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1337 the Springabee

by pixie_tea


The world of Neopia is full of mysteries, and nobody truly knows what the future holds. One cannot say for sure what they will do and where they will be in the future. A prediction can be made for the future, but does that mean it will come true? That is a mystery. However, one can focus on the present moment no matter how good or bad it is, and be accepting of it all. Things happen for a reason and often shape the being you are today. Here is a story of a Springabee that changed the world of technology and software for Neopia. This story’s purpose is to promote self-acceptance and inspire others to contribute to society and make the most of the time that you have with cool life experiences.

     Springabee is a bee-like Petpetpet that made its way into Neopia on August 4, 2011. Springabees still do exist, but there are not that many out there nowadays. The story of the Springabee you are about to hear will be like no other. Reading about the Springabees through the Neopian Times, my friend was intrigued by this Petpetpet group and how significant they are. It was a sunny day at Neopia Central and the weather had not been this nice for weeks, so my friend decided to take a walk outside to get some fresh air. Taking a walk outside is one of the best ways to not only do some self-reflection, but to also get ideas and be inspired. While walking along the sunny path, two Springabees were spotted buzzing around the Rose of Friendship bush. My friend observed them from a safe distance as an extra precaution.

     After ten or so minutes have elapsed, my friend walked over to that Rose of Friendship bush to get a better look at the two bees that were still there. There was an empty, clean jar on the ground next to the bush that was labelled “For Research Purposes Only.” It was like all of this was meant to be and so my friend picked up the jar and opened it and placed a handpicked Rose of Friendship inside. One of the hovering Springabees was caught inside that jar and after securing the jar with its lid, my friend headed to the Secret Laboratory. However, my friend's purpose in heading to the lab was not to change a Neopet or Petpet, but to study the captured Springabee.

     After months of study and research were conducted, a research paper was written by my friend to present to the world. Following countless hours spent on studying that Springabee, from observing its traits through analyzing its anatomy and physiology at every angle, my friend was greatly inspired to create something that no Neopian has ever thought of yet. My friend travelled to the Virtupets Space Station to work on the creation since all of the needed supplies were available there. For the first time, a robotic Springabee was built. This invention falls into the categories of technology and software. Technology applies to machines and tools that may be used to resolve real-world or even daily issues. Software refers to programs or data or in brief a set of instructions and the purpose of this is to use them to carry out particular tasks or to operate computers (all of these terms and definitions were found in the Virtupets Space Station Travel Brochure!). Normally, software refers to applications, which are scripts and programs that run on a device.

     A software was developed inside this robotic Springabee and a microchip was placed under the Springabee’s robotic covering between its shoulder blades at the back of its neck. This microchip had a unique number that is known as its identity and can only be identified by using a microchip scanner. All supplies used to build this invention were found at the Grundo Warehouse. The day this robotic Springabee became a reality was the day it was named 1337, which was the number engraved on that microchip. My friend also put in a mini Global Positioning System within 1337 the Springabee to map and survey the whole world of Neopia. Not only that, 1337 the Springabee was also created to be able to help monitor any changes in weather or anything unusual.

     1337 was still a work in progress at the time and was being tested out daily to see if it could perform the same tasks as real bees. After years of testing out 1337 the Springabee indoors and outdoors along with software maintenance to modify the Springabee, to correct faults or any errors, and to improve its performance, my friend decided that 1337 was officially ready to be presented to the world for the very first time. The day my friend presented 1337 to a live audience along with the research paper was the day the world saw what that robotic Springabee could do. The main difference between 1337 and other bees would be that 1337 is a technology and software, built to carry out tasks that would help the world. However, 1337 the Springabee was programmed to have some characteristics too. 1337 likes to skateboard and play games to zone out after helping out and contributing to society. This robotic Springabee does not run on batteries. At the end of every week on a Sunday, 1337 would have to sit on the Rose of Friendship for two hours to replenish and have its computer system updated.

     One day, 1337 the Springabee was passed on to me by my friend after it was presented to the world for the very first time. 1337 helps out by transferring pollen between flowering plants and to keep the cycle of life going. Without 1337 and other springabees, life on Neopia would not exist and we need them to perform a task that is vital to the survival of agriculture: pollination. Springabees are Neopia’s most important pollinator of food crops and about one-third of the foods that Neopians and Neopets consume each day depends on pollination done mostly by bees.

     I hope the story of how 1337 the Springabee came to existence inspires others to not be afraid of dreaming big because anything is possible when you put your mind to it and keep trying no matter what life throws at you. Springabee 1337 wants everyone to know that there is no easy way around some obstacles and that sometimes the only thing that can be done is to accept them and push onward. One can always focus on the present moment no matter how good or bad things may seem. Life’s trials can be looked at as a test and they will test you and shape you... but never let them change who you are because you are unique, important, and worth it. There is no such thing as failure, but an opportunity to grow personally and be the better you. From Springabee’s perspective, success has no value without a struggle.

     My friend invented Springabee with the purpose to contribute to society and inspire others to make the world better than how we entered it. By making the world even better than how we entered it, everyone will be building a path for others to walk on. Recycling kindness.

     To my friend who is one of the coolest, wittiest Neopians I ever came across and the mastermind who created 1337 the Springabee at the Virtupets Space Station, this story is dedicated to you, my true friend.

     The End.

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