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Notable Neopian Meercas: An Homage

by necromancer_6


Hello, everybody! The 18th of the Month of Hiding, the day we celebrate Meerca Day, is right upon us! What better way to celebrate it if not remembering and paying homage to some memorable Meercas in Neopian history? We made a short list with some Meercas that most Neopians are certainly familiar with.

     Initially, it’s important to state that the list below is in no particular order, so “first” and “last” doesn’t really mean much here. It’s also important to note that obviously there are many other notable Meercas other than the ones listed. The list below just represents the authors’ humble opinion. That being said, let’s get started, shall we?

     1. MEUKA

     Meuka is a snot Meerca best known for being a challenger in the battledome. While many people would generally want to avoid running into a being like Meuka, many players actually try to unlock Meuka in the battledome in order to get his slimy avatar. Unlocking Meuka as a battledome challenger is done in a very unusual way: you must have a pet suffering from Sneezles or Neoflu, diseases that totally relate to Meuka’s overall snot theme. Even though we can’t say Meuka is the strongest battledome opponent, he’s definitely not the easiest one either: he’s got 60 HP on easy mode and a total of 84 HP on the hardest difficulty setting.

     Also, Meuka has his own game: Snot Splatter. In the game, we have to pop Meuka’s snot blobs in order to prevent pets and petpets from getting stuck on it. He created a very large mucus web and the players have to use Meuka’s snot to destroy as many blobs as possible. We personally find the game very entertaining and absolutely love its design. What better way to be remembered other than having your very own flash game?

     In addition, Meuka is also seen in Neopia’s most famous RPG: Neoquest II. Meuka shows up as a mini-boss on Act 4, Haunted Woods. Facing Meuka is 100% optional and choosing not to do it does not affect the game progression in any way other than the valuable experience and items you won’t be getting from his drops.


     Chuffer Bob is the kind of Neopian character that every single Neopets player knows for sure, even though some might not recognize him only by the name. That’s right. Even the newbies know him. And that’s because Chuffer Bob is the 4th opponent at the classical game “Cheat!”. Capara, the Kyrii, may be the face of “Cheat!”, but Chuffer Bob is among the adversaries to really look out for.

     Furthermore, the biggest characteristic of Chuffer Bob is his unstoppable appetite. Chuffer Bob’s "Cheat!" description states that he “is a good player, but his voracious appetite often gets the better of him. When he is hungry, he can't concentrate”. Well, we can’t blame him, can we? Who is able to concentrate when the hunger hits, right?

     There’s a curious fact about Chuffer Bob. He has no clothing on, but he always wears a belt. “What for?”, the reader might ask. What’s the point of having a belt if you have no clothes on? Well, the answer is quite simple. Chuffer Bob has his belt always on to prevent his ravenous belly from taking too much space.


     In this topic we’re not discussing about just one Meerca, but two at a time. Heermeedjet and his brother Meerouladen, best known as “The Meerca Brothers” or “The Meerca Henchmen” are our subjects.

     Just like Meuka, these Meercas are available as battledome challengers. Fighting them will earn you one out of two exclusive avatars. There’s an avatar for each one of the brothers, but you’re only able to get one of them. You don’t get to choose which avatar you’ll get, since it’s random after defeating them. Sadly, the avatars are not currently available, since the Defenders of Neopia are not working at the moment. Hopefully, it will be fixed sometime soon, so we can show some love to Meercas. Even the bad ones like these guys!

     Also, the brothers have a game dedicated to their burgling skills: “The Great Qasalan Caper”. The game revolves around helping the brothers steal golden statues without ever being caught. The NP ratios of the game are generally low, so it’s not really worth playing it to make money. Since the game is not played a lot, it’s somewhat easy to snag a trophy, so you might want to practice in order to get an exclusive Meerca-like trophy!


     Who could’ve guessed that Meercas could bounce so fast with their tails? Who would’ve known that Meercas loved collecting neggs? These are some information we can infer from the Meerca Chase II game, which has as its main character… a Meerca, obviously.

     We don’t know much about the Meerca that we play as in Meerca Chase II. There’s no information on its name, gender, interests, etc. The only thing we know for sure is that it’s a yellow Meerca and that it REALLY likes neggs.

     We decided to include it in this list because this Meerca is the main character in one of the most popular games on Neopia. According to the game info, Meerca Chase II won the most elevated award ribbon for times played, which means that the game was played more than 200.000.000 times so far.

     Aside from that, Meerca Chase II has its own avatar, which features a Meerca. If we had to choose one game to play in celebration of Meerca Day, we would definitely go for Meerca Chase II.


     Her name might seem a little bit odd at first sight, but we’ll break it down for you. “Crumpet” means “bread, cake”, while “monger” stands for a person responsible for trading or selling a specific commodity. Combining the two we have the answer: she’s the seller of bread and cakes, which is very literal and precise indeed, considering that the Crumpetmonger is the shopkeeper of Neovia’s food shop. Most items sold are pies, cakes and loaves of bread she makes herself.

     Funny fact about the Crumpetmonger: since she doesn’t use her tail to walk, she found a better use for it: cooking. It’s a strong and firm Meerca tail that is responsible for Neovia’s finest pastries after all!

     When you visit her shop, she immediately warns you that you should buy as soon as possible. Otherwise, she might eat some of the shop stock herself. I guess now we know where all the items go when they say the shop is “out of stock”, right?


     Keep in mind that Meerca Day is all about celebrating the joy of owning a lovely Meerca. To accomplish that we assembled the list above with a few examples. What other Meercas do you think should be remembered on this day remarkable day? Let us know!

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