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Ten More Cutest Trophies in Neopia

by sugarxcoma


Earning trophies and appreciating cuteness are two things that many of us love to do, but it's not often you get to do both at once! In this follow-up to our article "Ten Cutest Trophies in Neopia, and How to Earn Them" (issue 832), we share with you ten more of our favourite cute trophies, as well as some tips that might help you to earn them!

     Ice Cream Machine

     The Ice Cream Machine trophy features Adee, the Chia you play as in the game. Bundled up in warm clothing, she looks so cheerful as she holds her ice cream cone. We can't help but smile when we see how happy she looks!

     This trophy can be pretty tricky to get because it requires both luck and skill. Just keep trying and eventually, you'll get a good score! Don't forget the code "strawberryvanillachocolate" for an extra life.

     Meepit vs. Feepit

     Seriously, how cute are Feepits?! This fluffy little guy looks so proud of the fact that he defeated all those Meepits.

     The main trick to getting a high score is to always let the Meepit win twice in each round so you can rack up as many points as possible by repeatedly doing combo moves. Make sure you get its health as low as possible before you let it win, because those few extra points make all the difference when it comes to the high score table. Also be careful not to hit the Meepit while it's blocking, because you may decrease its health without gaining any points!

     Jubble Bubble

     Maraquan Jubjubs are one of the cutest Jubjubs out there and looking at this trophy it's easy to see why! The bright wide-eyed look just melts our hearts and seeing them so happy just makes us want this trophy even more. Luckily with a few tricks, this trophy could be yours!

     This game starts out slow but quickly speeds up later on! The most important thing is to take care of the Jubjubs, even if it means missing some bonus dubloons. It's better to stay alive to earn more points than risk losing one. Timing your bubbles is also very important, as later on they will fall down quickly. Try and preemptively charge a bubble as you're moving as this will help you get underneath the Jubjubs faster.

     Ultimate Bullseye II

     Featuring the loyal and lovable Turtum, he smiles as he holds a couple of arrows, prepared to assist you during your game.

     Ultimate Bullseye is one of those games where after playing several times, you get a feel for it and you figure out how you should aim your ballista for a better chance to hit the target. This game is pretty luck-based though so you may have to try quite a few times before you can get a good high score. Remember to use the code "catapult" once per game for a free power-up!

     Itchy Invasion

     Much like Plushie Tycoon the great thing about this trophy is that all three tiers of them are very cute! We personally prefer the bronze one as its tiny bug-eyes are just so adorable. Sadly to get this trophy you will have to shoot them with your slime gun, but don't worry. It will be worth it to have any of these cute little critters on your lookup!

     Try and focus on accuracy as ammo is scarce; the green robot bugs will refill your ammo so always aim for them! Keep your cursor in the middle and if you do miss, don't panic! Just stay calm and react to the next wave of bugs. Having your computer zoomed in will make it easier to see the P3s. Finally, using the code "pest" will refill your ammo. Only use this when you know you are running low. With a little luck and skill, this trophy could be yours!

     Plushie Tycoon

     Each trophy tier for Plushie Tycoon features a different cuddly plushie: Usul for gold, Shoyru for silver, and Techo for bronze. If only we could have all three on our lookups!

     This is definitely a trophy that takes a good bit of time, but if you keep at it, you're sure to win it. If you want a bronze trophy, you probably only need to play for a week or so! But if you want gold, definitely play all month long. There are a lot of good, detailed guides out there to help you out, as well as an ongoing thread on the Neoboards.


     This little derpy Quiggle is one of our absolute favourites. The placement of the trophy number on its tongue is cute and the derpy eyes looking directly at it is really funny, almost as if it's a fly it wants to munch down. The posture is also adorable! The tiny little arms and the way it has its one leg out front, what's not to love?

     Keep an eye on the fly's colour! Purple flies are always at the back and worth the most points (10 each), so a good strategy is to always focus on eating them first. If you feel confident you can try for the big bees as well, as they are worth 20. Using the code "deliciousflies" will also net you an extra life as well. Good luck!

     Snow Roller

     The Snow Roller trophy features the cute and coveted Xampher, the star of the game. You may not be able to afford a real Xampher to give to your pet, but you can at least try your best to have one featured among your trophies!

     Snow Roller can be a pretty tough game because it can be difficult to control. But if you're thinking "I can't even get the avatar for that game!" then we have good news for you: it's easier to get the trophy than it is to get the avatar! Just keep practising, do lots of jumps, grab those Black Hole Slushies, and with some luck eventually you'll get it.


     The NeoQuest trophy features the NeoQuest Hero, and it's one of the only trophies that has a Lupe on it. Lupes are very dog-like, and the confused-looking head tilt of the Hero reminds us of our dogs and makes us wish we could give him head scritches!

     Neoquest takes a long time to complete but having this trophy is worth it! Being one of the few single-player games there will be no competition as well, plus you can always start off where you left off if you need a break. We recommend searching for the many well-written guides out there to help you out on this big journey.

     Revel Roundup

     Look at this adorable little Snorkle! Snorkles actually seem to be featured on quite a few trophies, but this one is the cutest of them all! We love how it's dressed like a present with a ribbon around its waist and a bow on top, and of course, we love its snout and its perky little ears!

     Honestly, Revel Roundup is a pretty tricky game to get a trophy for. It requires going as fast as you possibly can, and even that might not be good enough. You have to get lucky with how the items end up being laid out throughout each level. Getting used to a certain route can eventually help you move through the game faster. Also, remember that you need to pick up every Snorkle you see, and you never have to pick up any Jumas or Pandaphants. And always, always reset the game if you accidentally pick up an incorrect item!

     So that concludes the second list of our favourite cute trophies. We hope you enjoyed admiring them, and we wish you the best of luck in trying to earn them for yourself! Thanks for reading!

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