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Travel Guide to Altador: Key Sites and Things To Do

by bobajfett


It’s the month of Relaxing and we know what’s on everybody’s mind – The Altador Cup! Neopets and their owners hail from all corners of Neopia – from the deep forests of the Haunted Woods to the rolling hills of Meridell to the various lush islands to the clouds up above in Faerieland – to watch the games and cheer their home team on. It is the dream of many to witness the great players of eighteen teams compete against each other in arguably the biggest game in all Neopia, Yooyuball! Almost everyone who comes come for the games but did you know Altador has a TON of things beyond hosting the Altador Cup to offer?

     Dripping in history and rich in culture, the city-state has numerous ancient and medieval architectural site and structures for you to behold. Set against a picturesque landscape beside the sea, the views from pretty much anywhere is stunning, to say the least. The food in Altador is second to none – a delight for the senses plus it is healthy yet tasty (I heard it’s the copious amounts of olive oil they use here).

     The Colosseum

     No guide to Altador can begin without a mention of The Colosseum. To the western-most point of the city is the most popular tourist attraction in Altador and, chances are, this is already on your go-to list because the Altador Cup is held here! Thousands upon thousands of sports fans descend upon this grand amphitheatre to see not only the annual Altador Cup but also smaller tournaments and national games throughout the year.

     Hall of Heroes

     A monument in the centre of Altador dedicated to the twelve great legends of Altador. King Altador. Psellia. Torakor. Jerdana. Marak. Siyana. Florin. Gordos. Fauna. Kelland. Sasha. And the Darkest Faerie… Or what used to be of the Darkest Faerie, that is. Take your time to walk around and carefully read all the plaques and learn about the roles each hero played in different plots throughout history. Feel their great presence as you look up to the large than life-sized statues of The Twelve.

     The Hall also serves as an observatory due to the clever architecture of the domed roofs that open. Feel free to say hi to the Yurble Janitor if you see him around!

     Altadorian Archives

     The Altadorian Archives is the key to every single piece of Altadorian knowledge, science, and history. It houses thousands of books and scrolls on its shelves. Documents from Altadorian and other Neopian writers and philosophers have been kept in this library since antiquity, carefully maintained over the years by Finneus the Lenny and his ancestors. Many, many years ago there was a great fire here that destroyed a lot of priceless texts here. There are whispers that it was no accident…

     As a visitor to Altador, you are not allowed to borrow books out and take home but feel free to peruse anything while you’re here. You are also welcome to look in on the many clubs that operate and have meetings here such as the astronomy club and alchemy club. There’s even an underwater basket weaving club if you are looking for something different.

     Exquisite Ambrosia

     Some of you are definitely here to sample the delectable Altadorian food only available in this part of Neopia. Located near a ring of volcanos, the soil here is extremely rich and fresh produce abundant. Flatbreads, cheese, olives, and seafood are the star of the show but you need only look to find more hidden treasures. Figs, meats, dips and sweets of all sorts are not to be missed here. Altadorians prefer a more natural palate so not much here is overly processed.

     Do not pass up on Spicy Hummus, Lemon Sun Cake or Altadorian Melitinias while you are here!

     Illustrious Armoury

     Altador, with its long history of plots and heroes, is famous for its quality metal and iron products. The master blacksmiths train from youth to learn the skills of the trade to perfection. All the armour and weapons available for sale here are handcrafted by experts and will offer you the best advantages in the Battledome. Even if you’re not in the market to buy, you can do a weaponry and armoury tour led by the Brown Elephante in charge of Illustrious Armoury, a gregarious (albeit somewhat intimidating) shopkeeper, who is always happy to share his craft and knowledge.

     They also sell souvenir and toy weaponry for the little ones.

     Magical Marvels

     Whether you get some weaponry and armour or not, Magical Marvels is the natural next stop. Unlike Illustrious Armoury, the store was originally not open to the public since it was created to supply magical equipment to the royal family, who would then bequeath the items as they saw fit to loyal subjects. Today it is open for all to shop at!

     The Yellow Chia shopkeeper sells extremely powerful magical equipment that you can buy for yourself or friends!

     Legendary Petpets

     If your Neopet is in need of a Petpet companion, Legendary Petpets is a must-visit. The Blue Yurble shopkeeper is a lovely lady who provides a home for the Petpets until they can find their forever home. Unlike other Petpet stores, there are only ten types of Petpets available to purchase but each has so much Altadorian flair. If you’re lucky, a rare Minitheus might be in stock!

     Day Trip to Shenkuu

     If you have an extra day to spare, it is highly recommended to pop over to Shenkuu. It is a short journey north of Altador best travelled to by air for speediness and the views (although you may climb the steep mountains if you wish). While also ancient and rich in history, that is where the similarities between Altador and Shenkuu end.

     Aside from the sites and lunar activities on offer, you can nab a neat orange avatar while you’re there. Don’t forget to bring home food and medicines that are guaranteed to be found nowhere else in Neopia. It is well worth your while to make a stopover at this beautiful merchant town, especially for visitors from distant lands who have travelled a long distance for the Game.

     There is so much to see and do here that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. I hope you have found this guide helpful for your visit to this beautiful land. Good luck to all for the Altador Cup!!!


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