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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

As not all rainbow pets are bright and happy, and not all grey pets are dull and sad, there are so many sweet Darigan neopets who most times get overlooked due to some of the other Darigan pets that choose to live the mean life.

Pound: Unfair?

The overall opinion seems to be that most people love and thoroughly enjoy the pound, whether it is simply for browsing or adopting. I even found that some people love to adopt a pet, paint or zap it into a fantastic new species or colour and pop it back into the Pound as its more improved, suave self. But there are a certain few who disagree with the pound and feel that people are misusing the pound to gain pets by 'sniping' them and not 'earning' them. But the question I put to you is this... what do we mean when we say 'earn'?

The Best of the Post

So you've traveled to Mystery Island, visited the Island Mystic for wisdom and Haikus, and stopped off at the Trading Post, in the shade of those lovely palm trees. You're searching for a rare plushie or Petpet far too expensive for the Shop Wizard Shops and you don't like Auction Sniping. Maybe you've even read a few guides and articles on how to use the Trading Post. Yet you feel there's something missing, something important you just can't grasp. Something that would you make more than just a casual Trading Post user...

Chronic Neolodging

Perhaps a certain pet owner decides to put their pets into a fancy room for a night as a little treat. No doubt they feel good about themselves as their pets say in unison, "You're the best owner ever!" or maybe "Yay! I love holidays!" Then maybe that same owner puts their pets in the Neolodge just for a week or so while they go away on vacation. No big deal. Their pets stay fed and the owner can have fun and be worry free. Then, slowly, the owner puts their pets in the Neolodge for everything...

Other Stories
"Witches Further Abroad" by herdygerdy
The meteor cracks in two, and the figure it contained stands up. He looks around, and a thin smile spreads across his face. "Perfect," the figure says in a raspy voice. "It shall start here." In a million alternate universes, the figure would have succeeded in his plans. In a million universes, the station wouldn't have depressurised and Grimilix would have made it back in time. In a million universes, Neopia would have fallen. This is not one of those universes. This universe has Witches...

"Boiling Point" by bitsy_dj
"You must make a pot of tea. That is how you will defeat Kai. Follow me." Lynn wasn't sure what to think, but she followed Ryshu to the training grounds. He told her to sit in the middle of the sparring ring. She sat and waited, wondering just how making a pot of tea would help her defeat Kai. Ryshu returned with a kettle, a fire mote, a bucket of water, a jade teapot with two cups, and a canister of green tea leaves. Ryshu set up the items the way one would when they were preparing a cup...

"The Night of Nothing" by water_park1993 and spoonguardonline
Today, the Day of Nothing, was a unique point in the Neopian calendar, in that absolutely nothing was celebrated today. There was no parade in honour of Kougras, no festival of fruit; not even a day randomly dedicated to paperclips - on the day between Quiggle Day and Nimmo Day, no celebrations of any kind occurred in Neopia. And the Haunted Woods, more than anywhere else, prospered on this day. After all, a day where nobody needs to be officially happy...

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There are a certain few who disagree with the pound and feel that people are misusing the pound to gain pets by 'sniping' them and not 'earning' them. But the question I put to you is this... what do we mean when we say 'earn'?

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