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A Motivational Guide for Account and Goal Improvement

by sirtoofy


Are you an older player who is struggling to achieve your goals? Are you a returning player who is coming back after a long time away from the game? Or are you just frustrated that you aren’t achieving the special avatar you have always dreamed of? Well, here are some quick trips for you.


     So you are perusing the Avatar/NeoSignature Board and you see that another person has got the daily avatar you have been dreaming of. You feel dejected. No energy left. Fear not. This article will motivate you to achieve these once-a-day avatars.

     1. Set a timer! Some of the popular ones like Buried Treasure or Symol Hole are every hour/3 hours. Make sure you set a reminder to go for it. Oftentimes, we get busy in our day-to-day lives from feeding pets, chatting on the Neoboards, and just playing games. Each missed hour is a lost opportunity to potentially get the avatar. Same goes for those cursed Wheel avatars!

     2. Don’t lose motivation. The odds are forever in your favour. Sure, you might not get them today, but you might get them tomorrow. Remember, good things come to those who wait and try hard. It will make it much more rewarding. If you need to take a break, do so. Walk away, take a deep breath, and carry on. It really can be demoralizing seeing everyone else receive your favourite avatar while you struggle along, but persistence will ultimately pay off. You are your own worst enemy.

     3. Bookmark your dailies. There might be a lot to do but if you set aside 5-10 minutes, you should be able to ensure you have hit all the spots. You can use an external Neopets-affiliated site or set up your own bookmarks on each page. That way, when you collect one, it will feel great to delete it from your to-do-list. I personally have each one bookmarked so when I open up a browser, I have everything there for me.

     4. Ask for help! Game avatars are especially hard and sometimes, you might need some motivation or tips to help you along. There are some great guides everywhere, however, talking to people that have already achieved the avatar is always a great point of contact. They can speak from personal experience and help boost you over the top. Little tips on certain levels can make or break some of the scores, given the fine line between success and failure.


     This one is a little more interesting as it does require time and skill. A lot of people want to stack up the trophy cabinet as soon as possible for both aesthetic reasons and achievement purposes. For new accounts or returning players, there are several easy-to-obtain trophies + a few tips on how to get additional ones.

     1. Cheat! Is probably the most well-known of all trophies. The game involves tricking your way around your opponents and ridding yourself of all cards without being caught lying. It’s a fun game in real life and the game here helps reduce all the yelling, screaming, and card tossing that real life presents. In addition, you can get a nice trophy after Round 3, 5, and 7. Getting the trophy should be a piece of cake.

     2. Snow Wars is basically Battleship but with snowballs and cute accessories. This game is very straight forward. All you have to do is uncover the opponent’s items without them exposing yours. You get a bronze trophy after level 5, silver after level 7, and gold trophy after level 10. This game requires a bit of luck so just spend a bit of time every day and work towards your goal.

     3. Cellblock! Is based on another game in real life, Connect 4. In this case, you have to connect 5 in a row and there are many special tips to assist you in getting these trophies quickly. Bonus, you may also get an avatar during your attempts. Again, this one is very straight forward and awards a runner-up medal after the 1st tournament round 4, bronze after the 1st tournament round 8, silver at the 11th tournament round 4, and gold at the 11th tournament round 8.

     4. Pyramids! Is one of the most tedious and annoying ones out there, but requires winning the game twice to award a spiffy new trophy. The game involves playing cards that are 1 higher or 1 lower than the current card at the top of the pile. The more cards you play in a row, the higher the score. Again, this game will probably take several tries in order to achieve 1 victory and then you’re halfway there.

     5. Sakhmet Solitaire is exactly like Pyramids in that it will take you multiple tries and it will be very annoying. Exactly like traditional solitaire, the only catch in this one is you have limited attempts to refresh your deck. After you finish your rounds, you will not be allowed to cycle thought it anymore. You have two options: Draw 1 or Draw 3. Personally, I found the most success with Draw 3 as you have extra chances to run through the deck. Again, 2 victories and you will earn a nice bronze trophy for your lookup.

     6. Illusen/Jhudora Quest trophies are incredibly easy, although competitive. For this one, you will need to start right at the reset for the month. For the trophy, I recommend starting on the lowest quest level so the items are cheaper. Open up a tab for the Shop Wizard using "Identical To My Phrase". Once you start your quest, immediately copy and paste the item into the shop wizard. Click the first shop listed and buy the item immediately. While it’s loading, go back to the previous screen and click that you have the item. It should be quick enough to launch you into the top 10. Set a timer and exactly 12 hours after that, do your second quest in the same way as the above. With any luck, you will be in gold position, if not down to Bronze. If you don’t get a solid trophy, don’t worry. Continue the steps into Day 2 and 3 of the month. Typically, people will try to get the trophy at the beginning of the month and forget, leaving you with ample opportunity to skyrocket to the top. It took me until Day 2 to get my gold trophy. Easy as pie. And takes the least amount of time of all.

     7. General Trophy Scoring. Pick a game. Practice it towards the end of the month. Then at the monthly reset, play it immediately and get a good score. I would personally shy away from the avatar games (faerie bubbles, typing terror) as those are typically bombarded with amazing scores. I would shy towards the lesser-known games where you’ll barely find 50 people playing at the month start. Those are the ones to focus on and if you’re lucky, you might even get yourself a shiny gold trophy.

     General Goals:

     One of the best things I’ve found since returning is Trudy’s Surprise. It is free Neopoints every day and adds up for a nice bonus. When reaching your current goals, try and spend as little as possible and save as much as possible.

     1. Bank your Neopoints at the end of the night. Great for bank interest. Otherwise, you lose out on free money.

     2. Trudy’s Surprise. I don’t know why anyone would disable this notification as it literally awards 18-20k Neopoints a day. That’s the equivalent of playing multiple games.

     3. Mysterious Negg Cave. This one requires a bit of puzzle-solving, which is fun. The rewards can be pretty basic for the most part, however, you might get lucky and receive a Negg. I just received an Ultimate Icy Negg and got 50,000 Neopoints for spending 30 seconds to solve a puzzle.

     4. All Dailies. Basically, you can’t go wrong with any dailies. The chances might be slim that you get something decent, but with more attempts, you have more chances. And that includes things like the Forgotten Shore, where finding a Draik Egg or Potion can easily boost your savings accounts.

     And there you have it. SirToofy’s guide to returning players and players that need motivation. It doesn’t take much but hopefully, this has helped guide you towards your future goals and to improving your account.


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