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Hi all, just wanted to say we hear all your questions and concerns loud and clear. However, a lot of site features/events are up in the air because of our conversion efforts. As SOON as we have sound information to give you we will! We apologise we haven't been able to continue the normal amount of releases around the site. But we want to do everything we can to convert the site so that when flash comes to an end we are in a good place. So our priority is that and everything else that we can do we will, and as soon as it is a certain thing we will let you know. We appreciate your continued patience with us during these times.

Hi! Can you fix the issue that Pirate Marafin and Christmas Sunutek in petpet puddle are unpaintable? These petpets are in the puddle as painted colors aren't set with a base color for the original petpet, so they cannot be created currently. Thanks!~~zackattackplayspkmn
You're totally right, Donny has gone ahead and set those up so they should be able to be made now.

Hello! I'm very sad because the yellow, green and blue bruce morphing potions were mistakenly given a rarity of 101 and therefore do not show up in Kauvara's, making them impossible to find. Could a hero come and fix this? I'd be so pleased!~~floons
Donny has gone ahead and adjusted the rarity of those three.

Underwater Maraquan Markings are so amazing!! Thank you TNT! But when my maraquan wears clothes the markings hover over the clothes and looks so awkward! Can they be rezoned to marking instead of static?~~_sissiy_sis_369
Yes, they will take a cool minute to sync, but they will be up shortly.

Hi! Could you possibly consider making a new Retired Baby Capsule in the NC Mall please? There are very limited options when it comes to dressing Baby Neopets and rereleasing the old items in a capsule would be really fun! Thanks!~~cherry_25
This is great idea, we will definitely try to add this to schedule.

Hey TNT! i recently created a new account zombieghosts as my new main but i am regretting doing this is it okay if i switch back to my old main when my Premium runs out? Promise i wont switch again!~~zombieghosts
Sure, you would be able to switch back after your Premium on zombieghosts runs out.

Hey! It seems like King Skarls Snowbunny is still not appearing anywhere, and I was wondering if you could look into this. Thanks!
I have looked into this and checked with our programmer and he said it is active but it is a very rare drop hence why it is very difficult to find. But it is active and working.

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