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Short Stories

The Diary of an Underwater Fisherpet

A Neopian decides to take on a new challenge!

by illusique
A Day Out at Terror Mountain!

Donna the Usul takes an exciting trip to Terror Mountain!

by zed16
Cauldron Cafe

A story of how small gestures can be heroic.

by neoghia
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What's That In The Night Sky?

Have you ever just looked up at the night sky and watched the stars twinkle? Enjoyed the light they radiated from so far away that it seems like an impossible distance? I've always loved how big the night sky was and how beautiful it was lit up on an evening with no clouds! There are the super, super bright stars and the really dim stars that you can barely see... And did you know that light was from a long, long, long time ago? Let's do an experiment! I promise it will only take you a few seconds of your time. The Light Experiment: Go over to your wall where the light switch is. Is the light already on? Turn the light off. See how fast your world went dark?

Other Stories


Extreme Herder: An Avatar Collector's Guide
In this article series, I provide you with the strategies I developed through trial and error so you can attain the avatar for Neopia's toughest games! Today's target is Extreme Herder.

by costumely


Notable Neopian Meercas: An Homage
What better way to celebrate upcoming Meerca Day than by remembering and paying homage to some memorable Meercas in Neopian history? collab with fernandomf and juan_victor

by necromancer_6


Touring Troubles
A Lot Like Pteris starts out on their Neopia-wide tour!

by cinnamontea


Quarry Life
Monazite and Agate find themselves under the watchful eye of Flicker as they try to make a daring escape!

by blueys45


Every Roo's Nightmare
What keeps Blumaroos up late at night? collab with sportsagain

by fizztop


Glory Days: Bug Off
He’s not wrong...

by darkpassage

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