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Altador Cup Crossword

Can you crack this Altador Cup themed crossword puzzle? collaboration with prada_prince

by jo_lsw2

A question of age and an age-old answer.

by greyorangegrey
Fountain of Youth - Part 2

Continue on with Cor the Shoyru who is on a quest for water from the fountain of youth. How far will he go?

by dekucorey
Mystery Cooking

I wonder what would happen... Also by xxcrayzylilboyxx

by roxanna203
Pile o' Bones: Spoiler!

Zeroto spoils yet another book for Lorallai

by cassanthia

All natural...

by ssjelitegirl
Hot Fashion

The hottest fashion trend...

by emmakrakoka
Just Cake #20

Turning the boo on Boochi.

by flameshard
Pie-rated team


by neopieceluffy
Random Oddness

I think someone needs to speak to the manager.

by mistyqee
Real Remedies at the Neohospital Part IV

Another wacky remedy prescribed at the Neohospital collaboration with SPOTSILVER

by andypopo
Blumaroo Baking, part 2

It's never too early...

by molzypoo
Altador Cup

Take My Neopoints!

by kayona4
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Ten More Cutest Trophies in Neopia

Earning trophies and appreciating cuteness are two things that many of us love to do, but it's not often you get to do both at once! In this follow-up to our article "Ten Cutest Trophies in Neopia, and How to Earn Them" (issue 832), we share with you ten more of our favourite cute trophies, as well as some tips that might help you to earn them! Ice Cream Machine The Ice Cream Machine trophy features Adee, the Chia you play as in the game. Bundled up in warm clothing, she looks so cheerful as she holds her ice cream cone. We can't help but smile when we see how happy she looks! This trophy can be pretty tricky to get because it requires both luck and skill. Just keep trying and eventually, you'll get a good score! Don't forget the code "strawberryvanillachocolate" for an extra life.

Other Stories


From Green to Ice: A Wocky's Story
Let us call our protagonist Green, since his forest-green fur was his most striking feature. He looked pretty much like any other Wocky and could not bear to stay in the same place or land for too long...

by mabi1234


Once is not enough
Magnificent! There was no other word to describe it. Something of such beauty simply shouldn't exist, but there it was. Sitting proudly in the heart of Roo Island, like a beacon of light drawing in every Neopet within the area...

by gamelovingirl


Account Improvement 101: User Lookup & Account Stats
Whether you like restocking, trading pets, making galleries or hunting down elusive NC items, having a polished-looking account will take you places...

by asheiruki


Travel Guide to Altador: Key Sites and Things To Do
A nifty guide of tips and tidbits for all who are coming to Altador this month for the Altador Cup

by bobajfett


The Move
I was excited for this kind of day. I loved visiting my cousins but my favourite cousins were on Roo Island...

by hannahcreep


The Krawk Island Adventure
Tristan and Litana stammered out mumbled excuses, panickedly glancing at Squire for backup... Also written by ceara52

by therainbowsheep

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