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When will the Uni healing items be released that were anounced in the news on Uni day this year? I morphed my Elephante in a Uni because I thought they were going to get a healing item as well, but I still can't find it. - Ilonaaa
They were released quite a while ago. Try looking for Bottled Uni Essence, Lucky Uni Charm or Uni Healing Crown. They are all very rare though so you most probably won't see very many of them in stock.

How do I change the time on neopets? - crystal190
The time is always set to Neopian Standard Time just so you can arrange to meet people in the Battledome, Neoboards etc. and there is no confusion with time differences. I am afraid you cannot change the time.

When will the Neopets movie be coming out? Thanks. - Mutant_pets_rule360
Heh it is still very early days yet. That is something that Warner Bros. will announce. Bear in mind most movies like Shrek, Monster Inc etc. take at least a couple of years to make, so the Neopets movie will not be in cinemas for quite some time.

In my stamp album, there's a section for sea shells. However, when I attempted to put various sea shells (the sort sold by the maraquan shop keeper) into my album, I couldn't do so. In fact, the only options were to put them in my shop, put them in my SDB, donate them, discard them, or give them to a friend. If they don't go in my stamp album, what's the point? - ulyyf
Whoops! Well spotted. The shells can now be placed in your shell collection. Sorry about that!

Would it be possible to make it so that starter paintbrushes can be sold or traded So that newbies can earn a little bit of easy money? - Dimensiondanx
No, we will not be making them tradeable. The whole point of the starter brushes is that they let a new player get a feel for paintbrushes and what they do, without having to worry about raising a ton of Neopoints.

Is it true that you are getting rid of the comics? - frontkicker32
Hehe, no that was just an April Fools Day joke sent in by some comic artist players :) Rest assured, the comics are staying!

Is the ps2 game and movie coming to Australia? - Waregrowlmon17
I honestly do not know. I am just guessing now, but I would imagine they would both be released world-wide.

Please would you consider removing the ads from our shops. The ads are everywhere on the site, and as much as I don't like them I think the best place they should be removed from is our shops. We 'neopetters' spend a lot of time making our shops look beautiful and then there is a big ad at the bottom advertising contact lenses. Would you please remove them??? - Pinkstripeytoesocks
Grrrr.... The banners should have never been in your shops. I will get them removed straight away!

When you realease Meepit vs. Feepit, do you get to choose a petpet to play as? (either Meepit or Feepit)Thanks :) - Nicky9346
You play a Feepit defending Neopia against the attacks of various dastardly Meepits.

Please can you release the 'Sharkaw'. Its over a million times better than the kougra which now looks awful. I myself have 2 kougras which I'm desperate to turn into the Sharkaw. There were also alot of pets in the April Fool's joke which put alot of the real neopets to shame but the quality of their drawings. (I also really liked the spider and the standing lizard like pets). - Malabui
I probably shouldn't say this as it will spark mass hysteria, but we are thinking of adding a vote so the most popular pets from April Fools Day can be tweaked and made into actual Neopets that you can adopt. They most probably will not be generally available to all, but there will be a way to get them. How many we release really depends on the voting. With any luck this will begin next week. Also the names of the new Neopets will most likely change as they were just jokey names.

Are there such things as Invisible Faeries? - Pikachu18494
Not as far as I know, but if they were invisible I guess you wouldn't be able to see them so it would be hard to tell if they really existed or not...

Aww poopy, ya'll still didn't update the guild lists page :(. *Sniffle Sniffle* - dm_is_mah_friend
Looking into that now... Should be updated shortly.

Why do you give newbies starter packs with the "starter blue paint brush," and the "starter yellow paint brush" to paint your pets with if they wont let you paint your pets? - Weather_mage_93
You should be able to paint your Neopets, just go to the Rainbow Pool with your starter brush and you can choose which colour to change your Neopet into. Remember the paintbrush needs to be a different colour than your Neopet in order to work. You can't paint a Yellow Neopet with a Yellow brush.

When the lab ray changes a pets gender, is there going to be a gender paint brush we can buy to change it back? - saintteresa10
Nope, but there is a handy potion that does just that.

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