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Rad'emant Tineela: Part Eight

by dragonfate


"Who are you fools that so boldly enter the campsite of the 'Wailing Devils'?" the grim faced Aisha inquired.

     "We have come for the girl," Thomas replied, his commanding tone even more daunting then the Aisha's, "and for your head."

     "You mean that poor excuse for a Lenny we bashed back in 'Merry Daisies'?" the Aisha mocked. "You would risk your lives for that impudent girl by challenging me, Hamar Loreanon and my Wailing Devils? Very well then..."

     With the flick of his wrist, Hamar let fly five daggers, one for each of the warriors. Thomas and friends batted the daggers aside, sending the whole encampment charging toward them.

     The young warriors fought back to back, not letting the bandits gain any ground. A bandit Techo scurried to Thomas, swinging his sword horizontally. The Lupe ducked and swung the staff at the Techo's ankles. While the Techo yelped in agony, the Lupe used the momentum to his advantage and smote the Techo with an overhead chop.

     As Rosie was busy fighting off an Aisha bandit, a husky Bori lunged his sword at her, hoping to catch her at her unawares. Rosie spun about and blocked the blow, swiftly kicking at the hilt, sending it beyond the Bori's grasp. The Zafara promptly stabbed at the Aisha bandit's midsection, knocking the wind out of him. The Bori bandit once again charged at her, swinging with a powerful left. Rosie dropped to one knee and elbowed the Bori's stomach, promptly cleaving its jaw with a vertical strike.

     One after the other, the bandits fell by the hands of the adept staff fighters. As the numbers of his men dwindled, Hamar grew infuriated and hurled a dagger at Davie. While the dagger neared the unwitting Yurble, a golden staff whirled across, deflecting the Aisha's skulky attack.

     "You! You're supposed to be tied up in a sack!" Hamar stood perplexed by the clever Lenny.

     "It's going to take more then that sack to stop me!" Helga bellowed and came charging toward Hamar.

     Hamar swung his sword across, hitting nothing but air, as the swift Lenny sprung into a forward somersault.

     "Helga, catch!" Damian hollered and hurled the golden staff to her.

     "Let's finish this then, Hamar Loreaenon," Helga said.

     The bandit leader quickly went on to the offensive, as he stabbed at her face. Helga back flipped, using the impulse to kick at Hamar's face. Hamar shook off the pain and swung with an overhead chop. The Lenny easily deflected the strike with a horizontal block. The rash move left the Aisha open, as Helga swiftly struck him in the chest. Hamar dropped to one knee, trying to catch his breath.

     "Give up, Hamar!" Helga urged.

     "Never!" Hamar spat.

     Hamar stubbornly got up and swung horizontally at the Lenny. Helga did a cartwheel, easily eluding the attack and clutched Hamar's throat, flinging him across. The Aisha slowly got up once more. His men lied all around him beaten and bruised. As he motioned for his blade, six staffs menacingly pointed at him.

     "Make a move and you'll regret it," Thomas threatened.

     "I want no trouble," Hamar shrieked.

     "You should've thought of the consequences of your actions! What kind of coward exploits the people of Meridell in this delicate time?" Rosie scorned.

     "We weren't thinking. I beseech you to spare my life and the lives of my men," the Aisha pleaded.

     "Unlike you, we don't pillage and murder on a whim." Thomas grabbed the Aisha by the throat and threatened, "However, if we ever catch you and your degenerates in these parts again, we will finish what we started this day. Now be off you fools!"

     The 'Wailing Devils' sluggishly got up and fled. Thomas and friends embraced the Lenny; their hearts were now at ease.

     "What were you doing all the way out here, Helga?" Davie inquired.

     "Lord Bam-Roo sent me on a secret reconnaissance mission." Helga informed, "He sent me to gather information regarding Galcron's ransom."

     "And?" Thomas pressed.

     "To no surprise, King Ronim will not yield the scrolls of Andramos," Helga finished.

     "So, indeed we are left with but one choice." Damian affirmed, "We have to defeat Galcron.

     "Haunted Woods is less then half a day's journey from here," Helga informed.

     "Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Thomas prodded.

     The friends marched towards the Haunted Woods, rarely stopping for a bite to eat. Their faces exuded an undaunted zeal, as the cold wind blew all the harder. A vile smell now emanated in the air, as they approached the cursed woods. Thomas was the first to step foot in the woods, and he motioned for his friends to enter.

     "Bishram wasn't kidding," Rosie remarked. Her voice slightly quivered.

     "Galcron sure must be a sick fellow, to want to dwell in this putrid place," Damian mused.

     "What's this?" Bill inquired, coming across an old letter.

     The Yurble curiously read it aloud.

     The worms now crawl upon my feet,

     Deep in the earth is where I sleep,

     My skin is now cold, pale and white,

     Never again will I see the light,

     Water pours out of me, bright and red,

     And now I realize that I am dead,

     Cursed to walk this place, though my life be shed.

     I would leave if I could,

     Leave the wailing and the fright,

     But here I am in the Haunted Woods,

     Cursed to torment those at night…

     Shivers ran down their spines, as they were now even more wary of the dangerous woods. In the distance, two familiar voices clamored incoherently. The friends stealthily approached, carefully listening.

     "Boss be very mad, Foogar!" Oothar yelled. "Dumb Meridell King not want to hand over those scrolls Galcron seeks!"

     "I know, Oothar. Boss should have turned him to stone!" Foogar snarled. "We should go back to Galcron's hut; this place gives me the creeps."

     The friends stealthily pursued the two Skeiths through the convoluted realm of the Haunted Woods. As the Skeiths approached a small hut, they could see countless stone figures in the distance. The Neopets had no time to waste. Damian and Bill hurled their staffs at the Skeith's, each one connecting with their heads. To the young Neopets surprise, the Skeiths just shook their heads.

     "You pests are going to pay for that!" Foogar howled and charged toward the young warriors, followed by Oothar.

     The two Skeiths drew their blades; each one was twice the size of the young Neopets. Foogar wildly swung at Damian. The Scorchio dashed aside and clipped Foogar behind his leg, buckling the Skeith's knee. Thomas swiftly cleaved Foogar on the head, but yet again the bulky Skeith snarled and shook its head.

     "These things don't feel anything, Thomas!" Damian exclaimed. "We could be at this all day, Thomas. Go get Galcron! We will hold off these behemoths!"

     Thomas scuttled past the stone figures, towards the hut. As he ran, images of his father and of the merry town of Jasmine Blithe fluttered around in his mind.

     "So, you are the one that has come to preclude my plans," a brown Bori with flaming eyes said. "Spare me the bravado, young one. I've dealt with more formidable opponents then yourself."

     "I haven't come to barter words with you, Galcron." Thomas warned, "I'll tell you this once. Give up now and I'll spare your life, but if you don't, I assure you that you won't live to see tomorrow."

     "Quite a bit presumptuous the youth these days," Galcron remarked. "Let me guess. Tall, fierce eyes, and quite bold....Could it be... the son of Joseph Millard? You're his son, aren't you?"

     The Lupe stayed quite, carefully examining the wizard.

     "I knew it. It's a shame you're about to join your father's fate," Galcron threatened.

     "Is it really worth it, Galcron?" Thomas inquired, "Are the scrolls so important that you must hurt innocent people? "

     "So, I see you've done your homework," Galcron remarked. "How do you know this?"

     "An old friend of yours," Thomas bluntly replied.

     "So, you've been talking to that old fool Bishram I presume." Galcron grinned. "I figured those initials on your uniform seemed familiar.

     "I know what he told you, that I was foolish for making such a rash decision.

     "Sometimes, young lad, it is best to make such moves then do nothing at all. Your deceitful king has caused more pain and suffering then you ignorant Meridellians have any clue about."

     "No matter how much evil you claim my king has done does not justify your actions," Thomas scorned. "You're only causing more pain then there already was to begin with."

     "Quiet! Spare me the speech of morals!" Galcron howled, drawing a large silver staff.

     "Very well then… I gave you a chance, but now I have no choice, but to confront you. So let us begin."

     Thomas held his staff in a declined vertical position, wielding it parallel to his face. As the fighting continued outside, Thomas and Galcron stood unmoving, glaring at one another with a deep intensity.

     Thomas abruptly struck with an overhead chop, promptly stabbing towards the midsection. Galcron swiftly smacked Thomas' high attack aside and spun about, as the staff went under Galcron's arm.

     The wizard cleverly exploited the move and wrapped his arm around Thomas' staff, tugging the Lupe towards him, elbowing him to the face. Galcron promptly dashed behind Thomas and begun choking the Lupe with his staff.

     "Soon, you shall be walking these woods with the rest of the cursed spirits for all eternity!" Galcron ominously laughed, pulling the staff even tighter. "Foolish boy, do you feel it? Do you feel the cold touch of death, slowly creeping on your waning life? Can you hear your father's spirit calling out to you?"

     "I will not fail..." Thomas strained to say.

     "And why is that? Are you in denial? Face it, you have failed! Now shut up and die!"

     "Because I am my father's son! I am Thomas Millard! And as long as the blood of the warrior within me flows, I will not yield!" Thomas valiantly yelled out.

     The Lupe head-butted Galcron, crushing the wizard's nose. Thomas promptly grabbed the staff, hurling Galcron over him, disarming the wizard. Galcron scurried to his feet and swung his fist at the young Lupe. Thomas craned his neck sideways and the fist hit nothing but air. The Lupe swiftly grabbed Galcron's swinging hand and bent his palm upwards. Galcron shrieked in agony, as his hand was shattered by the strong Lupe.

     "I yield! Hurt me no more!" Galcron howled, as Thomas mercifully let go of his hand.

     "Fool! It's time for you to suffer the fate of the people of Meridell! Pedrium Immobalai!" Galcron uttered.

     Use it when you deem the time to be right. Thomas remembered Bishram's words.

     As a red beam shot out of Galcron's hands, Thomas promptly drew the 'Acholai' from his backpack. The mirror shook violently, reflecting the large and perilous magical beam.

     "Oh, no...The Acholai!" Galcron screamed in terror.

     The dark wizard tried to run, but he couldn't. The curse slowly consumed him, until only his head remained.

     "Tell Bishram, the fate of Meridell now lie upon a brave apprentice." Galcron winked. "And tell him that I apologize... for not seeing it his way sooner. Thomas Millard, a great future lie before you. Many battles you will fight, many foes you shall smite, but don't let duty blind you from the real evil... You will know what I mean in time. Good-bye, Thomas Millard."

     As the curse fully consumed him, Galcron drew his final breath. Voices clamored just outside the hut, and Thomas eagerly ran towards the commotion. Thomas' face beamed when he saw the people of Meridell.

     "We are free!" an Ixi cried out.

     "Father, Father!" Thomas cried out, frantically searching for his long lost father.

     "No more curse from bad wizard!" Oothar exclaimed

     "What do you mean? You two were cursed?" Helga inquired.

     "Galcron used a possession spell on us. We tell the truth. We not want to hurt you, but we were powerless," Foogar explained. His face sagged sullenly.

     "It's okay. All is forgiven, so go back to your homes," Helga merrily urged.

     As Thomas staggered through the crowds, a large shadow Lupe stood in the distance.

     "Father!" Thomas hollered and ran out to Joseph Millard.

     "Thomas!" Joseph cried out, wrapping his sun in a heartfelt hug.

     "Alright everyone, listen up!" Helga bellowed, flying towards a large tree branch, hoping to draw the attention of the disturbed crowd.

     "Hey it's Helga, Lord Bishram's apprentice!" a yellow Eyrie exclaimed, pointing at the green Lenny.

     "I'm sure a lot of you want to know, who is responsible for this foul play," Lenny announced, drawing synchronized nods from the congregation.

     The person responsible was a wizard named Galcron. He sought to hold all of you ransom with hopes that King Ronim would grant him the scrolls of Andramos.

     Would Thomas Millard, Damian Copperhead, Rosie Buckler, William Graefus and Davie Smithers please step forward?"

     The young Neopets walked towards the tree Helga was standing on.

     "These brave souls we're able to shun the curse of Galcron." Helga proclaimed, "And they trained under Lord Bishram Bam-Roo, master wizard of Roo Island, for two weeks. They saved my life and purged the people of Meridell from the curse of Galcron. You owe your lives to these meritorious warriors.

     "Long live the saviors of Meridell!" the crowd chanted with unison.

     The throng jumped into frenzy, bearing the five brave Neopets on their shoulders, chanting their names in reverence, as they marched towards the kingdom of Meridell. Joseph Millard eyed his son and his friends carefully.

     So, they are the ones destined to destroy the greatest evil. Joseph thought to himself.

     Meridell's days are numbered...

The End

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