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5 Ways To Celebrate Fyora Day

by mellody_sou_10


You have been summoned to FAERIELAND!

     The 2nd of the month of Relaxing also known as Fyora Day is finally here!

     As we all know, Queen Fyora has been the long-time ruler of Faerieland (not that we’re calling her old or anything). Her main responsibility is to protect Faerieland as well as Neopia as a whole, and as such her presence and her decisions are some of the main reasons all Neopets are safe and sound.

     She is also the founder of the Hidden Tower, a shop located in Faerie City, which is probably one of the most iconic symbols of Faerie Culture. She is also the creator of the Faerie Festival, one of Neopia’s most beloved events, which takes place in a yearly basis at the 20th of the month of Gathering in Faerieland.

     She probably is also the number 1 representative of the colour lilac, as she has lilac hair and eyes, wears a lilac dress and shoes, and so on – although she insists it is actually pink. It might not be a good idea to argue with her about that one. Let us all agree it is, in fact, lilac in silence.

     All in all, Queen Fyora is a prominent and important figure in Neopia. Therefore, it is more than fair that she gets a holiday in her homage.

     With that in mind, and without further ado, here are 5 different ways to celebrate this magical holiday with your Neopets to start the month in a great way!

     5. Visit Faerieland!

     Nothing like immersing into Faerie culture in the holiday of the most important of Faeries! In Faerieland, there are many diverse options for you to choose to visit with your Neopet.

     You can head to the Healing Springs to receive blessings from Marina the Water Faerie, who can heal your Neopets’ diseases or give them more hit points.

     If you believe in superstitions, maybe the Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity might grant you a special item.

     If you are a fan of trying your luck, you can also bet on your favourite poogle contestant at a Poogle Race – or maybe just watch a race if you don’t consider yourself lucky.

     Another place to try your luck is at the Wheel Of Excitement, that can give some valuable prizes – Neopoints, rare items, and much more. A spin costs 500 Neopoints, and you can spin it every few hours a day.

     4. Study the History of Faerieland

     As we have said before, Queen Fyora has been a prominent figure in the history of Faerieland. As such, to better understand the importance of a holiday dedicated to her, as well as how her decisions have influenced the world of Neopia as we know, it’s a good idea to start studying the history of Faerieland.

     Books such as ‘Culture and History of Faerieland’ and ‘Faerie Fables’ might be good for starters, although considerably expensive. You may also read Queen Fyora’s Neopedia page.

     3. Go shopping at the Hidden Tower

     A personal shop run by Fyora herself, this tower is located somewhere in Faerie City, and is dedicated to selling some of the most exclusive items in all of Neopia – that is, if you manage to find the shop, which can be tricky…

     Although the items available for sale might be a bit expensive, their price is totally worth paying for – you may find yourself with a brand new toy, battledome weapon, book, or even a paint brush! Most famous items available include but are not limited to a Faerie Queen Doll, a Baby Paint Brush, a Darigan Paint Brush, and the Grimoire of Affluence.

     You may only visit the Hidden Tower if your account is at least four months old. If your account is sixty months old or more, you may be able to qualify for a special discount on the third Wednesday of each month!

     (P.S.: This is not sponsored by the Hidden Tower.)

     3. Eat a burrito!

     Unlike what you would think of royals being lavish and preferring fancy cuisine, Fyora is a humble ruler. It is a known fact that Queen Fyora is a passionate fan of burritos (although she might not admit it openly).

     In this festive day, feed your Neopets a burrito for a full-experience Fyora Day.

     Affordable options include ‘Spicy Chicken Burrito’ and ‘The Faerie Queen Burrito’, as well as ‘Hot Dog Burrito’ and ‘Flaming Hot Burrito’.

     If the Faerie Queen herself has deemed burritos worth it, then why not you?

     Rumour has it that Fyora buys her favourite burritos with the income from the Hidden Tower, but she has strongly denied these accusations over the years.

     2. Collect Queen Fyora items

     There are many items available out there that pay homage to the Faerie Queen. From stamps to books, from toys to cards, from TCGs to clothes, you have near countless options to start collecting!

     If you are feeling inspired about it, you can even set up an entire gallery inspired by Fyora – she would most definitely appreciate that. Your gallery can be accessed through your user lookup, and therefore is visible to all visitors.

     1. Paint your Neopet or Petpet Faerie!

     It is a fact that Faerie Neopets are some of the most beautiful, cute, and gracious type of Neopets in all of Neopia. Therefore, why not have one yourself? Queen Fyora would be proud!

     Although the Faerie Paint Brush has been retired, there are still many available at the Trading Post and Auctions. Also, another option would be to head to Kauvara’s Magic Shop to look for a morphing potion; you might find one if you are lucky. Or if you’re feeling even luckier, you may also find a Faerie Neopet at the Neopian Pound!

     If you are not ready for the mighty beauty of a Faerie Neopet, you might want to get started with a smaller transition – how about a cute little Faerie Petpet?

     For that, the Faerie Petpet Paint Brush is your way-to-go. You may also directly buy the Faerie Petpet of your choice at user shops, auctions, or at user lots the trading post.

     So, after reading this entire list, what are you waiting for? Go spread the word of the Queen!

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