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Darigan Neopets: Vicious or Just Misunderstood?

by the_past___


This title says it all. Darigan neopets are often perceived as coldhearted, unnatural looking, and evil- why has this stereotype held onto the majority of Neopia for so long? Perhaps we’re all secretly jealous of their dark purple hues and occasional wings, and wish that all the neopets could look like that; therefore bestowing lies about the Darigans’ ‘evil’ to make ourselves feel better. Maybe this common stereotype was started by the meepits for some diabolical reason. Or perhaps it was the invasion of Meridell...

Whatever the reason, I’m here to tell you that these rumors are incorrect for the majority of Darigan neopets. For this article, I have personally spoken to some Darigan pets, and they’ve confided in me that it’s getting rather irritating when they walk innocently into a smoothie shop; they’re greeted by the shopkeeper glancing at them with a mixture of fear and suspicion. Now how would you feel if every time you walked into a public place all the other neopets stared at you as if you were going to demand them to fork over all their neopoints? Wouldn’t like it too much, would you? So I’ve written up three truths to convince you that Darigan neopets really aren’t all that bad- and can actually be your loyal companions for quite some time, if you’d give them the chance.

Common Stereotype #1: All Darigan neopets are pure evil... why else would they wage war with Meridell and try to destroy the kingdom?

The Truth: They did not try to destroy the kingdom, first of all. They had a job to finish- retrieving the precious orb that was supposed to restore peace to the citadel. They simply had to listen to their leader, Lord Darigan. These neopets were following orders, as any neopets loyal to their homeland would. This answer is short, due to the fact that I may not know everything about this war, but I know for a sure fact that it does not make these Darigans qualify as ‘evil’- certainly not. Try Sloth or the Neopians who attempt to fool you into thinking that Jelly World actually exists; now that’s pure evil.

Common Stereotype #2: But look at these neopets! They have red eyes, spiky wings, and evil looking tails or teeth... this isn’t how neopets were supposed to look! How do we know such menacing looking creatures aren’t plotting this very second to turn us all into piles of dung? We could never own these vicious neopets!

The Truth: Now this is a common reason why many neopets and Neopians refuse to accept Darigan neopets. Yet, consider this for a second. There are faerie neopets too, and they have wings. Does that make them unnatural looking to you? No, because they’re ‘cute’ and ‘cuddly’. The faerie pets and the Darigan pets, if you look past the claws, the teeth, and the eyes of the Darigans, aren’t really all that different. They’re both pets with the same capacity to commit evil, so who knows? Perhaps there have been numerous occasions when a shopkeeper spends so much time following the Darigan neopet, they let a faerie or baby neopet get away with stealing all of their merchandise! Maybe the Darigan neopets do have sly looking red eyes, or knife sharp claws. But have you ever really looked beyond their ‘dangerous’ looking features, and seen their wonderful potential? They have features perfect for Battledoming, and they’re always game to learn. And maybe, just maybe, some of you more stubborn Neopians could see this potential and create a Darigan neopet to love, regardless of their menacing appearance.

Common Stereotype #3: I’ve heard so many stories of how Darigan neopets are ruthless thieves, and steal anything in sight! And how they’re horribly rude to anyone who even so much as acknowledges them! Obviously every Darigan pet is that way, so I shouldn’t even be thinking about painting my beloved neopet Darigan!

The Truth: It is true that there are a few Darigan neopets that have become infamous due to their nasty habit of thievery and cruelty. These few Darigan pets have only become famous, though, because of the crimes they have committed. No Darigan pets that have done good have ever been mentioned before in stories. I think it’s because they’re overlooked, because Neopians just want another fear inducing tale of why they shouldn’t own a Darigan pet. Every Darigan pet is different. Just like other neopets, they all have their own personalities- you can’t expect them all to be one thing! As not all rainbow pets are bright and happy, and not all grey pets are dull and sad, there are so many sweet Darigan neopets who most times get overlooked due to some of the other Darigan pets that choose to live the mean life. You shouldn’t listen to those stories, as you shouldn’t judge these pets as a whole. Think of how many things your Darigan pet could be. A Battledomer or a smart bookworm, a shy neopet or an outgoing one; the possibilities are endless. Each and every Darigan neopet is different- not any two are the same on the inside. As I have just said, no two Darigan pets are the same, as no two ‘natural’ neopets are exactly the same!

These are my three reasons to convince you that Darigan pets really don’t deserve to be judged. They are simply neopets, just like any others. Their hearts could be as full as another neopet’s. Perhaps if we just stopped worrying so much about the Darigan neopets, we could focus on the real dangers in Neopia. I urge you to look past their appearance and history, and consider the thought of having the pleasure of owning such an intriguing and intelligent neopet.

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