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A Day Out at Terror Mountain!

by zed16


Donna the Usuki Usul was looking forward to this!

     She'd been planning this trip for a while now and finally gets to see what the fuss is all about up at Terror Mountain!

     Donna was awake early on a fine Monday morning buzzing with excitement. Her backpack already filled with supplies like food, Neopoints, a camera and a map of the whole of Terror mountain in case she needed it and still had room for anything else she could fit in there! It was almost time to leave, so she gave her long thick hair a quick brush, wrapped herself up in her winter coat and with backpack in tow she was ready to go!

     Donna arrived in good time at Happy Valley and first stop was most definitely the Slushie shop to get a nice cold tasty treat. She'd heard many good reviews about the Slushies in here so she wanted to get one! But there was so many to choose from and the friendly striped eyrie shopkeeper was trying to help her decide too by pointing out the most popular ones. But after much debating, she settled for a sour lemon slushie, paid and walked out the shop. Took a sip and it was sour alright! However, it had an amazing aftertaste so it was worth it!

     Donna looked around and the place was buzzing, so much to see and do she didn't know what she wanted to do next!

     But, she thought, to get a better view of the land she should go on the chair lifts that take you up high! She made her way to the top of the mountain and managed to bagsy a chair lift all by herself.

     All strapped in and she was off! The chair started off at the top of the mountain where she passed the big snow-covered building where the Snow Faerie lives. Just to the left was the Icy Snow Fun Shop and just past that was the Igloo Sale Shop, might get a good bargain in there she read from her map that stated just that!

     And the Shop of Mystery.. wonder what's in there she asked herself? The map stated everything purchased at the Shop of Mystery was a surprise and you won't know what you've gotten until you've bought a bag...

     Carrying on downwards Donna was back in Happy Valley and she spotted the big ice rink that was full of people ice skating! That looked like loads of fun, must find time to do that!

     And before she knew it, the ride was over. She'd seen some spectacular views up above but the one place she hadn't been able to see was in the ice caves! So after getting off the chair she took a walk over to the caves and went inside. She had to be careful where she was walking as the floor was made of ice! Maybe those ice skates would have come in handy! But everything was glistening and she walked around in awe at all the ice sculptors. She got out her camera that she'd brought in her backpack and set about taking loads of pictures too. Donna entered the Ice crystal shop and after looking around bought a snowball slingshot as a souvenir for herself.

     Donna walked out of the crystal shop and turned right when she heard a bit of a commotion and according to the map just at the top was where the Snowager lives.. by the looks of things some brave souls had tried to take some treasure from the Snowager as they all ran out screaming and laughing at the time because he'd awoken and scared them all away. She told herself it was probably best to avoid going in there!

     Before Donna knew it, it was lunchtime. She sat down in a nice spot next to the ice arena where she could hear whooping and cheering. Some sort of battle must be going on. Donna took out the lunch she'd brought in her backpack and began eating as she thought about what to do next.

     Then Donna had an idea! She remembered while she was on the chair lifts that she had seen the ice rink outside the Ice cave. So, after lunch, she walked out of the cave and made a beeline for the ice rink.

     The Ice rink was buzzing with others ice skating. They looked like they were having so much fun and Donna watched while a blue bruce was showing off some spectacular moves that she wanted to give it a try herself. Maybe not to that extreme but she fancied a go. So she went and rented some skates from a stall and before she talked herself out of it she was on the rink! She started off slowly and stuck to the edges at first, but once she got her bearings she let go of the side and off she went! Donna wasn't doing too badly and managed to not make a fool out of herself but she wasn't quite as good as some of the other skaters.

     She was having sooo much fun skating when she spotted an Ice Cream Cart. Luckily, one of her friends had given her a coupon as a gift so, after nearly falling over trying to stop, she returned her skates and went over to the ice cream cart. A friendly blue lutari named Mr Chipper greeted her with a smile and with her gifted coupons she walked away with a chocolate ice cream! Good thing she had her winter coat on and her thick hair to keep her warm with all these cold treats she was having!

     Donna had time for a game of either Ice Cream Machine or throwing Snowballs for points. Remembering she'd bought the slingshot earlier, she made her way over for a game of snowball fight! Although the faeries gave her a run for her money Donna managed to win the top prize, which was a wintery plushie of her choice. She settled for a snowbunny plushie.

     It was near the end of her time at Terror mountain and Donna had enjoyed every minute of it! But at the last moment, she went into the gift tag shop to buy some wintery themed gift tags for all her friends and family back home. She picked a bunch out but the one she liked the most was the one with the cute raindorf on it. She decided to keep that one for herself. Donna paid and put the gift tags in her backpack because unfortunately, it was time to go home. She had one last look around. The atmosphere was still buzzing and she couldn't wait to tell everyone about her day!

     Donna settled down in her seat on the way home and, after studying the map for the last time that day, she already knew when she would be back! She wanted to visit again in December so the advent calendar will be open for daily prizes. Plus its the most magical time of the year! Got that right!

     She already couldn't wait for the next time!

     The End.

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