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Dark Magics - Two Sides

I think that's enough "what if"s.

by shellshocks
(Land Swap) What happens in Neopia?

Don't do this to me. Collab with azucena46

by frecuencialatina
Diplomatic Discussions

Very important buisness. Collab with luc187

by kuroneko_kitty
Proxi's Problems - Medusa Method

"Oh, it's a funnt story..."

by meggyness
The King of Meridell - Special

"How did this happen sir..."

by sir_serene
Darkest Corner: What if..?

Imposters in Faerieland!~ Collab with rurirawr

by dark_elfa
Wishful Thinking

"How could you leave me all alone?!..."

by kittyko92
They'll Never Know

Give them the old switcheroo for April Fools.

by elipsis4k
The Totally Normal Modern Day JubJub

Just some Totally Normal Developments for the Modern Day JubJub

by puffy333_revived
Wheel of Monotony Shenanigans

"Nothing to see here folks, it's just another totally normal day..."

by pikcel
The Floating Islanders - Reversal

Drew a dark reversed version of Neopia haha. Just a glimpse into my dark reality

by yankeesrule244444456
Healing Springs in Maraqua (Land Swap Theme)

Well, this is definitely different.

by roxanna203
Only Grey on April Fool's Day

It's just so dreary when you're grey unless you also get cake... haha jk unless???

by dehoot
The Great April 1st Switch-A-Roo

Neopia gets a switch up

by logical_loophole
Umbra’s April Fools

Don’t worry. Umbra would never leave you hanging! Collab with i_lovee_icecream

by truebrony
Meta; Plus Words to Make Title Long Enough to Submit

"Maybe once I get a job..."

by lunensis
How did I get here? - Land Swap/April Fools Edition

"Who swapped these lands????" Collab with queenfaeriefiona and riptosrage

by kimpossibleluvr
The Final Comic

Finally, retirement!

by winner19955
Forbidden Negg

PSA: Baby Pteris are not made of chocolate.

by charlubby
Dinner Improvised: Land Swap Day

Neoschool has the weirdest theme days. Collab with keng200

by june_scarlet
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"Through the Snowy Woods" by sleepiestkitty
It began with a Brain Quest and a Snowflake. Rather unusual for the Brain Tree to request a Snowflake of all things he could ask for; it is what it is, however. And what will be, will be. And what “will be” turned out to be… “…a very rare, never-before-seen snowflake straight out of the legends,” the Brain Tree was saying. His large, round upper form took on the shape of a brain — if brains were made up of dry autumnal leaves and long branches that snapped and rustled each time a breeze blew — while his lower body appeared to be an average thick tree trunk of dark wood after a storm. He gestured with his branches now as if to say, “Good luck with that.” Chloe the Yellow Kacheek felt her mouth pull up into a smile as she signed. Impossible. If not for the Brain Tree’s education in Non-Verbal Communications — including her own learning under the close tutelage of her parents and a specialized tutor when she was younger — they would not have been able to communicate at all. Chloe felt a great sense of warmth and gratitude towards the infamous figure of the Haunted Woods. Brain Tree rustled his bare branches in the air. A show of good-natured laughter. “Not impossible, Chloe.” How so? “Because there is truth in the legend.” He stopped to consider his words. “And in truth lies all the answers you’ll ever need.”

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Warning! Don't Visit the Snowager in Meri Acres Farm
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You walk through Neopia Central when you come across a place that is very familiar, yet distinctive at the same time. Collab with _luaxinha_

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