," the Ixi replied. "Now please get this crazy Scorchio off of me!"

     "We need you to make us a promise," Davie proposed. "That you'll never steal again or cause any trouble neither in Roo City, or any other place for that matter."

     "I promise, I prom-" the Ixi before finishing was interrupted by Davie.

     "Because if you do, you'll know the taste of these staff's," Davie threatened. "Now get out of here."

     The Ixi bolted toward the southern hills, squealing in terror. Bill signaled toward Peesta's Food shop, as he and his friends scurried over to the shop. Near the shop was a malicious looking Gelert. He was clad in an onyx colored robe and in a dark leather vest. On his left eye he bore an eye patch, which an emblem of a flaming sword was embedded in, and on his hip ominously hung a golden dagger. Immediately the friends knew this was the Lorkin they sought.

     "Lorkin!" Bill hollered.

     "Who dares call me?" Lorkin arrogantly remarked.

     "We dare call you," Damian slyly replied.

     "And you are?"

     "I am Damian Copperhead, and these are my friends."

     "Pleased to meet your acquaintance, Damian Copperhead and friends," Lorkin greeted, dipping into a bow.

     "And we are not pleased to meet your acquaintance and are obliged to rid Roo City of your foul presence." Damian insidiously grinned.

     "You threaten me, with what motive and reason?" the Gelert inquired.

     "Well first off your bad fashion sense. I mean, honestly, what's with the eye patch?" Rosie queried mockingly.

     "Do you even have a missing eye, or are you hoping to inspire a new trend?

     "I mean please, you're the leader of the delinquents in this city, and you choose to strike fear into our hearts with some tacky piece of eyewear? You definitely lack imagination." Rosie laughed defiantly."

     "You've got quite a mouth on you Zafara, I'd be glad to rip it off your pretty little mug." Lorkin grinned. "You have a lot of guts to speak like that to the leader of 'The Flames' "

     "'The Flames'? That's the name? Oh don't get me started -"

     "Enough, you impudent fool!" Lorkin howled, drawing his dagger.

     As the nearby gang members got ready to charge, Lorkin raised his hand to steady them and signaled for Rosie to come

     "You wish to challenge me?" Rosie coolly asked.

     "Afraid?" Lorkin gave a toothy grin.

     "Afraid for your safety and well being?" Rosie mocked, "Well in that case, I'm petrified. My knees tremble before the thought of what I'll do to you."

     "Stop your sarcasm, girl. You have a lot of lip, but do you have the skill to back it up?" Lorkin queried.

     "I'll be willing to whoop you well, so long as we put up a wager." Rosie proposed, "If you win, do what you want, and none of us will ever intervene. But if we win, you'll have to cease your criminal actions in this city."

     "I accept," the Gelert said. "But I want to raise the ante. If I win, you have to be my servant."

      "Agreed." Rosie chuckled, as she drew her staff. "First person to score 3 hits wins"

     The two warriors circle each other cautiously, each studying their opponent carefully. As the warriors scrutinized each other, a large congregation circled Rosie and Lorkin, as everyone awaited the outcome of the crucial battle.

     "10 Neopoints says she takes him out under 3 minutes," Thomas proposed.

     "3 minutes? Come on, Thomas! You underestimate Rosie, make it 2 minutes." Davie smirked.

     Lorkin bolted towards Rosie, wildly flailing his dagger about. He lunged towards her midsection then spun about and swung at her neck; each blow Rosie blocked swiftly and easily. Lorkin's head sweated profusely, becoming frustrated with Rosie's impervious defense.

     Now it was her turn to go on the offensive. She twirled her staff and spun about, briskly swinging at Lorkin's shins, as he flipped and fell on his back. Rosie then promptly jabbed him in the face and stomach with her staff. The battle was over, Lorkin was defeated. And the throng chanted her name in reverence.

     "Rosie I lost 10 Neopoints! You should've held out another minute," Thomas scorned teasingly.


     "Keep beating up gang leaders like that Rosie and I'll be the richest Yurble in Meridell." Davie chuckled.

     "Lorkin, now you must keep your end of the bargain. You and your gang must stop tormenting the people of Roo City," Rosie ordered.

     "Like I will, you pathetic girl." The Gelert clapped his hands twice as a sign for his comrades to strike at the young Neopets. There was no answer. 'The Flames' stood by, nervously eyeing the insidious Zafara.

      Lorkin clapped his hands again, as once more there was no answer from his lackeys.

     "Move you fools! Why do you stand and linger? Attack the feeble girl!" the Gelert scorned, his knees quivering uncontrollably.

     "Not so feeble, seeing as she utterly pulverized you, without breaking a sweat," a blue Acara defiantly argued.

     "Yeah! We don't need a leader that got beaten up by a girl! I quit!" a green Meerca clamored.

     While Lorkins gaze fell upon the fleeing members of his group, and as his world came crashing down upon him, Rosie eyed the evil Gelert menacingly. His knees buckled, eyeing the Zafara once more. His arms trembled while he reached for the hilt of his dagger.

     "Alright, I guess if you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself," Lorkin threatened, tone quivering in diffidence, drawing his dagger.

     As Rosey drew her staff and prepared to battle, the congregation beat her to it. The wave of people came crashing down upon Lorkin. The throng kicked, punched, and bit at the unlucky Gelert. Dooky went into frenzy, thrashing Lorkin with a frying pan, cursing 'The Flames' for all the troubles they had caused in Roo City. The Gelert squealed in pain, as he bolted off towards the south. The crowd's rage was unrelenting and so it drove them on to chase Lorkin to the very ends of Roo Island.

          "Good work, Rosie," Thomas congratulated, smiling approvingly.

     "All in a days work, Thomas," the Zafara said with a wink.

     "We should be going now," Bill goaded.

     Thomas nodded his head as approval of Williams prodding. They trekked to the north back to the house of Bishram Bam-Roo.


     "I trust that your task is complete?" Bishram queried.

     "It seems the people of Roo City did our task for us," Thomas remarked and chortled.

     "Did the people of Roo City bring back the barrels for you as well?" Bishram queried, noticing the friends didn't bring back the daily water barrels.

     "We're sorry, Sir. We must've forgotten," Davie apologized, scratching his head in embarrassment.

     "No matter," the Blumaroo said bluntly. "I commend all of you for helping rid Roo City of those troublemakers."

     "All in a days work, Sir," Rosie meritoriously remarked and dipped into a bow. "What else would you have us do this day?"

     "I think today's valiant efforts earned all of you a respite." Bishram grinned, proudly gazing upon the brave Neopets. "Tomorrow is your last day of training. All information regarding the final test shall be disclosed. You must all be prepared."

     With that said the Blumaroo wizard made for his room and remained there for the rest of the day. As the friends lied on their beds, they tried to figure out what the test could be about.

To be continued...

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