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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Making The World Come Alive was all about adding colour to your words and to make them appear in the reader’s mind. It is simple enough to put words on paper and to make someone read them, but you want the person to feel and see exactly what you are trying to convey. Without the right words, the reader won’t fully understand what you want them to, and they won’t be immersed in this alternate reality you are working so hard to craft. This book covers the world-building aspects of writing, and how to inject that realistic emotion into the story to make the reader feel like they are there.

5 Ways To Celebrate Fyora Day

You have been summoned to FAERIELAND! The 2nd of the month of Relaxing also known as Fyora Day is finally here! As we all know, Queen Fyora has been the long-time ruler of Faerieland (not that we’re calling her old or anything). Her main responsibility is to protect Faerieland as well as Neopia as a whole, and as such her presence and her decisions are some of the main reasons all Neopets are safe and sound. She is also the founder of the Hidden Tower, a shop located in Faerie City, which is probably one of the most iconic symbols of Faerie Culture. She is also the creator of the Faerie Festival, one of Neopia’s most beloved events, which takes place in a yearly basis at the 20th of the month of Gathering in Faerieland. She probably is also the number 1 representative of the colour lilac...

Ten More Cutest Trophies in Neopia

Earning trophies and appreciating cuteness are two things that many of us love to do, but it's not often you get to do both at once! In this follow-up to our article "Ten Cutest Trophies in Neopia, and How to Earn Them" (issue 832), we share with you ten more of our favourite cute trophies, as well as some tips that might help you to earn them! Ice Cream Machine The Ice Cream Machine trophy features Adee, the Chia you play as in the game. Bundled up in warm clothing, she looks so cheerful as she holds her ice cream cone. We can't help but smile when we see how happy she looks! This trophy can be pretty tricky to get because it requires both luck and skill. Just keep trying and eventually, you'll get a good score! Don't forget the code "strawberryvanillachocolate" for an extra life.

Travel Guide to Altador: Key Sites and Things To Do

It’s the month of Relaxing and we know what’s on everybody’s mind – The Altador Cup! Neopets and their owners hail from all corners of Neopia – from the deep forests of the Haunted Woods to the rolling hills of Meridell to the various lush islands to the clouds up above in Faerieland – to watch the games and cheer their home team on. It is the dream of many to witness the great players of eighteen teams compete against each other in arguably the biggest game in all Neopia, Yooyuball! Almost everyone who comes come for the games but did you know Altador has a TON of things beyond hosting the Altador Cup to offer?

Other Stories
"From Green to Ice: A Wocky's Story" by mabi1234
It had been a long journey from his humble abode on 202 Magical Road, Neopia Central. In fact, it had been a good call to leave the house to his cousin Dangeom, a Chocolate Wocky, since she had recently opened a small coffee shop near the market street and needed somewhere to stay. Despite being a homeowner, and unlike his cousin, that Green Wocky did live up to his species’ name: he was an adventurer, never one for staying in the same place for too long. Just like a hitchhiker, he carried most of his belongings in his huge khaki backpack. There was no bad season nor bad weather for our traveller. His Raindorf knew it all too well, for he joined his owner in all of his adventures. Let us call our protagonist Green, since his forest-green fur was his most striking feature. He looked pretty much like any other Wocky and could not bear to stay in the same place or land for too long. He had to be always on the road, discovering things, making friends and seeing all that Neopia had to offer.

"Once is not enough" by gamelovingirl
Magnificent! There was no other word to describe it. Something of such beauty simply shouldn't exist, but there it was. Sitting proudly in the heart of Roo Island, like a beacon of light drawing in every Neopet within the area. Little Chester was no exception. He had been waiting all week to see it after his Mother had told him about the outing she had planned for them. Now here he was, and the young Blumaroo's eyes were wide with awe as he stood and stared at it, holding his Mother's hand who was smiling down at him. "It's quite wonderful, isn't it?" she asked him, "I did promise that you would be impressed, didn't I?" Chester could only swallow and nod, his tail flicking impatiently as he realized he had to wait behind many other Neopets before he could have a turn. It seemed as though they would never reach the end of the line, and he had begun to shift from side to side in anticipation. But, it was fun to watch the other Neopets enjoy themselves. Everyone was laughing and smiling brightly as they were spun around in a whirl of colour and music on the Merry-Go-Round.

"1337 the Springabee" by pixie_tea
The world of Neopia is full of mysteries, and nobody truly knows what the future holds. One cannot say for sure what they will do and where they will be in the future. A prediction can be made for the future, but does that mean it will come true? That is a mystery. However, one can focus on the present moment no matter how good or bad it is, and be accepting of it all. Things happen for a reason and often shape the being you are today. Here is a story of a Springabee that changed the world of technology and software for Neopia. This story’s purpose is to promote self-acceptance and inspire others to contribute to society and make the most of the time that you have with cool life experiences. Springabee is a bee-like Petpetpet that made its way into Neopia on August 4, 2011. Springabees still do exist, but there are not that many out there nowadays. The story of the Springabee you are about to hear will be like no other. Reading about the Springabees through the Neopian Times, my friend was intrigued by this Petpetpet group and how significant they are.

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