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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

The juppies had been cold for hours so Sorceror had pureed them and reheated them on the fire for a few minutes. Then he had cut the hearty loaves of bread into thick slices and shaped the slices into crude scoop-like shapes. The two of them used the bread scoops to ladle the purple mixture and sat munching in comfortable silence. Sorceror glanced over at the Gellert girl and in the dim light of the cafe and the pale moonlight through the window, she seemed even younger than she had when he first saw her that afternoon. He thought he should look away but just then she turned to him, her white fur stained purple around the mouth and her large eyes filled with tears.

Notable Neopian Meercas: An Homage

Hello, everybody! The 18th of the Month of Hiding, the day we celebrate Meerca Day, is right upon us! What better way to celebrate it if not remembering and paying homage to some memorable Meercas in Neopian history? We made a short list with some Meercas that most Neopians are certainly familiar with. Initially, it’s important to state that the list below is in no particular order, so “first” and “last” doesn’t really mean much here. It’s also important to note that obviously there are many other notable Meercas other than the ones listed. The list below just represents the authors’ humble opinion. That being said, let’s get started, shall we?

What's That In The Night Sky?

Have you ever just looked up at the night sky and watched the stars twinkle? Enjoyed the light they radiated from so far away that it seems like an impossible distance? I've always loved how big the night sky was and how beautiful it was lit up on an evening with no clouds! There are the super, super bright stars and the really dim stars that you can barely see... And did you know that light was from a long, long, long time ago? Let's do an experiment! I promise it will only take you a few seconds of your time. The Light Experiment: Go over to your wall where the light switch is. Is the light already on? Turn the light off. See how fast your world went dark?

A Motivational Guide for Account and Goal Improvement

Are you an older player who is struggling to achieve your goals? Are you a returning player who is coming back after a long time away from the game? Or are you just frustrated that you aren’t achieving the special avatar you have always dreamed of? Well, here are some quick trips for you. Avatars: So you are perusing the Avatar/NeoSignature Board and you see that another person has got the daily avatar you have been dreaming of. You feel dejected. No energy left. Fear not. This article will motivate you to achieve these once-a-day avatars.

Other Stories
"The Diary of an Underwater Fisherpet" by illusique
Day 1: So this is Maraqua… The castle looks lovely, the shops and the game rooms look marvellous. And wow look at that line. The Kelp really does live up to its name. Maybe one day I’ll be rich enough to dine in there… maybe. But today, Maraqua is not what I’m here for. I’m here to look for some treasure in the ruins. It takes quite a long time to trudge my weary limbs over to what Maraqua once was - now no more than wreckage. The current of the water tires me as I try to push my body further and further. I should have painted myself Maraquan instead of Stealthy.

"A Day Out at Terror Mountain!" by zed16
Donna the Usuki Usul was looking forward to this! She'd been planning this trip for a while now and finally gets to see what the fuss is all about up at Terror Mountain! Donna was awake early on a fine Monday morning buzzing with excitement. Her backpack already filled with supplies like food, Neopoints, a camera and a map of the whole of Terror mountain in case she needed it and still had room for anything else she could fit in there! It was almost time to leave, so she gave her long thick hair a quick brush, wrapped herself up in her winter coat and with backpack in tow she was ready to go!

"Cauldron Cafe" by neoghia
The sky was a deep grey above the stone shop, light from the moon reflecting off the morning dew that covered everything. On the horizon, light was growing and grey slowly turned to pink. A figure lumbered down the quiet street with four heavy feet stirring up dust behind it. The Chomby came to the front of the shop and with a deft flick of his tail tapped the secret stone that unlocked the door. It was an interesting system. Some part architecture, some part magic but he couldn’t claim to understand it. His brother had actually enchanted and installed the materials as a grand opening gift.

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