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I just sniped a codestone on the Super Shop Wizard (from Premium) for 1,000 NP. I resold it after buying. Soon after the person who sold the codestone Neomailed me saying something like, "I accidentally priced the Codestone for 1,000 NP instead of 10,000, I forgot a zero." I replied explaining that that's what a sniper does, and that I had already resold the codestone. I'm afraid they might report me or something. Would I get in trouble for this? It's been bothering me for a while. ~alexajt1881
Nope, this is fine. You did nothing to try and trick the person so you could rip them off. While it's always good karma to have mercy on someone who made a mistake like that, it's in no way expected.

Hi TNT! Are we allowed to play the games in the Altador Cup on our side accounts? THANKS! :P ~taco___cat

Okay, so here is another question from me: I really need some help with this new trading thing. =P If someone sends me a Neopet through the transfer option and I reject the Neopet, will I have used my transfer for that month? ~exsploding
Yes, that will use your transfer for that month. This is explained in the Complete Rules section at the bottom of the transfer page.

*Throws everyone milk and cookies* Dear TNT, my question is simple, but will your answer be as simple? :* Well, it's easy... as you all know, albino people or pets usually have red eyes. Therefore, why don't the white Petpets have red eyes as well? :o ~babydodo2006
Because they are painted white, not albino. :)

Every time I put an item up for auction, I always wonder if it can be stolen by the Pant Devil or something else... can it? ~pride_and_arrogance
Nope! Items that are being traded, auctioned, or are from the NC Mall cannot be stolen. Just be careful, though, because the moment they are out of trades or auctions Random Events can snatch them up!

I'll be waiting!

Dear TNT, will we ever be able to organize our shop the way that we would like to? I expressed this to my Neofriends and they all agreed. Can we have control of our shops? :) ~jfh79
We are not sure why you can't currently organise your shop. We are looking into the possibility. :)

Who gets to decide the Neopets plots? (i.e. Altador/Darkest Faerie, Lost Desert/Coltzan's Crown, Maraqua, etc.) Is it a staff-only privilege or can users submit ideas? ~waterphoenix05
Our creative staff comes up with the plots. While we appreciate the creativity of all our users, we prefer that you use your own stories for things like The Neopian Times.

Alright, let's just get this straight: Neopets Team rocks! Now, moving along to the question. *Ahem* I was doing my usual lurking when I came to a User Lookup. In the hobbies category they had made up their own. Some people say that putting a code in the URL will let you do your own. I'm just inquiring to find out if this could cause you to get frozen, since many Neopians do so and I'm not sure if it's alright. For example, having "Hobbies: Eating socks, Jumping up and down, Eating (yes eating) coffee, etc." instead of the scroll down list of hobbies. Thank you for your time, and keep up the good... no, great, work! ~neobrandon19952
We're aware of this and how it works, and (while we don't usually encourage such things) as long as there is no inappropriate material in your personalised hobbies listing it's just fine.

Hiya TNT. I used to have five accounts (one main and four sides), but I recently self-froze one so I could create another without breaking the rules. However, when I tried to enter my email address, it said that I'd already created 5 accounts using it, so I could not add another one. Would it be possible to make it so that, when an account is self-frozen, it frees up its space on that particular email address? ~crossfire_rulz
We understand where you're coming from, but we do need to keep track of these things for account investigation purposes, so we guess the most direct answer is no. Sorry. :( Thank you for following the rules, though, and you're more than welcome to create that new account with a fresh email address.

Well, since users have been allowed to trade their Neopets =[ site players have been trading Neopets and offering an expensive Petpet to come with the Neopet (clearly stating it with the offer of their Neopet), so that it's kind of like they're buying the Neopet. Shouldn't this be against the rules and banned? It seems unfair. ~exsploding
If you see anyone trying to skirt the rules of the 1:1 Neopet trade by sticking in an expensive Petpet to basically buy their way into a nicer trade, please report them. This does not mean you should report everyone who is trading a Neopet with a Petpet attached, but rather we'd appreciate it if you kept an eye out for people who are obviously trying to cheat the system and bring down harsher rules on the heads of everyone who is dealing fairly.

Hiya TNT! *Is polite and hands you a cookie* Why can't zapped Krawk Petpets become real Krawks? I would think this to be okay, because you spend a lot of Neopoints for the Lab Ray plus the Petpet Lab Ray. I wouldn't normally think this to happen. (Please remove my name) Thank you for listening, TNT. I know you care about us! ~[username removed]
Yes, we do care. :) We're sorry, though, the Lab Ray is not meant to be a way of making Neopoints. It is meant to be a device that saves you Neopoints by avoiding training and painting costs. We're not planning on changing this.

And endless amusement of course.

I have noticed that in past Editorials (I mean the REALLY old ones), the person answering the questions occasionally used pronouns like "I" instead of "we." Also, in many Editorials, all the answers are short sentences, like the person writing them was too sleepy to write more. Is this because there is only ONE person answering these and just using words like "we" to cover it up? Or did you all get tired on the same day, or took a cookie break and ran out of time for in-depth answers? Or are the Meepits getting to me?! JUST HOW MANY OF THERE ARE YOOOOOU?!?!?!?! x@ ~cha_ching__shiny
With so many questions spanning so many different areas of Neopets these days, it's almost impossible for one person to be able to answer the entire variety of questions about the site. We really need to rely on each other to give you all the best answers possible. That's why we say "we" in the Editorial. We're a team. :)

Erm... I'm pretty sure that this question has been answered, but I've forgotten. Out of curiosity, is tipping people for coding things like Petpages against the rules? I know you can't demand tips, but what if you offered them? ~garrulousness
No, tipping is not allowed, even if it is not requested.

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